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Thee Bullco’s Podcast

Author: Marcus Jose

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Welcome to podcast. We are true American Bully enthusiasts here to educate all those new and old on the Breed.
17 Episodes
I’m back!!!!

I’m back!!!!


We’re on the road to the vet right now my cough is gone so I just wanted to let you guys know we will be posting podcast soon.
Episode:17 today we raise awareness of selfish ppl and why the exotic community supports each other.
Episode 16: seeks to raise awareness on what side of the fence breeders fall.
Episode 15: this episode outlines why people should be buying dogs from titled parents and buying puppies from Champion breeders.
Episode 14: This article was all about understanding how a dog or an American bully should be moving.
Episode 13: this episode was recorded help those more understand how to start developing their breeders eye.
Say No To Dog Parks!

Say No To Dog Parks!


Episode 12: this episode outlines the reason why you should stay away from the dog park and what you need to do to socialize your dog.
Episode 11 : this episode is all about starting your puppy off with the right understanding and training.
Episode 10: in this episode you can expect to hear about my second year but you may expect in your second year as well as the night that my dog and I achieved our first champion title!
Episode 9: this episode is all to give you a little insight on what your first year with owning this breed will be like, hope you enjoy this.
Episode 7: Talking about my experiences with the top five kibbles to feed your American bully
Episode 6: how you can spot kennel blindness and fix it within your self.
Episode 5: how to choose the right stud American bully!
Episode 4: Giving some insight on what it takes to be successful in this niche.
Episode 3: how to find a reputable breeder, how to pressure test a puppy and making comparisons with the parents.
Episode 2: how to properly exercise your dogs with some guidelines.
Episode 1: an introduction to dog phycology and pack hierarchy.
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