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Author: Michael Marino

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Which flavor of Laffy Taffy is the most disgusting? At what age should your child learn the truth about the fake-thumb trick? Why must the party who smelt it be held responsible for having dealt it? Join Scott Blumenthal and Michael Marino, creators of, as they help dads navigate these critical questions and a thousand more in The Compleat Dad Podcast, the world’s most trusted source of sage parenting advice. For more can’t-miss parenting counsel, visit Support this podcast:
35 Episodes
Smack in a Box

Smack in a Box


Michael and Scott help dads ease into a post-pandemic reality in which some people will be required to wear pants. Also: Michael unveils his spot-on Paul Lynde impression. --- Support this podcast:
Pandemic Parenting

Pandemic Parenting


We’re back! In this very special return episode, Michael and Scott discuss the top 5 ways in which the pandemic has affected them—heck, lots of people—as parents. Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty. Make sure to check out our new sponsor Splint3va. --- Support this podcast:
Michael and Scott arrived at fatherhood in very different ways. The result was very much the same. A very special Compleat Dad Podcast if ever there was one. --- Support this podcast:
Our controversial Worst Game of Thrones Dads episode threatened drag ancient alliances asunder. We re-establish peace between houses in “Best Fictional Fathers of All Time,” a very special episode dedicated to dads who inspired us in profound ways, despite never actually existing. --- Support this podcast:
We LOVE our kids—no doubt about that. Other people’s kids? That’s more complicated. Determined by four primary variables, outlined in this very special episode of The Compleat Dad Podcast, our feelings toward other people’s children range between the aforementioned LOVE and WHEN WILL THAT PUNK STOP WHINING? --- Support this podcast:
Michael’s discovery of our “podcast” from 1982—back when we were The Compleat Kids—results in our most special episode ever. --- Support this podcast:
Who’s REALLY in control? In this special episode of The Compleat Dad Podcast, Michael and Scott settle the question once and for all. --- Support this podcast:
Doin' Damage

Doin' Damage


Every dad starts with an A+ in fatherhood. No one's been accidentally dropped, no one's been fed milk that should have been smelled first, and no one's been shown a movie that wasn't even remotely appropriate. (We could have sworn Ghostbusters was rated G. Really.) In this episode, Michael and Scott discuss how quickly that A+ becomes a C- (tops). --- Support this podcast:
Join Michael and Scott as they explore how having a preschooler changes the way dads think, communicate, and consider-if only for ourselves-whether that boo-boo in our tummy will require us to go poopy before saying night-night. --- Support this podcast:
Infants are eating, burping poop machines. Toddlers are are eating, burping poop machines on the move. Join Scott and Michael as they list the five ways to prepare for life with a human wrecking ball. For new dads, veteran dads, and non-dads alike. --- Support this podcast:
Join Michael and Scott as they list the ways in which becoming a dad changes everything: Things we once cared deeply about (like our own health and well-being) fall by the wayside, while things we never gave two craps about before (looking at you, paper towels) are now vitally important. For new dads, veteran dads, and non-dads alike. --- Support this podcast:
Studies show that more than 80% or parental anxiety can be linked to the phenomenon of goody bags. In this special episode of The Complete Dad POdcast, Scott and Michael explore the shadowy origins or goody bags and offer practical strategies for dealing with them. --- Support this podcast:
Putt-Putt Parenting

Putt-Putt Parenting


In this special episode, Scott and Michael re-enact the one true test of fatherhood: taking a seven-year-old mini golfing. You won’t want to miss this one. --- Support this podcast:



In this special episode of The Compleat Dad Podcast, Scott and Michael help dads navigate one of the greatest challenges of fatherhood: awkward, forced small talk with other dads at birthday parties.  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of The Compleat Dad Podcast, Scott and Michael prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s possible to read a child’s mind—and with startling accuracy.  --- Support this podcast:
Allergies to toothbrushing, dishwashing, and toilet-flushing are serious medical conditions beyond our children’s control, but seriously—they can’t turn off one #&@#^*% light switch? That’s all we’re asking. --- Support this podcast:
How well do Ghostbusters, Big, and The Bad News Bears hold up today? Settle in with some popcorn as Michael and Scott discuss the joys—and horrors—of sharing favorite childhood movies and TV shows with our kids. --- Support this podcast:
Are you spending enough time and energy stressing out about whether you're the best parent you can be? Find out in everyone's favorite game show, "Are You Parenting Hard Enough?"  --- Support this podcast:
Scott and Michael get weirdly serious as they tackle the question of how to deal with kids’ fears. Includes a stern reprimand for guys named Steve. --- Support this podcast:
You Gonna Eat That?

You Gonna Eat That?


Michael is a "thoughtfully plan and prepare meals" kind of dad. Scott is a "the food thing will just work itself out" kind of dad.  Who's right and who's wrong? Find out in this special episode of The Compleat Dad Podcast. --- Support this podcast:
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