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GoCAST is designed by missionaries to connect you to God’s mission, to confront some mistaken stereotypes, and to clarify answers to some “burning questions” listeners have about missions life.
6 Episodes
In Episode 6, Chris and Jeremy explore what life is like in what is perhaps the least reached nation on the planet. With the help of special guest host Dr. Mitch Arbelaez, GoCAST interviews Dr. Paul Nadham--who went from being raised in a Hindu temple to now being a key player in the Christian movement in India. 
On the road in Tanzania, Chris and Jeremy discover the importance of mobilizing Christ-followers in countries that have historically been on the receiving end of missions efforts. Kenyan missionary, Angela Carla shares her experience as an East African dealing with the paradigm shift that is taking place. Can missionaries come out of countries like Tanzania?
We come out of hearing about God's global Mission very excited to decisively act. That is, until we read the "fine print" that says, "To become a full-time missionary with our organization, individuals must raise up their own team of ministry supporters." After picking ourselves off the floor, we ask, "You want me to do WHAT?!" In Episode Four, Chris and Jeremy walk through this all-too-real (and sometimes sensitive topic), with the help of Olivia Reyes, a missionary who raised her full support in only a few months. If we're going complete the task, we can't let the "fine print" stop us from answering His call.
What if God sends me somewhere ... unsafe? In Episode Three, Chris and Jeremy unpack the challenges that face those sent to "closed countries", with the help of Nigerian missionary, Pam Dagwom. Is there a way that ordinary believers can impact intensely volatile areas?
How do I know if I am called to missions? In Episode Two, Chris and Jeremy (two very "ordinary guys") share their backstories of how and why they became focused on cross-cultural ministry. Could it be that you have a role to play in God's global mission--how will you spend your life?
In Episode One, Chris and Jeremy give a brief perspective on what listeners can expect in future episodes, tackle the touchy subject of "immigration" (and what this means for missions life), and confront the "caricature" of what an average missionary looks like.
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