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Happy 4th of July LATERob, Mike, and Mike Talk about it all. Listen in and here some tips, tricks, and upcoming news!
Episode 40 - Been a while

Episode 40 - Been a while


The Boys are back in town catching up and discussing the last few months…
Rob and Mike venture up to EMSPRO at Foxwoods Casino Resort for the 2021 EMSPRO conference for a live recording and Rob's impalement class. Special guest during the podcast and the man that gave us our invite, Sean Fitch.
The crew discussed how much is too much when dealing with the firehouse and on service calls, self accountability as an officer, and Rob’s accents…check out Drejman’s Pin the Q interview for more…
Rob, Mike, and Mike discuss some mutual aid training, truck culture, and anything that made the table.
Rob and Mike chat with Maj. Britt from OKCFD to discuss the similarities and differences between Midwest and East Coast firefighting. 
Recorded January 24, the crew sits down and catches up on the past weeks and the holiday season.
The crew had the opportunity to train and record at Bobby's debut takin' it to the streets weekend. 
Rob and Mike sit with the brothers behind the ring rescue.Website: Video: and After (Ring Removals) - Facebook - - Instagram - @RingRescueInc - Twitter - @Ringrescueinc -
The crew sits down with Bobby and discusses topics that were sent in!
The crew discusses technology and "PC".
Episode 30 for 30 K

Episode 30 for 30 K


The Boys are back and discussing hot topics such as COVID, microphones, and hose packs.
Episode 29 - The Rona Cast

Episode 29 - The Rona Cast


The crew reunites while socially distancing to discuss rona, recent incidents, and the mystery of the blonde mustache.
The crew discusses reducing responses, tools in cars, and bandaids. Definitely a language warning on this one.
Episode 27 - 2020

Episode 27 - 2020


The Crew discusses a couple questions from social media including new officer ideas and "the vacant".
The Hook & Can, Boogie Down Truckwork, Top Floor Tactics, and Flow & Vent sit down to discuss a few topics...
The crew sits down discusses the FAST strap, the NorthernStar Compass, and the beginning of volunteer election season. 
The crew sits down with the brothers at Progress FC and discuss several topics including live-ins, riding assignments, etc.
The crew sits down with the brothers behind the FAST board.
The crew recaps FDIC and discusses the 6-22.
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Scott D Adams

You guys are awesome. I listen to every fire related podcast I can. You guys make learning alot less painful. Raw, natural and honest. The probie podcast was spot on. I understood the can of beans, but could you explain the golf ball? I have been a volunteer on Long Island for 4 years now. Keep up the awesome work

Sep 23rd
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