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Author: Nancy Miller

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My name is Nancy Miller, and I'm an illustrator and art teacher in Georgia. I'm interested in other artists and how they stay motivated and keep passionate about their own work. How they sell and market themselves. How do you balance your home, creative, and work life? I will be documenting my own creative process in these podcasts. Thanks for listening.
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Hi Everyone! I got the chance to chat with Roger Miller, MFA Animation SCAD. Btw, we are not related, I was fortunate to have an animation class with Roger. He was really kind to share knowledge about the world of animation in the episode. Here is a bit more about Roger: r_edgar_hoover is the fake internet name of roger miller, an animator and illustrator currently studying in savannah, ga. his work has been seen in the broadway production of be more chill. he’s been seen off-broadway at ars nova and the davenport theater as well as b.a.m, two river theater, and deep in the woods in montague, massachusetts. that he wrote this in third person shouldn’t have an effect on your decision to hire him. To see his work  IG: Thanks for listening!
Hi Everyone! In this episode, I have Nickolas Gottswinter, a fellow MFA SCAD Student who is studying Animation. He's the super talented and positive person I met in animation class. He gives some great tips on drawing and improving gestures in your work. Here is a bit about Nickolas: Hi, I am an MFA student at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am also a former graduate of Texas A&M University with a bachelor's of Science in Visualization. My focus is 3D modeling from characters, props, and environments. I also enjoy texturing and concept art. If I'm not creating art I am watching movies or playing video games. Movies and games are the best forms of media for me, they have the tools and ideas that I can apply to my learning skills. ​To see his work visit: IG:
Hi Everyone! I have Yining Li today with me on the podcast. She is an MFA Illustration student at SCAD. She is an international student from China. She was kind enough to chat with me today. Here is more about her: Hi, I am Yining Li, an illustrator and designer. I like and try to capture fantastic, playful and meaningful moments during my creating for closing to naïve childhood hopefully. For me, picture is the place I can create various and interesting worlds. Observing is the most interesting part for me to prepare any design and creation. I enjoy the process of receiving outside information and converting internally. This step supports me efficiently express story in my artworks. Awards: Creative Quarterly 62 :winner, 2020 World Illustration Awards, shortlist, 2020 To see her work: Portfolio
Hi Everyone! In this episode, I have Mónica Rodríguez, an MFA animation student that I met in my animation course. She was so sweet and encouraging during my time in class. She currently resides in Puerto Rico. Here is a bit about her:  A digital artist and animator that is dedicated to 2D animation, digital and traditional painting, storyboards, concept art, and character design. Is in the process of achieving a Master's degree in Animation to further pursue major career opportunities.  To see her work visit: Thanks for listening please like and subscribe!
Hi Everyone, on this episode, I spoke with Avery Kasper an MFA painting major and art teacher. Here is some more about Avery and her art philosophy:  I paint and draw what surrounds me—the art, history and science of the plains of Kansas. I have spent my entire life connected to the flora and fauna of the plains, and have been completely immersed in rural, western and Kansas culture. Exploring the relationships between land, sky, plant, animal and/or human is what my work centers around. To see her work visit: Thanks for listening please like and subscribe!
Hi Everyone, today I have Casandra Brewton-Johnson here with me today! Casandra is an accomplished stop motion animator and the program director for ASIFA-South. Here is a bit about Casandra's art philosophy.  Art is an organic process that is constantly challenging and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, but I cannot deny the absolute passion and joy that I feel when an idea blooms into fruition.  Sometimes, that means incorporating my love of math and science in the form of fashioning playful puppets from simple character designs or fabricating Stop Motion sets from my imagination. To see her work visit ASIFA South Linktree to all Social Media: ASIFA Festival and Conference (ASIFAC 2021): November 6th-7th Check out FilmFreeway for submission requirements/rules: Submit before April 16th to receive an early bird 25% discount; receive 15% after the early bird deadline. Use the following discount code: ASIFAC2021SM If struggling to pay the submission fee, send an email to ASIFA-South Programming to request a fee waiver. Your request may be granted: Slouthique School of Humans Projects: Mike Rowe's FB (Incubator: 12 series animation): Sweat Pledge Mike Rowe's Six Degrees (animated segments): Discovery+ Colour of Freedom Project or Thanks for listening please like and subscribe!
