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Kick Ass in Life is a weekly podcast to help you get hired fast, be smart with money and be happier and healthier. Hosted by Laura Eshelman, this podcast helps you stand apart in a sea of sameness and get noticed. Through episodes with focused, quick tips as well as interviews with professionals, this podcast highlights stories of success, failure and everything in between. So go out there and Kick Ass in LIFE. Connect now and submit your questions at or Instagram Support this podcast:
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Rachel Rudwall is a travel host, content creator, writer, producer and photographer, but simply at her core, she’s a storyteller. She’s traveled all around the world including all continents and 70 countries. She shares how travel drives her as she’s inspired by the human interactions that fuel her and teach her as well as the landscapes that keep her invested and grounded. She recently became an Explorer’s Club fellow, alongside explorers such as likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Elon Musk and Buzz Aldrin.What is so cool about Rachel is she was determined to set out a path for herself by creating her own opportunities by traveling and hosting on her own. That then led her to tell stories for media outlets, brands and publishers. I love Rachel’s perspective on work and how to stand apart in your industry. It’s clear she puts thought and effort with the choices she’s made and has done it through consistent, dedicated work.We talk about how to create your own opportunity, how to network by creating authentic connections with others, how to take feedback (especially when everything feels personal), how to deal with imposter syndrome and how to explore the world without breaking the bank.KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: ASS IN LIFE SHOW NOTES: more on Rachel visit: or more on this podcast visit: www.Kickassin.lifeEmail me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Negotiation is hard. You are awesome for even trying! Many people don’t and they lose out of thousands of dollars over the long term. Don’t settle—you know how hard you’ll work. It would really suck to get in a job you’re working your ass off for, just to know Jim in the cubicle next to you with the same job and title gets paid $10k more because he asked for it. Would you be happy about starting a new job under those circumstances?It’s also financially smart in the long term. By not negotiating to start with your first job, you can lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. Don’t leave money on the table. They expect you’ll negotiate. It’s all part of the process. In this episode, we talk all about how to set yourself up for success when negotiating your salary. We talk about how to determine what to ask for in your salary, how to strategically ask so they say yes, the additional negotiables you can build a case for (think vacation, title, flex time), how to build up your confidence to make the ask, and how to handle rejection if they don't give you what you want -- it's never over! In this episode, it's all about getting PAID. KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: EBOOK KICK ASS WITH YOUR MONEY: me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Nissar Ahmed is a career guru. He runs which offers resources for job seekers and freelancers including a podcast, tools, a job board and information to succeed in the job search.From starting out in a career in sales to running his own business today, Nissar has a lot to share on entrepreneurship, the job search and more. In this episode, we talk about how you can skip the traditional job search process, how to create a dream career, not just a dream job, how to start a path in entrepreneurship and how to fall in love with the process, which will lead to the outcome you want. So many good takeaways for all of the job seekers and dreamers out there. KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: More on Career Metis: me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
A resume is THE most important tool in your marketing and branding toolbox, but most people are lazy and do a not-so-great job of writing one. Their resume looks like everyone else’s, includes generic duties and responsibilities, and invariably flies under the radar of a recruiter. Boring resumes simply don’t get noticed. They go straight into the black hole of applications. You need to create an excellent one (and it’s really not that hard—I promise!).Think about how recruiters see your resume. They typically spend less than six seconds on each resume they review—six seconds! That’s not a lot of time. At all. If you’ve gotten through the black hole and a real person sees your resume, congratulations! That’s a huge win. Now you need to have a kick-ass resume that lasts past those first six seconds and gets you an interview.In this episode, I talk about how to craft the perfect resume that gets noticed quickly. From talking about your job wins to designing it, your resume is the NUMBER ONE tool in your toolbox so you might as well make it shine! KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Laura Meyer is the founder and CEO of a startup helping companies with their Amazon strategy. She originally moved to NYC without a job and started strategically looking for opportunities through networking, cold calls and more and eventually found her way to Amazon. What she learned at each step allowed her to start and run her own successful business called Envision Horizons, which she started at 25 and is thriving today.In this episode, we talk about how to shamelessly network, how to kick ass in the interview process (hint-- if you do what she says you will get the job), how to create such a great impression that they will pay you what you’re worth.. She also shares what she looks at in candidates when