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Who Can Relate? This is our focus, we hope to be able to relate to everyone from ground level. There are many varieties of stories from all people. We want to be able to demonstrate that it is possible to teach individuals that there is a significance from story telling. We can help individuals to make better decisions and help in making choices that can create an impact throughout life. By hearing the challenges, we can be inspired, give hope to others, and install sympathy throughout our thoughts.
16 Episodes
What do you do to be by your spouse’s side? Alex and Shauna prove that inspiration has no limits. They have a unique relationship that goes beyond walls. Listen in on how their faith gives them everything they need for true love.
After 31 years and 22 days, Billie Palmer was given his life back and he is not wasting any more time. In this episode, he is rejoined with a long life friend as they reflect on their early years. This is a captivating tale that doesn't cease, listen in to find out how Billie Palmer is making waves.
JC has built a strong foundation for himself and as an artist, he is on a journey to find out more of what life has to offer. It’s definitely a path of character development as he tells it.
Ep 13 KP A Better Man

Ep 13 KP A Better Man


What a way to bring in the New Year 2019! Kenn Phillips is a man who has been on journey with nothing but his family on his mind. Listen in to hear his story of faith, leadership, and what it takes to be a True Man.
Ep 12 Vinh Le

Ep 12 Vinh Le


Vinh Le has faced his fear by being challenged through competitions from life. Listen to his inspiring events that had led him to where he is now. His faith and his courage set the stage to show you how easy it is to overcome your challenges. Audio Player
Ep 11 Chila

Ep 11 Chila


Our Chilas : Episode 11 Chila came into our lives in August of 2003 and she made the biggest impact throughout our last fifteen years. This episode, we give you raw emotions and we share the last time we were able to see her and say our good-byes. She will truly be missed and we shall forever keep her in our hearts. We love you Chila and we will forever miss you until we meet again.
It’s definitely an eye opener when it comes to a story like this. Viktor and his family are like many other Christian Families from Kazakhastan who are persecuted for their faith in Christ. Listen in to hear about this one man’s story of courage, strength, and passion to follow in Christ’s footsteps.
We took on a project of four sisters who each have a daughter and we asked the question, "Who Can Relate?". It was such a great surprise for us and we hope that we can inspire you with our findings. It's a Mothers Day gift that keeps on giving. Happy Mother's Day!
Her name is Vanessa McGrew and the world is going to know it. She is a brilliant new artist who will soon hit the billboard charts. Listen in and learn more about this shooting star’s beginnings.
On September 28th in the year of 2014, JD Bates experienced the miracle of rebirth. He tells a tremendous story of courage and offers the blessings of life.
Michael is an aspiring Youtuber with the Alias of King Daywalker. He is an up and coming personality with high hopes and dreams. Listen in to find out what separates him from the rest and why he wears the crown.
So How Bout Them Cowboys!? Monica is from South Texas and if you don’t know this by now, it is Hard Core Dallas Cowboy Nation down there. It’s also a family tradition, listen in as she talks about her roots as a committed Dallas Cowboy Fan for life.
There are certain people who refuse to let adversity stop them from living out their dreams of a quality life and Arnulfo is one of them. He speaks of his personal challenges of living with Diabetes and how he wants to use Awareness to fight back against this disease.
Ep 4 A Son's Journey

Ep 4 A Son's Journey


Aaron has to cope with all the life changing events after losing his father. This real life story will touch your heart.
The magic of believing in Santa Claus is so inspirational to all of us! For Lora, seeing is believing. Listen to her heartfelt Christmas story and be sure to share with your family.
Blockhead For Life : Episode Three
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