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A 15-mins podcast show that brings together real-world insights to help marketing and sales teams evolve and stay updated on new trends.
94 Episodes
In this episode, Maria White shares insights about getting comfortable in a remote environment and building the right mindset for virtual meetings. She also shares some great insights on how sellers can build an emotional connection with the prospects and have an impact on their virtual sales meetings. Contact Maria White | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Wes Yee breaks down all the aspects related to growth marketing right from the definition to the tips on getting started with growth marketing. He also shares insights on growth marketing tactics, the right metrics, and a guiding framework for growth marketers and aspirants. #embraceyourjourney Contact Wes Yee | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Steve Arentzoff shares insights and his approach towards building a marketing organization that’s focused on revenue. Steve touches upon different areas like martech stack, marketing data, and highlights the pitfalls to watch out for by demand generation teams while driving outcomes. Contact Steve Arentzoff | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Thani Gopalakrishnan takes us through his journey and shares insights on using the three dimensions- people, process, and technology as levers to solve business problems. He also shares his framework for marketing technology and best practices on managing data for marketing operations professionals. #simplifytoscale Contact Thani Gopalakrishnan | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Hilary Headlee discusses sales operations, having agile teams, and aligning the sales organization for enablement initiatives. She also talks about how they set up their sales teams to manage a high product demand during the on-going COVID situation. Contact Hilary Headlee | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Mukul Sheopory a product marketing leader at Ring Central talks about customer data-driven product marketing approach and shares his framework for product marketing inspired by the ten principles of good design by Dieter Rams. Contact Mukul Sheopory | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Gabe Rogol talks about the three different layers to the ABM approach and executing ABM at scale using a priority-based account segmentation method. Gabe also explains how personalization really depends on the data and resources available that ultimately affects the level of personalization and the complexity associated with it. We further discuss what the future looks like for Account-Based Marketing. Contact Gabe Rogol | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Paul Cesar, Digital Marketing Lead for demand generation at Cloudflare brings up an interesting conversation around the benefits of having an agency-driven model for demand generation and how should you go about picking the right one for your business. Contact Paul Cesar | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Stacey Justice, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Enablement at Workfront talks about how Sales enablement should always tie back to the ROI and business outcomes. Right now with COVID and remote work environment, sales enablement's role at companies becomes even more critical to help turn their sales reps into digital sellers. Contact Stacey Justice | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Jennifer Schulze, VP of Product Marketing at Epicor talks about what customer marketing teams should really focus on to build better relationships credibility and trust and how to operationalize this in the organization. She also highlights the role of data and the right way to measure success. Contact Jennifer Schulze | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, we take a deep dive into the impact of competitive intelligence on sales performance and outcomes with Matthew Coblentz, a competitive intelligence expert at Salesforce. Learn how you can keep your sales teams well informed around the competition to handle objections effectively and to build better relationships. Contact Matthew Coblentz | Follows us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Giovanni Riva, the Head of Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition at Pipefy shares insights on expanding into LATAM market and how to build high performing sales teams and nurturing the A players in your team.  Contact Giovanni Riva | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Ali Penny, Senior Director of Recruiting programs at Yext who has helped build multiple teams, recruiting programs and innovative processes shares amazing insights from her experience to help professionals at every stage of their career get on the right path to success. Contact Alison Penny on LinkedIn. Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode William Lum an expert in marketing and marketing operations for a number of technology companies like Palo Alto Networks, Adobe, and Oracle shares his proven framework for optimizing marketing to help marketers get amazing results from their marketing efforts- right from identifying target accounts and buying teams to creating relevant content and generating quality leads for sales. Contact William Lum: Email- | LinkedIn Follow us on LinkedIn
In this episode, David Gray presents a new outlook on sales enablement as a function that can help companies effectively utilize sellers by putting them in a position of becoming an informed marketer to further their relationships at every stage of the funnel. David shares a framework to operationalize sales enablement along with some key takeaways for enablement professionals. To learn more about this contact David Gray: LinkedIn | Email Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode, Kevin Sellers the CMO of Ping Identity digs deeper into the roots of marketing and the evolution of marketing technology while presenting an actionable template for marketers to build great brands and tell compelling brand stories. He covers many aspects surrounding the brand building and why having just the data and technologies is not enough for companies to win. Contact Kevin Sellers | Follow us on LinkedIn
In this latest episode of Sunny Side Up Podcast, Madhukar Kumar, VP of Product Marketing at Nutanix shares actionable insights for product marketers to build virtual experiences for customers and users and to overcome the challenges while building them. He talks about why you need to build these experiences and how to get started on it. Contact Madhukar Kumar | Follows us on LinkedIn
In this episode, Jyoti Kukreja shares her insights on the data landscape along with a tried and tested framework called DIKA that helps you analyze the data and derive insights from it to drive meaningful actions. She also highlights the importance of Artificial Intelligence technology in helping business decision-makers surface data points that are often overlooked or are hidden but have a great impact on the decisions. You can contact Jyoti Kukreja on LinkedIn | Follow us on LinkedIn.
In this episode Gerry Murray makes us re-think customer data and highlights the responsibility of marketers as a steward of data and how brands can build better data relationships with customers by focusing on the input side of the data and being honest and open about the use of customer data. Gerry shares his framework for brands to get consent and gain the customer's trust in them when it comes to data. Contact Gerry Murray on LinkedIn | Follow us on LinkedIn,
In this episode, Steve Rodenberg shares insights on Competitive intelligence. We talk about the difference between competitive intelligence and market intelligence and understand the strategic and tactical role it plays in a company. Steve walks us through the different use-cases for it and shares his 7 Steps to build a successful competitive intelligence program. If you have questions related to competitive intelligence you can reach out to Steve on LinkedIn. Subscribe to our podcast and follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on the latest episodes.
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