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Women to the Front in this Blockchain Revolution
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This week in Part II of our chat with Andreas M. Antonopoulos: international speaker, disruptive thinker, popular podcaster and prolific author, we continue our meandering crypto journey from answering deeply what money is (including language, exchange, goat shit and animal behaviours), to the Vitalesque trilemma of scalability, decentralisation and security of the blockchain tech supporting cryptocurrencies, to Kardashian Koins and Bitcoin for Babysitting! Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
Money Season Finale on Crypto Clothesline and you get to discover our two-episode conversation with Andreas M. Antonopoulos: a frank and fearless thought disrupter/influencer in the cryptosphere responsible for educating both noobs and experienced cryptonaughts with insightful, humanity-driven ideas and power-challenging paradigms.Andreas M. Antonopoulos Part 1: his early historyGFC II + crypto = ?mass adoption globally vs. locally stupidity: Australia's math-law-defying ex-PM anti-encryption laws drive criminalityhow to dress for a conference so you sell instruction not sex (ie. the anti-objectification of women conference contract)
This week’s Crypto Clothesline guest for the Money Season is crypto regulations expert Chinelle van der Westhuizen. Chinelle is definitely NOT giving legal advice in this episode but she is a law lecturer at Notre Dame University in Fremantle and an advocate of the high court currently researching the regulation of cryptocurrencies.This week we are wrapped in red tape, regulation, banks, policy makers AND money while we ponder the debate over the benefits of regulation and the future of our beloved cryptocurrency.Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
This week we welcome back one of our early guests who is brave enough to share his losses in 2018 and his hopes for the evolving financial system.Paul Seils has been in and out of massive companies he started from scratch, cryptocurrency, consciousness and various spiritual journeys. He is a musician and body builder and an advocate for human rights and health.With snippets of Andreas Antonopoulos and Garret LoPorto peppered through our chat with Paul we travel through the lows of 2018, the failing projects, fractional reserve banking, the future of cryptocurrency and the awakening that saw the creation of Bitcoin itself. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
This week’s Money Season guest on the Clothesline is a journalist for Coindesk and fellow podcaster living inside the largely untold Venezuelan story… She’s risking (perhaps her life and) her livelihood to speak out and tell the truth of what it’s really like, how Bitcoin might not be the crypto-hero it’s media-ed out to be and how the Government-backed cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ is a false promise and a farce.(Please note: this interview was recorded in April 2019. Since then, the situation in Venezuela has escalated and we understand Diana Aguilar has left the country.)
With whispers slipping through the crypto community on the emergence of the successor to blockchain technology we follow the trail to Stephen Alexander, Holochain expert and co-founder of NXT Online.Stephen has a career spanning decades in the banking and technology sectors with a reputation preceding him as one who can easily predict the future. Once a simple ability to envision outcomes, it eventually developed into a full blown methodology and science which allow him to calculate the likely success of any business or project.In this episode of the Money Season we walk through the history of banking, the internet deniers of the 80's, the future of money and our opportunity as humans to begin transacting with intangibles like trust, honesty, kindness and generosity which Stephen deems to be part of our 'feminine future'.
When we think of currency, we usually think of money, and how we can get more of it, manage it better, learn off the rich experts and all of that.  This week in the Money Season on the Clothesline however, we’re learning about currency of the heart...  Transactions in love with Dr Alison Thompson of Third Wave Volunteers.Dr Alison Thompson started off her worldwide organisation after the 9/11 tragedy in New York in 2011.  She was living in that city at the time, heard the news and rollerbladed straight down to the crisis site to do whatever she could to help out: collect limbs, dress wounds, offer tea, help with temporary toilets, hug people. Dr Alison has devoted her life to humanitarian causes and chats with us this week about her thoughts on the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain for her charities. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
 This week we welcome our brilliant friend Sophie Amat onto the money season. Sophie writes for Altcoin Magazine, is the co-founder of Where to Shop with Crypto and has over 20 years in banking and finance sector. She has a deep and impassioned understanding of money and how it works both within that field, but also how it could look so different in the context of meaningful human interaction within real communities, both online and local. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
 On the Clothesline’s ‘Money Season’ this week, we speak with the awesome and generous Tom Miller of NXT Legal who completely re-invents for us what value is, what money is and could be, and what it might look like in a very positive future for humanity… with a view to using Holochain technology to get us there. Tom speaks of Holochain being the evolution of blockchain, and that its current issues with scalability, speed, transparency and overuse of electrical power make it cumbersome in comparison with what Holochain technology can access. Find Tom Miller on LinkedIn  Thomas Miller: Holochain Podcast Thomas Miller: NXT LegalThomas Miller: (Project Management System)Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
 A true blockchain evangelist, Doris Ojouderie of Blockchain Ladies Africa in Nigeria, is proudly preaching at the Blockchain pulpit singing technology praises to the heavens. Join us this week as we chat to Doris about her enthusiasm for the power of technology – namely the internet teamed with Blockchain and crypto, as the Road to Freedom for all, especially  women in Africa.  Find Doris on Linked InWeb: Blockchain African Ladies Twitter: Blockchain African Ladies Facebook: Blockchain African LadiesCheck out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
 This week we welcome Joe Shew, the legend behind the Cryptocurrency Masterclass on the Future Blackboard. Joe is the Founder and CEO of Crypto Consulting Institute, an organisation advising and educating individuals on how to minimise risk and maximise returns in cryptocurrency. In this episode we hear all about how his passion for financial markets began at the age of 12 when he executed his first trade on the London Stock Exchange which lead to a career in the financial sector and subsequently into cryptocurrency. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
If you thought you would never find the real Qrypto Queen, you can thank us later but first you MUST listen to Episode 1 of the Money Season with Anu Bhardwaj.Anu is not only the founder of Women Investing In Women Digital, she also founded the State of Women Radio + TV network and started her own company.  With extensive experience in private equity and venture capital including collaborating with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Trade Administration, and the U.S Embassies of many countries around the globe, this woman is literally a super hero.   We guarantee you, you'll be stalking her on the below links as soon as the episode ends!
