DiscoverUnbox Your Gift Podcast: Turn Passion to Profession
Unbox Your Gift Podcast: Turn Passion to Profession
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Unbox Your Gift Podcast: Turn Passion to Profession

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If you want to learn HOW to find your passion and turn it into a're in the right place.

Life is a gift. UnBox It. The best way is with your passion. Listen in and let’s start now with Interviews and Insights on turning your passion into a profession.
99 Episodes
How to get clear on your purpose (in under 6 minutes) One of the biggest signs of your passion / purpose is what you engaged in as a kid.   If you can engage in that activity that lit you up as a kid (as an adult), chances are, it can light you up again and that type engagement heightens  self-awareness (emotional intelligence), which stops overthinking and gets the head space clear on your WHY and re-discovering your purpose. Listen IN  - you'll know what I mean...
How to Turn Your Passion Into A Podcast.If you have a passion that you can't stop talking about and have NO idea how you would turn it into a profession today's episode is FOR YOU!Listen IN. 
DO you want to know a proven strategy of working with someone you admire but KNOW their TOO busy to take notice...Here's HOW my guest got the opportunity to work with Gary Vaynerchuck and learn how to turn his own passion into a profession. 
How to be successful ... Moving a Passion to A Profession Podcoin the Tips to be successful... 12 tips plus ONE...Listen IN 
Marketing Strategies Not Working...How is it that some marketing strategies work and some don't...Here's your answer before you purchase the next online program..Listen IN. 
Meaning of Belief

Meaning of Belief


How to strengthen or dismantle a belief by seeing it through the eyes of a table metaphor....Listen IN. 
How to be successful...choose the thang (or many) and keep your word..Here's how...Listen IN. 
Before you can find a new job you enjoy you have to find what IT IS you enjoy THEN comes the new job.You'll find out HOW. Listen IN.
When Motivation Fades, Fails and Doesn't Work..what do you do then...How do you find the "motivation" when it fails to work?Listen In. 
What to do When you Feel Like A Failure...How to avoid getting discouraged...when you feel like a failure...Listen IN. 
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