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Author: Raven-Lewis

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Welcome to Bounce B.A.Q, a podcast where this Black Amazing Queen (me) has created a platform, for Bounce BAQ journeys, story’s and so much more.
14 Episodes
This Episode on Bounce B.A.Q the podcast by Raven-Lewis, stems from a becoming a new member at equinox. Lookin at the journey and acknowledging the the growth. Also giving some advice on how you can take your life by the balls and make it yours. I can be found on the following social media outlets. , @rlwalkinart on instagram, @rlqueenshit on Twitter, @Raven-Lewis on Snapchat and maybe on YouTube @ Life with Raven-Lewis. ✨🌹🖤
Boost, you bitch.

Boost, you bitch.


Today’s episode is full of morning motivation, we get a little into self boosting, per usual. Also included is the latest piece Raven-Lewis has turned into spoken word. And latest The Four Agreement, by Don Miguel Ruiz. You can find Raven-Lewis on IG: RLWalkinArt Twitter: RLQueenShit Snapchat: Raven-Lewis Podcast: Bounce B.A.Q
This episode of Bounce B.A.Q the podcast by Raven-Lewis starts off with positive Affirmations, self recognition, some self reflection. I get emotional, when speaking highly of myself, after reflecting on the past, confirming growth in the present and future. You can find me on Twitter @RLQueenShit IG: @RLWalkinArt Blog on www.Raven-Lewis.Com and Snapchat @Raven-Lewis
Today’s topic for this episode, is one from Instagram, “ accepting personal, and physical change . “ hope you guys enjoy this one. Follow my Instagram at @r.lewism and ask for your topics to be talked about.
Today’s mini episode is a quick one, two! We’re back and we’re coming hard!
Eric and I had to pop back with some dope ass convo, being a hoe, being art, and being on the next level of mental evaluation!
A nice juicy game of never have I ever, to spicy up your week days 💃🏼 #iaintnobitch



First episode on Bounce B.A.Q with a co host, Mr. Eric aka EricISDreams from @Potheadlove the podcast! follow him on IG @youngtabletennis and on Snapchat @EricisDreams Shit was a hilarious mess 🤷🏽‍♀️ #mylife lmao enjoy guys 💕💕
I hope you guys enjoy bounce B.A.Q as much, as I know I’m going too! Enjoy, and don’t be shy, collab with me bih.
My take on episode 5 from jersey shore, turning into valuable lessons for me to express to you. Explicit language. PG13
Moving out YOUNG.

Moving out YOUNG.


A little bit of my experience and some advice, from moving out at a young age. pg13 with explicit language. 🤗
I personally love this segment, which is me expressing why I feel like Cardi B is much more than a ratchet stripper turner rapper. She is THE HOOD PRINCESS. 👑 PG in the middle lol with explicit Language.
A little bit of my concerns as a fat girl, changing myself, my life, and my heath. PG 13 with explicit language. 🖤
A little introduction about this podcast with a touch of me in it. This is pg13 with explicit language, but that might never change. Enjoy🖤
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