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Author: Kellea Tibbs

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Welcome to march thirty one poetry. I call myself a poet-journalist and my poetry tends to reflect my commentary and opinions on pop culture, relationships, politics, and the media. Be sure to visit my blog and my SoundCloud page of the same name.
20 Episodes
Kicking off National Poetry Month with a poem I wrote in 2015
Two Haiku written in 2012 with references to technology.
Two Haiku, one about weather (or is it) and one about reading.
Haiku about hair texture.
Today is February 4th. And although I'm still recuperating from my dental surgery, I still wanted to make sure I shared a poem with listeners today. It's a haiku inspired by those who paved the way in honor of Black History Month. Enjoy!
Two poems highlighting social justice and privilege from my upcoming collection, the black poems.
February kicks off my annual poetry writing/reading challenge as well as Black History Month. Here's to 2020.
This poem, originally published on my blog in written form, is in honor of the late great, Gil Scott Heron, one of my inspirations for writing.
This rough draft of a poem is dedicated to black women, our struggles and the politics of our hair
From my collection, the black poems, my contribution this week, touches on the stories we've been told about race and color.
Two poems today, one highlighting the roads leading to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a lighthearted ode to National Burrito Day
Two poems from my "haiku in the key of life" collection entitled Business and Stress.
I just celebrated a birthday so I thought I'd share this with you. A new poem from a forthcoming collection entitled 45 & adulting.
Original poetry from my forthcoming collection, The April Poems.
This winter seems to not want to leave. I channeled my inner Shakespeare, and wrote this poem in mourning for the short lived spring we've had this year. Enjoy!
What happens when you first lay eyes upon someone? This poem examines that.
Because it's Sunday, I wanted to share one of my favorite scriptures, reciting it as poetry.
A late night poem to honor my commitment to national poetry month. Showing My Age is a poem I wrote in 2006. Recently, I celebrated my 45th birthday and this poem was appropriate to revisit
This poem is from a writing prompt, a haiku for your favorite television show, from National Poetry Month 2013.
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