In the final instalment of this two part series on the Great Crypto Divide we chat again with Lien Truong of Huobi Australia, and Lucas Cullen: blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger, about the Great Crypto Divide between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lightning Network, BSV, Bitcoin ABC and the wars within the crypto community. Lien explains the history of Bitcoin Cash and the subsequent forks leading to SV and ABC while Lucas explains the necessary need for adoption and the fact that the banks are likely laughing at the squabbling crypto community.  Both Lien and Lucas agree that whoever will win the great scaling race will need to take a crack at some pretty good marketing if they want to succeed.  We also chat with our first-ever guest on the Clothesline, JP Parker, about how to solve the issues within the community.  JP discusses with Abheeti the messages from Joshua Vial, founder of Enspiral who talks about 'Escalating the Bandwidth' in order to solve conflict. We also hear from Hayden Otto, voice of Bitcoin Cash in Australia and Executive Editor of CoinSpice, where he emphasises the importance not wasting time on changing people's minds but rather focusing on crypto adoption. This episode is an attempt to shed some light on the ever increasing divide within the crypto community and to perhaps offer some tips on how to resolve the drama. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
Lien Truong and Lucas Cullen on Crypto Clothesline Podcast chat about the great crypto divide between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lightning Network, BSV, Bitcoin ABC and the wars within the crypto community. In the first instalment of this two part series on the Great Crypto Divide we chat with Lien Truong of Huobi Australia, and Lucas Cullen: blockchain developer and CTO of Civic Ledger. The question of what has become of the crypto community has our minds boggling when we consider the in-fighting, attacks and division of camps. We have found ourselves in a position where, particularly in Telegram chat groups, there is constant wrangling between the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC and Lightning Network supporters. Even then the bickering doesn’t stop! Lien explains the history of Bitcoin Cash and the subsequent forks leading to SV and ABC while Lucas explains that we are actually talking about a protocol here, and while everyone is trying to scale, there is always an engineering trade-off. Special guest comments from Brendan Lee: the face of Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision), and Herman Schoenfeld: an early blockchain developer and the CEO of PascalCoin Foundation. Brendan Lee, the face of Bitcoin SV explains the history of SV from the very beginning of Bitcoin and why SV was born while Herman discusses why there is a war between Lightning Network supporters and those who oppose the scaling solution.The camps have spoken and in this first episode of the two part series we shed light on the facts behind the opposing crews and why they are backing their ‘winning horse’.Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
This week we discuss the mental health effects of day trading and being emotionally invested in cryptocurrency with Dr Prash of Caleb and Brown.On a more serious note (after the intro discussing the pole incident lol) we head straight into the topic of trading cryptocurrency and how it can be a stressful activity. This relatively new market goes through highs and lows on a regular basis. Often, there’s a great deal with risk associated with any investment but even more risk associated with trading cryptocurrencies. For this reason, it’s often reported that those who trade cryptocurrencies experience emotions of stress and sadness on a regular basis. In poker playing and gambling there are emotions of anger or sadness and is known as being on “tilt”, as you’re tilted from playing optimally. The same thing applies to trading cryptocurrencies. Someone who trades regularly can feel compounding negative effects on their mental health as one loss leads to a series of losses made from poor judgement decisions based on emotions instead of reason. In our discussion with Dr Prash we look at the various reasons why trading can be inherently stressful and potentially negatively impact on family, finances and health. Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
This week we go back in time to a cosy couch conversation at the BlockConscious summit last year with two of our favorite blockchain movers and shakers!In 2018 Crypto Clothesline was honored to be the media partner for the BlockConscious summit held in Brisbane, Queensland.  We managed to find a tiny corner equipped with plush leather couches, a coffee table and windows opening to views to the Brisbane CBD. This little alcove, walled with banners and 'On Air' signs turned out to be the hangout for dozens of crypto and blockchain presenters at the conference who came to hang out on the couches (some who stole a midday siester on the 3 seater between presentations and panels).  Little did we know, the clothesline corner would turn out to be the go to space for zippy podcast interviews and deep conversations on the state of the blockchain space. In this interview, Karen and Anouk snuggle in with us to record after their presentations on the Blockchain Centre and blockchain projects. We discuss the blockchain community and the importance of having a space like the Blockchain Centre for startups to secure support while growing their products. As a bonus we sneak in a snippet of the panel discussion at the BlockConscious Summit which was moderated by JP Parker "Re-imagining Our Future" with Lucas Cullen,  Dr. Prash, Karen Cohen, Professor John Flood (Griffith University), Abheeti Kathryn Pass and Joshua Marriage from CloakCoin. It was this panel that got our brains ticking over around privacy, adoption and mindset. 
