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Christ-centered, Spirit empowered.
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Joy and thanksgiving are not special occasions that only occur a handful of times if we're lucky when life feels perfect and everything is going our way.  In his letters to the churches, Paul introduces us to a brand new way of thinking.  That in Christ, every breath we take is Thanksgiving.  
"The Golden Rule" is taught in the Christian and non-Christian worlds alike.  The only problem is, love and honor are fine china we have the tendency of reserving only for the extra special people we like the most  What Jesus is inviting us to is a lifestyle that honors everyone everywhere in everything.
Asking, Seeking and Knocking Is Not Generic Information About Prayer.  It’s the Deliberate Lifestyle of Those Who Positively Influence An Unbelieving World.
There is an art of truth-telling that perceives more than it pontificates, that is patient rather than pushy; that exemplifies and does not nag.  
As people, we have a nasty habit of jumping to conclusions, rushing into judgment and assuming the absolute worst.  Jesus invites us to a whole new world of far more slower correction and self-awareness.  
There are a thousand reasons why we should spend our life's hiding and cowering away in anxiety.  And yet, God's power in us transcends and debunks them all.
How can we live peacefully in a world like this?  A minister with an anxiety disorder shares techniques learned directly from the Sermon on the Mount to replace worry with psychological tranquility.  
There is no worse slavery than the shackles of sins insidious clutch.  
 If we must be possessed by treasures, let's be possessed by the ones that God stores up forevermore. 
Drawing near to God in the secrecy of fasting is a feast to the human spirit.  
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