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Doing it with Together

Author: Together Agency

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A detailed look at the life of the director of a Entertainment Agency.
17 Episodes
Local University student Lauren interviews Brok about the Creative Industry on the Gold Coast and how he has forged a space in the market for Together Agency.
Some questions around the music industry on the Gold Coast past present and future.
Nurturing Relationships

Nurturing Relationships


Take the time today to go back through your old school contacts. People that have always done right by you that you may not have spoken to in a while. You never know who is going to be that next helping hand in business or life.
Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling Overwhelmed?


We all get a little bit overwhelmed in business this is some thoughts I had around the subject.
Networking as a musician is not just a thing it is the only thing if you’re looking to get ahead quickly.
This week we had a music production meeting with Chase Atlantic drummer Jesse Boyle. Episode to air later. These are some of the things I took away from speaking with him.
Rising Above the Hate

Rising Above the Hate


With the growth of the Agency over the last few months some haters have started to show their hands.
Some thoughts on how to capture the following you need to get your art out there.
Last month we got a group together in the boardroom of our office with local Music Producer Wongo after his return from Las Vegas and playing Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). We had a bunch of our talent come in and ask him some questions about how he produces music and how he has evolved with the industry.
In an interview with Jarrad Bell the Owner and Director of Gold Coast Design firm Soda Pop Agency, Brok Neilsen discusses everything from how having a child has effected his work ethic to how far DJ equipment has evolved in the last 10 years.
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