Dr Scott Stornetta: Co-Inventor of Blockchain on Crypto ClotheslineSpeaking with the original co-inventor of Bitcoin was such a warm and friendly experience... Nothing like you would imagine Satoshi Nakamoto would sound - If you believed the rumors that Dr Scott Stornetta is in fact Satoshi.  It is safe to say we absolutely do not believe these rumors however there is still space for us to be wrong. Blockchain was not born together with Satoshi’s Bitcoin white paper, it had been mooching around for almost 20 years before Satoshi started creating new layers on top of the original protocol, thereby creating Bitcoin…Scott went on to tell us that although their processes were on track, technology was just not there yet as the biggest storage drive was just 10mb compared to our terabyte hard drives we have now. Chris Dorian of BuildSort asked the inevitable question of whether Scott Stornetta was in fact, the Satoshi Nakamoto? The response was interesting  “I'm a fan of what he's done, but I do want to say that when Stuart and I first talked about the Bitcoin paper, we felt like some of it was just a great idea, out-of-the-box thinking... And then other parts of it we looked at and said: Why did he make that mistake? Why did he do that?” But as our audience, have a listen and see what you think..... Is Dr Stornetta the real Satoshi?
Today was a little nerve wrecking being the ones in the hotseat in an interview with ABC Radio Perth on the current status of women in cryptocurrency.With many thanks to ABC host Christine Layton and friend Molly Schmidt for the interview where we chat about our time/children juggling skills, the roles of women in tech and crypto, what women bring to the table and the importance of being involved in a tech revolution. A little about our history came in to play, a question we are not often asked being the ones in the interviewers seat.  There was a lovely reminiscence about our friendship that blossomed through our children and Abheeti’s family daycare.  Neither of us expected to be this far into crypto with our own podcast 7 years after meeting in 2012.It was an interesting point explained in the interview by Abheeti that although women have over 80% control of the finances in the family we tend to steer clear of financial matters which is why we believe there is not as many women in crypto as there could be. It was great to chat about the value of both sexes in any industry and the benefits of balance but as Amy-Rose mentioned the main barrier to women is their own fear and/or thoughts about their capacity to succeed in tech and finance.  Amy-Rose went on to say that her main piece of advice to women is to break down their own barriers and just jump in. 
This week we welcome Amelia Franklin of BeanLedger on Crypto Clothesline.If you didn't think your coffee addiction was a problem before, it may be time to reconsider. In just a few short years coffee is set to become extinct and Amelia Franklin is making it her life mission to save the coffee crops and reinvent the industry altogether.Amelia explains that the main purpose of bean leadger is not to duplicate the ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’ certification systems because that has already been done with blockchain. What hasn’t bean done (pardon the pun) is the inclusion of the farmers, the roasters, the sellers and the drinkers in guaranteeing that the bean you drank from is not in fact a ‘blood bean’.  BeanLedger will not be an ICO but will go ‘old school’ and crowdfund.  To support this cause whose mission is to save the planet through coffee head to their website:  www.beanledger.orCheck out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
Don’t Be That Guy Dismissing BitcoinIn our highly stimulating and f*ck-peppered chat with Aleks Svetski of this week, we navigated the JPM coin recently issued by JP Morgan bank and the mass-adoption waters of Bitcoin and how best to get the people to even give a shit… GetAmber is a micropayments’ system where, using a simple app installed on your phone connected to your bank account, you can opt to round up everyday payments like buying a coffee, or buying a beer or paying for your groceries, and elect to have the small change difference between your purchase and the nearest dollar, go into your Amber-based Bitcoin account. Head to to find out more. Where can you find Aleks? Twitter & Linkedin: @AleksSvetski Medium & hacker Noon: @AleksandarSvetski Check out all our interviews on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast HERE.
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