Hi Everyone on Episode 6.03 I have my art friend Robin Mallory with me today. Robin and I in a couple of illustration courses at SCAD. She has had a lifelong career in service to her community and country as an EMT, police officer, and in the Air Force. She is pursuing her MFA at SCAD and is an accomplished traditional painter. I enjoyed our chat and she provided tips and tricks for how to organize your studio and art supplies!  To see her work visit Thanks for listening please like and subscribe!
Hi Everyone for Season 6.02 I have Morgan Holub a SCAD animation graduate student with me today. Morgan is an accomplished animator that has an award-winning animation called Lost in Place to her credits, and has worked in the animation industry! Here is more about Morgan. I received my BFA in Digital Arts & 3D Animation from the Pratt Institute in 2019, graduating as a 3-year captain of the women’s soccer team (NCAA DIII), holding leadership roles in 2 campus organizations, & with an academic achievement award, highest honors. Currently, I am pursuing my MFA in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I am focusing on narrative, development, and directing. To see her animation and storytelling visit: Thanks for listening and please like and subscribe!
Hi Everyone, this is the start of Season 6! On this episode of My Creative Life, I have Nino with me today! She is a graduate student at SCAD studying illustration. We had a class together and she was so great to learn from and I enjoyed her beautiful illustration work. She is an international student from China and gives us some perspective on art education in China versus the US and why she chose to study abroad. So glad she was available to chat.  To see her work visit Thanks for listening and please like and subscribe! 
On this episode I'm going to discuss some of the online school options for illustration. I  did my own illustration boot camp last summer by taking classes on these online schools. I felt like I didn't have time during classes to brush up on the areas I was weak in. Here are the links below for the 3 online schools I tried.  New Masters Academy Schoolism SVS Learn This review is based on my personal experience. Everyone is different and some people don't need a formal art education to be successful. As an art teacher, I've seen some really skilled high school students if given the right direction an online program might be a great option for them. These online programs are a great place to start. #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #schoolism #newmastersacademy #svslearn #illustrationeducation #onlinelearning Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
I interviewed fellow SCAD student Adam Strickland. Adam is a talented graduate animation student that I met during art criticism class. Here is a little more about Adam. I have several years of motion graphics and graphic design experience. My primary services are creating motion graphics for online advertisements and graphic design for print and digital media. I also do storyboarding, writing, voice narration, and video editing. Check out his Demo Reel! It's excellent work! #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #3Danimator #animatorlife #animation Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
I came across Samantha Cotterill's work will in my graduate class and fell in love with how she creates these magical 3D worlds. I was honored to be able to interview her and learn more about her process. Here is a bit about Samantha Cotterill.  Samantha Cotterill is an award winning picture book author and illustrator of many books for children. Samantha has been featured in The New York Times (as illustrator for Just Add Glitter, written by Angela Diterlizzi) and The Wall Street Journal for her art in The Jinx and The Doom Fight Crime! (written by Lisa Mantchev). She has recently launched a book series for kids on the Autism spectrum and/or with sensory issues entitled Little Senses, with This Beach Is Loud! chosen for Dolly Parton's 2020 book list for The Imagination Library.  Samantha is represented by Kirsten Hall of Catbird, and works out of her studio in Upstate New York where she lives with her husband and two teenage sons. To see her work visit. #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #childrensbookauthorillustrator Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
It's great to have Nikita back. He was a guest during my earlier seasons. This is an update about his life and a teacher and graphic designer during these crazy times. Here is a bit about Nikita. Nikita is an NYC-based lettering artist, graphic designer, and design professor. His minimalist style reflects an admiration for work such as pure marks by Stefan Kanchev and beautiful typography of Doyald Young. As one happy client put it, ‘his work is conceptual, clean, and the reasoning behind every design decision is crystal clear.’ Focusing mainly on logotypes and lettering, Nikita has worked on a variety of design projects for local and international clients. He is an ambigram expert that has taught several ambigram workshops–in addition to having written a book about ambigrams. Nikita’s work has been featured in multiple design books and websites. His love of bad puns and jokes is second only to his love of type. To pass the time between projects, he reads, scuba dives, skydives, wingwalks, skis (not very gracefully), and travels. He thinks that writing about himself in third person is a bit strange, but he has gotten used to it. See his work at or on IG Here are some website that Nikita shared that are great for designers and illustrators. #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #graphicdesigner #typography Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
