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When life (or your dating life) starts to feel blah, we have to go back to the things that make us happy and bring us joy. We just need to start having more fun.  Today's guest, Arielle Leavitt, the host of Elevate Love podcast shares how to do that - from the perspective of dating. Start a course with Thinkific: Arielle's Instagram:
Dating is always a recurring hot topic and this week's approach is truly one of a kind. Tracie Hitz, author of Ms. Calculated, shares tips that sound like she's giving business advice but really she's helping you run your dating life like a Fortune 500 company. But the thing is, her tips are practical, fun and realistic. An episode for those single or those looking to give better advice to their friends.
Erin Khar, author of, Strung Out, a memoir about her decade-long battle with opiate addiction that explores the very nature of why people do drugs, casting light on the larger opiate crisis, written with the intention to destigmatize the topic of drug addiction, is on the show today. Come hang out here:
It seems like everyone is trying to get our attention during this time of year - family, friends, brands taking up space in our inbox. If you're starting to feel overwhelemd by it all, here are some things you can do to manage and control the oncoming stress. MONDAY NEWSLETTER
As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I like to make a 3x3 grateful list. It includes the top three things I'm grateful for and actions I can take to give back. That way, the holiday doesn't just pass by. It sicks around and it means something big to us and the people around us too. MONDAY NEWSLETTER 
Tis the season to travel and give gifts but to also end the year with a lot of question marks floating in your head. If you're feeling lost or stuck, here's a challenge that can help you figure out what to do with your life.   Ps. THE MONDAY NEWSLETTER!
I know I've been talking a lot about friendship lately - but this week, I have a challenge for you. It's a challenge that will have you reaching out to the people in your life for no reason other than to remind them that you adore them, think about them, and truly care about who they are.   Ps. Sign up for the Monday newsletter 
In today's episode, Jen Glantz chats with Emily Ward, the co-founder of Shine Talent Agency about how anyone can become an influencer, trends for 2023, and how to neogitate deals with brands. Tips for those who want to make money from their personal brand, stand out on social media, and so much more.   The Monday Pick-Me-Up Newsletter
One of the biggest lessons that I've learned recently is just how much of our strength is invisible. Often, it only comes out during times we need it the most or times we doubt it. In this episode, I share a fact about myself only 1% of people know, why the best qualities we have are invisible to others, and my favorite item from Amazon.   Read the Newsletter  Watch My Amazon LIVE Show  Grab the Lemon Squeezer 
This month has been all about friendship - from taking inventory on your friends to learning how to be more open with the people you love. But today, let's chat about how to make friends. When you meet someone new, asking them to "hang out" or exchange phone numbers can be awkward. I (almost) did it the other day. Here's what happened.   Ps. Read THE MONDAY PICK-ME-UP NEWSLETTER 
In this podcast episode, Jen Glantz shares how she's organizing her to-do list for the end of the year so it's not overwhelming and a message on friendship and how she's been able to open up and build closer relationships with the people in her life - after 30-years of being known as "closed off" "hard to get to know" and a "giant mystery" The Pick-Me-Up Newsletter  Instagram
Once a year, Jen Glantz sits down and does a friendship inventory. This helps give a person clarity on the people in their lives, how they treated them, and what they can do to improve the relationship. This episode shares how you can do something similiar as a challenge this month. Monday Newsletter Jen's Instagram
In this episode, Jen Glantz shares four facts about her that you might not know - some of her own close friends don't even know. Plus, she shares how the Jewish New Year is a time to pause and set promises that you know you can keep for the end of the year. She shares exactly how to do that. Monday Newsletter  Jen Glantz on Instagram 
Jen recaps her trip to Montana and shares why it wasn't what she expected it to be. Plus, what kind of dates are important to put in your calendar now before the year passes you by and how to make sure you're celebrating YOU every single month. Ps. love the podcast? Get on the Monday email list.
In this episode, Jen shares a trip she's taking today to a place she's wanted to visit forever - and the odd reason why she's going there - finally. Plus, she shares why it's so important to plan for what is next in your career and how to do that today, before you get laid-off or quit your job.   Episode Sponsor: StrechMinder Jen's Instagram / Jen's newsletter 
It’s a simple question: when’s the last time you did something for the first time? Yet it’s so hard to answer. We can change our lives daily if we make small decisions to do things differently, even in small tiny ways. The Monday Pick-Me-Up Email 
In today’s episode, I share how I’m over protective of Goofy, the ways in which people struggle with forgiveness and why that’s OK, and a crazy story about a guy who ghosted me and then showed back in my life at the best time ever.  MONDAY NEWSLETTER OURS WITH OURS  FOUNDERS’ BOOK 
It's already the end of August and I haven't completed any of my big 2022 goals. What about you? Instead of feeling regretful or upset, I have three things I'm doing instead to get my life back on track. This week's episode is sponsored by: OURS CLAY
When's the last time you asked yourself these quesitons: What do I want out of life, my career, my relationships, and myself? In this episode, Jen Glantz breaks down the power of these questions and how to get better at asking them Today's sponsors: Clay Founders' Book 
In today's epsiode, Jen Glantz rattles off a ton of side hustles and odd gigs based on different personalities and hobbies that a peson has. Love dogs? Love sleep? Love wine? Love break-ups? Jen has side hustle suggestions for all these and more!    Check out: ODD JOBS NEWSLETTER Founders' Book CLAY
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