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Author: J. Timothy Quirk

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A new "old time radio" program. This audio theater program pays homage to the golden age of scripted radio programs. The show airs on 23 community radio stations in 13 states and online! Nutmeg Junction features exceptional vocal actors from the talented theater community in northwest Connecticut. The show is written and created by J. Timothy Quirk.
126 Episodes
The Essential Case Files of Sherlock Holmes: the Naval TreatySherlock and Dr. Watson must investigate when a treaty goes missing.Adapted for Radio by Randy HudsonDirected by Deborah GoodmanStarringDan Willey as Sherlock HolmesJeff Savage as Dr. WatsonTori Richnavsky as Mrs. HudsonFeaturing the voices of Kurt Boucher, John Fabiani, Kristen Jacobsen, David Robinson, Josh McGaw, Sarah GoodmanTheme Music by Robert C. Fullertonproduced by Kurt Boucher and J. Timothy Quirk
 When a young fiancé finds herself in the clutches of London's notorious blackmailer, Charles Augustus Milvervton, it is up to Sherlock Holmes to set things right, but can Holmes succeed when Milverton is the one holding all the cards? Adapted/Written by Randy HudsonDirected by Deborah GoodmanStarring:Dan Willey is cast as SherlockJeff Savage is WatsonJerry Crystal is Moriarty (not in this script)Tori Richnavsky is Mrs. HudsonJason Kulas is William HampsteadJosh McGaw is MilvertonKristen Jacobsen is Lady HampsteadOlivia Watson is AgathaSarah McGaw is Eva Blackwell
Nutmeg Junction presents:The Essential Case Files of Sherlock HolmesDirected by Deborah Goodman'Adapted and written by Randy Hudson.Starring Dan Willey as Sherlock HolmesJeff Savage as Doctor WatsonAnd Tori Richnavsky as Mrs. HudsonThe Norwood BuilderFeaturing:Kurt Boucher Kristen JacobsenAnd Jason KulasJosh McGawProduced by Kurt Boucher and J Timothy Quirk
Encore presentation of The Priceless Manuscript
Nutmeg Junction Season 4 Ep 9Santa vs the Easter Bunny: Written by Randolph HudsonFeaturing: Jason Kulas, Jeff Savage, Ilana Hunter and Kurt BoucherThank Your Lucky Stars; Placebo PlusFeaturing Jack Sheedy, Kurt Boucher and Olivia Wadsworthplus Secret Agent Burke
Barnaby Druthers: The Emerald LadyWritten created and produced by J. Timothy QuirkDirected by AJ Lin            Music by Bob EcclestonStarring Devon Richtmeyer, Humphry Rolleston, Danny Cook and Suzy ColpittsPlus Saturn Theater On The Air Presents Oscar Wilde's the Model MillionairePerformed and produced by Jerry Crystal
The first Barnaby Druthers official short story, told from the point of view of Smythe.Starring David Macharelli as Smythe, with Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler and Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers. Directed by AJ Lin. Music by Bob Eccleston.Written, created and produced by J. Timothy QuirkAlso-encore presentation of Never the Twain Shall Meet.The artwork is Mikhail Vrubel 1897 public domain
Nutmeg Junction proudly presents Barnaby Druthers audio theater.  An original work of fiction. Any similarty between any person or events living or dead is completely coincidental. Barnaby Druthers and the Wolf at the Vicar’s door Written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston Featuring Dan Willey as the Vicar and Deborah Goodman as Evelyn Peters With John Fabiani, Tiffy McKay, David Robinson, Kurt Boucher Directed by Aj Lin music by  Bob Eccleston. Piano by Christiane Olson Ancillary string loops courtesy of soundtrap.  Written created and produced by j. Timothy Quirk 
Barnaby Druthers and the Secret Serenade Part 2 of 2Written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c) 2021Directed by AJ LinPiano performed by Christiane OlsonTheme and Incidental Music by Bob EcclestonStarring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry RollestonFeaturing Jandi Hanna as Almut Scholzwith Kurt Boucher, Lana Peck, Jeff Savage, Matt Griffiths, Eli TuckerBarnaby Druthers and the Secret Serenade parts one and two are works of fiction. Any similarities between events or persons living or deceased are completely coincidental. Mozart’s secret serenade was actually Mozart’s piano sonata #9. Chopsticks was written in 1877 by Euphemia Allen  Also featured in part one of the Secret Serenade is Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca. Barnaby Druthers is a Nutmeg Junction production. More information about Nutmeg Junction is found on nutmegjunction dot com and on facebook/nutmeg junction. Thank you for listening and supporting community radio. 
