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Author: Geoff Belnap

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I’m a Novice Hunter and I look for experienced hunters who are willing to offer tips and advice to beginner hunters. We cover all things hunting including gear, scouting, training, hunting techniques and hunting stories to encourage novice hunters to get after it.

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24 Episodes
GEAR EPISODE! Reggie Gillins of Southern Utah explains why using a rangefinder can hinder or delay a bowhunter when taking a shot. If you’re at full draw and you can’t remember the range, you have to pull out the rangefinder again to get the right distance. To avoid a re-range and re-draw, Reggie invented the Rangeviewer. He goes into detail about how the human eye gauges distance naturally and how the Rangeviewer helps harness that ability into ranging an animal. Check out for more information. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Fisher Neal joins Aaron and I to discuss his outfitting business that specializes in teaching new hunters. We discuss why he started this business, the hunts he provides and the lessons he offers. We also talk about the available areas to hunt in New Jersey. Check out for more information. --- Support this podcast:
In the Episode, Jacob Coons offers advice for all beginner hunters, but especially those brave enough to come from the Mid-West or East Coast and hike the Rocky Mountains for Bull Elk. He offers 3 online courses on and I’ve had the chance to review his course titled 12 Months to Elk. It’s a fantastic learning tool and we talk in depth about its value to beginner hunters. Jacob and I have teamed up with @built4thehunt to offer a giveaway valued at $170, so you got to listen to hear the details. Below is the link to his online elk hunting course. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I talk with Sammi Johnson and Shyanne Franklin who are from the fitness industry and we talk about their cow elk hunt in western Idaho. Sammi is a new hunter and Shyanne is her friend and mentor for the hunt. This hunt has been in the works for a long time and it could not have come together any better. We discuss their struggles during the hunt, the importance of fitness, and how values mentors are for first time hunters. The Built2Hunt team set it all up and filmed the hunt. The film will release soon so go follow Built2Hunt on Instagram and Facebook for more information. --- Support this podcast:
This episode is different. This episode explains why I started this podcast. I want to motivate you to share what you love. If you share what you love, great things will come. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Phil Belnap joins me for an interesting conversation about hunting and growing up in northern Mexico. We discuss his hunting background and how he got started. His perspective about hunting has developed into an opportunity to strengthen ties and make memories. He has a fun YouTube channel called Fun with Phil and His Friends. --- Support this podcast:
Truth be told, the number of hunters in the United States are declining. Despite all of the social media growth, fewer and fewer people are purchasing hunting licenses and tags each year. The Sportsmen’s Alliance is trying very hard to flip that trend. In this episode, I chat with Sean Curran and Evan Heusinkveld of the Sportsmen’s Alliance about its history and mission to recruit new hunters and reactive people into hunting. We discuss some of the challenges that arise for new hunters, mentoring, and supporting new hunters. As a new hunter myself, I have experienced the benefits of learning from a mentor and I hope to reach other hunters who are willing to offer time to mentor a novice hunter. We also talk about the partnership with Built2hunt and how you can help the Sportsmen’s Alliance. If you would like to become a member of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, go to Please help spread the mission and participate. We need to flip the trend for the future of hunting. It’s up to us. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Aaron and I recap our archery Elk hunt. This was my first archery hunt and I share the mistakes and successes I experienced. We learned a lot, made new friendships and enjoyed Idaho’s wildness. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Sereena Thompson joins Aaron and I to talk about her business, Natures's Paint, the next generation of hunters, women in the hunting industry and how important they are to the growth of future hunters. Sereena offers valuable tips to novice hunters that come from many years of hunting.Follow Sereena on instagram @sereenarthompsonCheck out her company Support this podcast:
In this episode, Jeff Moran joins the podcast to discuss his new online hunting community, We talk about how the fitness and hunting industries are impacting each other in positive ways. We also talk about backcountry elk hunting and how September evolves during elk season. Follow Jeff on Instagram @relentlesshntr_208 and check out --- Support this podcast:
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