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Author: Justin Brady

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We discuss Star Wars & Star Trek, DC & Marvel, The Wheel of Time & The Cosmere, Harry Dresden & Harry Potter, Transformers & The Terminator, Middle Earth & Westeros, and more!
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Join the Credible Nerds, Marc and Justin, as we revisit one of our favorite epic fantasy series - The Wheel of Time. We are a family friendly Wheel of Time podcast that you can listen to with your kids as you raise them right with the Wheel of Time! In this episode we discuss the latest Wheel of Time news such as the first casting announcement for the series!We then review Chapters 33-38 in Book 1 of The Wheel of Time, The Eye of the World. We keep it mostly spoiler (minor spoilers only) free as we talk Caemlyn, Ogier, and how Perrin and Egwene are rescued from those evil Whitecloaks.We then lift the spoiler free ban and discuss the love triangle of Morgase, Taringail, and Tigraine and what that's all about. It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where all of the major characters in the story can be traced to these three and their relationships. We talk about the Kingdom of Andor and how it began that Andor only had Queens for rulers. Also, check out KnerdKraft on Etsy to buy a pretty cool Wheel of Time Randland map. Check out his other stuff too!Support us on Patreon for AD FREE episodes and bonus content! As a Patreon supporter you get access to this ad free Patreon episode, as well as the exclusive bonus content in which we spend more time after the episode talking about The Forsaken, or Chosen if you're a Darkfriend, and who is the most powerful Forsaken. We discuss the White and Black Books and which one is more canon than the other. Support us on and choose the Emond's Field tier for all of our past and future Wheel of Time episodes!Music is "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and "Time" by Hans Zimmer.--- Support this podcast:
This is the audio version of the SWCC 19 Episode IX panel. Hosted by Stephen Colbert and featuring guests like JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Billy Dee Williams, and more of the cast from Episode 9! This is the moment that the title and the first trailer for The Rise of Skywalker was revealed to the world. The trailer is featured at the end of the video.The panel also features stills and artwork from Episode IX that has only been shown here at this panel. There's also a moment where the audience sings Happy Birthday to Daisy Ridley as her birthday was the day before, I believe. Check out our YouTube channel for the video version, and make sure you subscribe to our channel!--- Support this podcast:
The Credible Nerds continue with More Than Meets The Eye - A Transformers Podcast. Join Justin and Marc with guest host - Kimball, as we breakdown the 2007 film - Transformers directed by Michael Bay! We give a short rundown of the film and analysis of the characters and plot and we realize that we are thinking too much about this Transformers film and just need to have fun with it! But we do discuss where do the Transformers come from, what's the Allspark, how long has the Cybertron Civil War been going on, and more. We discuss what we think of Sam and McKayla and how their relationship works. We also compare Sam and Charlie from Bumblebee and how they each carry their movie. Thanks for listening to Episode 2 of MTMTE as we breakdown the Transformers! Also support us on for ad free episodes and exclusive Credible Nerds content. The Credible Nerds podcast is a family friendly podcast that you can listen with your kids as you raise them right!--- Support this podcast:
This is it! The Day we've been counting down to, The Endgame. With an episode almost as long as the actual film, The Credible Nerds, Marc and Justin, with special guest, Kimball, break down this final Avengers film and what it means for the 22 films and 11 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is this the end? Probably not, and with a new Spider-Man film on the horizon, we'll keep exploring the MCU. We talk Tony, Steve, Thor, and how their story ends or doesn't end. We talk about the fate of Black Widow and what does Ant-Man bring to the film? All this and more in this episode!--- Support this podcast:
Join the Credible Nerds as Marc gives a quick review on his initial gameplay of the yet to be released Star Wars Outer Rim game from Fantasy Flight Games! He gives his initial thoughts and what he liked about the game so far.--- Support this podcast:
Listen as The Credible Nerds review The Avengers, the 7th movie in our Marvel Avenger's Review series! We break down this first movie that finally brings all these great characters together and we see how the Avengers are formed!--- Support this podcast:
The Credible Nerds review Thor, the 6th movie in our Marvel Avenger's Review series! Listen in as we break down this otherworldly Asgaardian adventure, and how The Nerds believe this is one of the better MCU movies.--- Support this podcast:
The Credible Nerds review Iron Man 2, the 5th movie in our Marvel Avenger's Review series! Listen in as we break down this sequel to the hit movie Iron Man, and how The Nerds believe this sequel stacks up next to the first Iron Man.--- Support this podcast:
Listen in on this fourth episode of our Marvel Avengers Re-Watch as The Credible Nerds discuss The Incredible Hulk. We debate whether Bruce Banner and The Hulk are two different beings are two halves of a whole. Which Hulk is the better Hulk? The Hulk from this film or the Avenger's Hulk? We talk about why Abomination is stronger than The Hulk and what makes them different.--- Support this podcast:
The Credible Nerds are going to Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago! We are joined in this episode by a special guest who's been to many SW Celebrations. We are glad to have the Chosen One, Devin, join us on this episode. Chicago will be his 7th Celebration! We discuss past Celebration experiences from Celebration I in 1999, all the way to Celebration Orlando 2017. We talk about what we're looking forward to the most in Chicago. Marc hasn't been to a Celebration yet, so we'll get his perspective on he's looking forward to in Chicago. --- Support this podcast:
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