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Paddy Under Repair

Author: Patrick J Cocherl III

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Professional golf entertainer Patrick "Paddy Whack" Cocherl III shares his experiences dealing with Bipolar II; and how he uses golf to illustrate the ups and downs that he experiences with the mental health disorder. Explicit language and graphic descriptions may crop up in episodes.
6 Episodes
Down Swing - Or - In a Rut

Down Swing - Or - In a Rut


Paddy Whack details his worst stretch of golf in recent memory...he talks about how through the struggles he was able to find resolution and begin making strides in the right direction again.
Enjoy a conversation between Paddy, and 11 consecutive year (2007-Current) Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter, Golf M.D. Owner, Mike Dickerson and his apprentice Paul Baker sit down and talk about how they got into golf, club fitting and how their passion helps many others enjoy their passion!
Paddy Whack talks about a three day stretch that included two fundraisers and a long drive competition; following that up with a lesson with JD where the three events in a row played havoc on his swing and Quest for Scratch. He also talks about his weight and how that is a big focus moving forward.
The Biz Podcast

The Biz Podcast


I interview Matt and Phil (in-laws) about their golf experiences ranging from their first round, to them forming a tournament they call The Biz Championship that includes 4 rounds of golf around the country to determine the best golfer in the family...I am now a part of this brotherhood...and walked away with the W for the first event of the year! A new entry for "The Quest for Scratch" as I talk about my 3 most recent rounds and what i glaringly need to work rhymes with "snort lame"!
Paddy Whack sits down with two of the most popular social media trick shot and golf personalities, @GM__Golf & @RealZacRadford (properly known as Garrett Clark and Zac Radford), to discuss what got them into golf, trick shots, social media and the amount of work it takes to balance life and their pursuits! Paddy muses about whats potentially coming in future episodes and that he sounds like James Gandolfini.
Welcome to the very first episode of Trouble W/ The Draw! A new and exciting podcast centered around golf! In our pilot episode we discuss what the podcast will cover, back story on the host and creator, Paddy Whack, and we will have our first entry into the special segment of "The Quest for Scratch". A semi-regular segment that will document Paddy's quest to get from a 9 handicap down to a zero! Enjoy this first episode of our weekly podcast! Be sure to follow @PaddyWhackGolf on facebook, instagram and twitter to stay informed!
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