Ryan is a return guest that I had on from season 1. If you haven't heard that episode go back and listen to it. His story of breaking into animation is fascinating. I noticed on Instagram that Ryan had started a new company with his sister Stephanie called Bird Bott Toys. They create 3D models and 3D printed interactive toys. I had to have them on as guests to hear how they got it started. They also have their 3D models for sale and free downloads to print them on your own 3D printer. Check out their work! BirdBott Toys on Cults3D BirdBott Toys on Thingiverse BirdBott Toys on Etsy BirdBott Toys Instagram #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #toydesigner #3Dmodeling #animator Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
In this episode Heather Tietz, a previous guest and I are talking about starting our publishing company Applesauce Books. This has been something we worked on in our spare time. We should have hardcopies by the time this interview drops. We go over some things we've learned in the process. It's really about trying something new and see where it can take us.  Links to social media: Applesauce Books Publishing Website Applesauce Books Publishing Facebook Applesauce Books Instagram Please like and subscribe! #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #childrensbookpublisher #activitybooksforkids Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
I decided to have Reema come back and speak on my podcast to hear how things are going as a teacher during Covid. She was kind enough to share her teaching expertise. Here is a bit about Reema. Reema Zoumut, "Ms. Z ", an enthusiastic artist and 32 year instructor (10 yrs in private sch., 22 yrs. in public school, and 7 yrs with the City of Corona- on Saturday Mornings) ... who is excited about all the tools to creating art and helping students understand their own conceptual thinking & artistic potential. Check out her work at: Her School Website. Reema's Zoumut IG Bolsa Grande_Animation IG #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #artteachersrock #artteacherlife #animationteacher Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
On this episode, I have fellow grad illustration student Caroline Hanlon on my podcast. Here is a little bit more about Caroline. My name is Caroline Marie Hanlon. I was born in Washington, DC in 1995, and grew up in Maryland - where you can still find me happily exploring. I'm a Summa Cum Laude alumni from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration and a focus in Animation. I'm influenced by everyday life and the world surrounding me. My work is filled with whimsicalness, with a hint of an underlying reality. When I'm not illustrating, I'm usually eating vegan food or walking about. To see Caroline work visit IG Caroline.Imagines #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
I met JaVon through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Critique Session. Her story was inspiring and I wanted to learn more about her and her aspirations to become a children's book illustrator and author. I thought it would be interesting to hear from someone who is starting out in the industry today and what they have learned.  To see her art visit IG javonmakesart Patreon: #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife #childrensbookauthorillustrator Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
I always say I'm excited to interview my guests, but I'm super excited to have my illustration Professor Yevhenia Haidamaka on today. She is also a full-time freelance illustrator I love her work in children's books. Here is more about Professor Yev. Yev Haidamaka is an award-winning illustrator working for clients in Publishing, Editorial, Advertising, and more. Professor of Illustration and Foundation studies at SCAD. Fulbright Alumna, TEDx speaker, Red Dot Award recipient.  Yev is based in Ukraine, inspired by slow life and nature. Her illustration work is whimsical and nostalgic, focused on the beauty of little things around. Highlighted clients: World Health Organization, Boston Globe, Amnesty International, Lenovo, Corriere della Sera, Reader's Digest,  European Union Association, Old Lion Publishing, Thomson Foundation, Callisto, HMH, Timbuktu To see her work visit IG Yev Haidamaka #childrensbookillustrator #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
Today I have Yiyi Chen an illustration student and enjoyed the tips she shared with her use of color and concept. Her finished pieces are digital but use traditional techniques for the textures. To see more of Yiyi's work visit Yiyi Chen Instagram Yiyi Chen's Website #illustrationpodcast #mycreativelife #illustratorlife Please like and subscribe! Nancy Miller Illustration Social Media Portfolio: Instagram: Youtube: Blog:
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