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Author: Jakob Kjaer & Simon Kemp

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This podcast is for the SAP community provided to you by community members. The podcast will provide content from the community in a audible format for you to consume on the road.
45 Episodes
In this episode, friend of the podcast, most southerly SAP Mentor and our podcast music creator Matt Harding takes a deep dive into the planned Fiori conversion for S/4HANA at Hydro Tasmania with David Shields. Here’s the link to the accompanying blog post Send in a voice message:
In this episode, which we recorded after day 3 of SAP TechEd Barcelona 2019, Rui Nogueira explaines SAP Extension Factory and Kyma in detail. Gregor Wolf and Martin Fischer are discussing with him the various options it offers to build extensions to SAP applications on SAP Cloud Platform.You can find more information in Rui's blog post: on the Kyma website: Send in a voice message:
In this episode Martin (@cyclingfisch) talks with the SAP Mentors Gregor Wolf (@wolf_gregor), Hendrik Neumann (@h_neumann) and Wouter Lemaire (@wouter_lemaire) about the first day of SAP TechEd Barcelona. After talking about the keynote, it went a rather technical discussion about the SAP Extension Factory, Kyma, CAP, ABAP RAP, gCTS and DevOps in the ABAP world.--- Send in a voice message:
Holger Mueller (@holgermu) , analyst with Constellation Research Inc. talked with  Martin (@cyclingfisch) about the conference season. They focused on TechEd, but also  talked about the DSAG anual conference, Oracle Open World and more.--- Send in a voice message:
This episode brings you a few more impressions and expectations for SAP Teched with Sachin Nagal and Morten Wittrock. We also discuss Morten's new open source project CPILINT, which is a linting tool for SAP Cloud Integration. Make sure to head to the open source bar if you are attending Teched Send in a voice message:
Thanks very much to Chris, Paul Ryan and Alistair Elliott for the contribution. This podbite is a wrap up from SuccessConnect in Las Vegas 2019.--- Send in a voice message:
This episode brings you a new co-host on the show as well as interviews with Mahesh Kumar Palavelli, Lucia Subatin and Diego Dora.We discuss expectations for the upcoming techeds and the SAP Community in general.Special mentions of the unconference can be found here: Send in a voice message:
Warmup for Teched Season

Warmup for Teched Season


This episode we speak to Mike Doyle and Ronnie Sletta about their expectations and sessions at Teched. Link to trivia blogpost--- Send in a voice message:
We recorded a couple of chats with Alistair Templeton, Graham Robinson and Chris Paine at the SAP Stammtisch Sydney after the SAP Australian User Group Summit. Jakob and I discuss the topics raised and even manage a quick SAP Trivia Quiz at the end of the show. So grab a coffee sit back and enjoy the show... and make sure you listen all the way to the end not just for Matt Hardings awesome guitar solo! ;-) #easteregg--- Send in a voice message:
In this episode Simon sits down with Thomas, Dan, Rich and Craig, four of the original Enterprise Geeks. The guys share their memories from when they started the Enterprise Geeks back in 2008 and we even get to go off in a classic egghead tangent. Enjoy!For more information and to listen to the back catalog of podcasts go to their website Send in a voice message:
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