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Author: Zachary Norris

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This is Dollar Sign University, where we interview outstanding individuals with fantastic qualities and habits, so you can learn about how to apply them to your life!
13 Episodes
Teagan Brown is a magician and tap dancer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He got his start in dance by receiving a dance scholarship from Mia Michaels to the Broadway Dance Center when he was just 9 years old. Later developing his expertise in magic has performed and competed in national events. Teagan Brown is the recipient of the “Magician Champion” at the Portland Magic Festival (2017) for originality, skill and entertainment value. He was also voted “Wizard Winner” at the Unicorn Festival (2017) in Denver for best overall entertainer. Recently attending the prestigious Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, Nevada, he is releasing his new production Dance Dance Magic. Combining his expertise in both dance and magic, He is the only magician to combine tap dancing and magic into one production.
Connor Gillivan is the CMO of He has sold over $30 million online, has hired hundreds of freelancers to build his companies, is a published author, and is the owner of He currently lives in Denver, CO.
Joseph Potkanowicz was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and still currently lives there. He has always had a business mind and has pushed his way out of the high school age into adulthood much faster than most. Joseph helped start a landscape company when he was a Junior in high school, which now currently employs about 45 employees and has surpassed 1.75 million in sales.
Zoe is from New Jersey and she currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is currently working on developing a program by the name of Amunet for the kids, and she is attending EI professional makeup school in Hollywood. She is fantastic at keeping a positive mindset, and she is great at maintaining a positive attitude.
Dustin Lee was born in Fort Collins, Colorado where he spent the majority of his adolescence. He has always had a burning passion for cars ever since he was able to know what a car was, and that passion was further fueled after spending a year in Florida working at a dealership. During that year he developed his passion for automotive photography as well as business, while aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Since then, Dustin has moved back to Colorado and is continuously pursuing entrepreneurship and automotive photography, while working in the auto industry at local dealerships.
Mitchell Hoog is a Model, Actor, and Activist from Colorado, who travels the world following his dreams. He has worked along side top studios, producers, and fashion designers, and continues to make a difference in his community and generation as a whole.
Ansel Pierce is a 19-year-old boulder based model studying business management at University of Colorado Boulder. He has used marketing and networking as a means to entering the modeling industry!
Actress, Model, and Comedian, Fatimah Taliah, chats about goal setting and ambitions in her career!
Karl Steiner, founder and webmaster of talks about environmental consulting, people skills, business skills, and much more!
Collins Buckner talks about his company Soundcheck Reviews, as well as how he goes 100% into everything he does!
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