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This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Most of us hate challenges.  But challenges are necessary if you want to become prosperous.  This show looks at the role challenges and obstacles play in living a rich life.
This episode is taken from Prosperity TV. Let’s be real: the system really is stacked against the average person. But today more than any time in history, there are more opportunities to take charge of your own health and finances and manifest the prosperity you seek. 
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Prosperity TV Episode 344: Stopping the Suffering...
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Can your belief in something change the results it produces for you? That's what we explore this episode.
This episode is another podcast exclusive all about speaking prosperity into existence.
Prosperity TV Episode 343: Why Money Matters
Here's another podcast exclusive for you this week - Secret of the Super Achievers.
This episode is taken from Prosperity TV - In sports and in life, especially prosperity, you can be a spectator or a participant.  So which one are you?
This podcast exclusive is all about curating a prosperous life.
Prosperity TV Episode 342: Money Motivation
Another podcast exclusive for you this week - How Much Is Enough?
No one jumps out of bed to experience mediocrity.  And they don't get breakthroughs in their comfort zone.  If you want to experience true prosperity, you need to challenge yourself.
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Prosperity TV Episode 341: The Infinite Nature of Prosperity
Here's another podcast exclusive for you - Real Life PhD
How often do we expect bad things to happen.  What do you think would happen if you became a "reverse paranoid" and expected only amazing outcomes for your life?
This weeks podcast exclusive is all about The Power of a Dream
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Adrian Bolosin

I've been following Randy's work for the past 15 years. I consider him my prosperity mentor and he's helped me become who I am now. There are no words to describe the results he helped me achieve by his teachings. Thanks for everything Randy! See you on the journey!

Dec 24th

Lisa Gonzalez

the sound is not great .. to low hard to hear ...but good word

Nov 4th
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