she makes hiring decisions when it comes to resumes, presentation and getting noticed. If you want to get past the black hole of applications and get hired fast, this episode is for you.KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: More on Laura Meyer visit: More on Envision Horizons: https://envisionhorizons.comSend me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Preparing for an interview is not easy. You have so much going on during the job search and you've finally gotten an interview - yay! You want to make a great impression and arrive prepared and confident. But it's hard to keep the stress at bay. And there is nothing worse than a bad interview where you feel off, don't have the answers to their questions and where you keep stumbling over your thoughts (or worse, not having any thoughts at all). In this episode I talk all about how to prepare for an interview. From doing the right research on the company to the key questions you need to prepare for, to what to wear, this episode answers all of your top questions on the in-person interview. You'll arrive confidently and make a kick-ass impression and hopefully get the job offer! I've also created an additional resource for how to prepare so email me if you'd like it at KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
The job search process is not easy. What’s super frustrating is the lack of responsiveness of companies after you apply to the "black hole of applications". Once you apply you don’t know where your application goes. Shireen Jaffer is working to change that. Shireen is the co-founder and CEO of Edvo, which she calls your job search on autopilot. It’s a venture-backed startup that works as a matchmaker between companies and candidates to close the gap and to fast track the interview process.Shireen has always wanted to help candidates navigate the job search, whether it be her friends and advising them to network and make real connections or a company that does that work for you.We talk about how to make real connections, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to leverage your existing networks, and how to add value to those connections, How to leverage the power of the internal referral and how the one-click apply is not leading to the outcome you want - it is not about how many applications you submit, but rather how many offers you get. Such good advice for all of the job searchers out there!KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: ‎For More on  Shireen visit: More on Edvo visit: me a voice message: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
I’ve gathered your questions! You've emailed me wanting advice on the job search process. You've asked how to get a job. How to get noticed. How to find a more fulfilling career. In today's episode, I do my best to answer your questions based on my personal experience. I answer: A recent grad who just moved to NYC and would like some advice on how to get a producer role at a large company Someone who can't get anyone to give a second look to her resume, even after revising it multiple times Someone who is not fulfilled in his current role and would like to find a more creative job but feels STUCK  A journalism student eager for the first year but unsure what to major in and how to find internships You're never alone in questioning your career, your path, your industry or your job. It's good to ask these questions! I want to help you. I do this for you. I only want you to kick ass in life! KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: me with your questions: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Reuben Stern is the director of the New York Program at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. His background spans many different newsrooms including being the managing editor of the Columbia Missourian as well as experience at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Budapest Sun, and the Los Angeles Daily News.Reuben made the pivot to education to teach the next wave of journalists by running its program to teach and support Mizzou journalism students interning in New York each semester. He’s an expert in internships - what to do and what to avoid.Reuben and I talk about how to find internships, how to succeed in your internship and how to pursue your passion even early on in your career (yes it’s possible). This advice also applies when you are starting a new job. We also talk about new and emerging fields to look for future opportunities. KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: More on Reuben visit: More on the University of Missouri School of Journalism: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.--- Support this podcast:
Cristy Powers is a health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and pilates instructor who is passionate about helping others feel their best through the foods they eat and the decisions they make. Something as simple as choosing what you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel. Do you have a brain fog? Do you start crashing in the afternoon so you reach for the chocolate at 3p.m. ? I know I do, and it always starts an evil cycle of tiredness and crankiness.  When I avoid the easy sugars, I have more energy and feel happier and more stable. The path to finding a good balance is different for everyone. There is no one set path to wellness. Cristy and I talk about a way to eat to reduce inflammation. We talk about what is in our foods, how to create foods you actually want to eat, how to listen to your body when you eat, and how to find the right balance for you in your health journey.  We also talk about other ways you can control stress through practicing self care.KICK ASS IN LIFE FB: ASS IN LIFE INSTAGRAM: NOTES: More on Cristy visit: me: kickassinyourlife@gmail.comTheme song by Qusic.  --- Support this podcast:
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