Barnaby Druthers and the Summer Game A cricket match is the setting for intrigue. Irene Adler investigates while Barnaby stands at the crease!Directed by AJ Lin     Music by Bob Eccleston Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston Featuring: Jason Kulas, Christiane Olson, David Macharelli, Kurt Boucher Ilana Hunter, Kristin Moresi, Jeff Savage, Robert C. Fullerton And Lana Peck as the Viscountess Written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk  (c)2021  
Barnaby Druthers: The Secret Serenade Part One (of Two)Written created and produced by J. Timothy QuirkDirected by AJ Lin Music by Bob Eccleston and Christiane OlsonStarring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry RollestonFeaturing Jandi HannaWith Darcy Abbott, Jerry Crystal, Robert C. Fullerton, Liam Grimaldi Jason Kulas, David Macharelli, Tiffy McKay David Robinson, Jack Sheedy.
Nutmeg Junction Presents the Curious Case of Garvin Kiplingwritten created and produced by J. Timothy QuirkDirected by AJ Lin   Music by Bob Ecclestonstarring Devon Richtmeyer as Irene AdlerWith Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthersfeaturing Jandi Hanna, Kurt Boucher, Matt Griffiths and AJ LinBased on the short story "The Sphinx" by Edgar Allan Poe Dedicated to Arianne R.
Barnaby Druthers: All We Bring to BEAR (Part One)In this inaugural episode of the breakout series from Nutmeg Junction, Barnaby Druthers and Irene Adler are a crime solving duo in present day central Oregon. In the first chapter of this story, Druthers arrives in the fictional town of Bear Oregon and settles in at River Walk, the conference center with a view of Mount Bachelor. But a convention of the Gryfter Grocery Chain leadership goes awry and Barnaby Druthers and Irene Adler are on hand to help solve the mystery: who murdered Algernon Gryfter!
Nutmeg Junction Presents Barnaby Druthers in A Kansas City ChristmasStarring Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler and Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers Written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk Directed by AJ Lin Theme Music by Bob Eccleston Holiday music created for this episode by Robert C. Fullerton and Stella Copperfield Featuring in order of appearance Beverly Wanza Jones AJ Lin  Kurt Boucher Stella Copperfield Kristin Moresi Robert C. Fullerton  Jason Kulas Matt Griffiths Acapella Silent Night by Stella Copperfield Jazz Silent Night by Robert C. Fullerton as Bennie Waller I Heard The Bells by Robert C. Fullerton This has been a Nutmeg Junction Production. Nutmeg Junction dot com 
Cosmic Ventures 6: The Feline Fjordguard of FjordlandiaThe Cosmic Ventures crew is in desperate need to replenish their water supply on their vessel. Kyper Boost travels to Planet 0731 where water is plentiful but under the protection of the Feline Fjordguard, "may they protect the water, may they protect us all".Can the team negotiate any water or will they resort to untoward means to obtaining their goal? Find out in Cosmic Ventures 6Starring: Amanda Yount, AJ Lin, Jason Kulas, Kurt Boucher with Michael Illian, Catarina Quinonez and Melissa GabehartDirected by Kurt BoucherWritten, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Olivia Wadsworth stars as Harriet Holmes in this brand new audio adventure.Harriet Holmes is tasked with the case of investigating some thefts at the Shop-popples grocery chain. Can she solve the crime?StarringOlivia Wadworth with Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston as Irene Adler and Barnaby Druthers. Featuring Kurt Boucher, Stella Copperfield, Jeff Savage, Ilana Kornblit, and Jason KulasThen an encore presentation of Serendip-history part 2 featuring Jandi Hanna as narrator with Olivia Wadsworth as Louisa May Alcott, KJ Johansen as Ginny Wiles.
Encore presentation of the Dean of Death tale. Dean of Death Part one
Irene Adler faces down a menace on the London streets: Spring Heeled JackBarnaby Druthers: Year of Spring Heeled JackStarring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry RollestonWith Jandi Hanna, Jerry Crystal, Jason Kulas, David Robinson,and, Jack SheedyDirected by AJ Lin Music by Bob EcclestonWritten created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Barnaby Druthers and the Aristocratic TosherBarnaby Druthers and the Aristocratic TosherDirected by AJ Lin, Music by Bob Eccleston,Starring Devon Richtmeyer, Humphry RollestonWith Jeff Savage, John Fabiani, Jason Kulas, Lana Peck, David Macharelli,  Stella Copperfield and Kurt Boucher as Tosher BrillWritten created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk© 2020
Two Edgar Allan Poe inspired storiesThe first is a wonderful adaptation of the classic tale "The Cask of Amontillado" directed by Deborah Goodman and featuring the voices of Dan Willey and Rob Richnavsky.Then we provide an encore comedic tale imagining Edgar Allan Poe workshopping The Raven in "No Offence"
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