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Author: Legally Kidnapped

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The official podcast of Legally Kidnapped

Exposing the Child Protective Industry for what it really is by an expert on child welfare fraud, corruption, and how they make money by stealing kids from their parents under the guise of child abuse.
17 Episodes
Anti-CPS Sunday The latest episode of the LK Report with the one, the only, the Mighty LK.How CPS tears apart families and destroys the lives of the children who they were meant to save.
CPS now desperately hiring people to warehouse stolen children.
Yes it's National Foster Parent Glorification Month, and we will continue to expose them for the child stealing frauds they really are all month long.
An unscripted rant
Help for Adoptive Parents who want to Re-Home the kids, and much much more.
I'm going to take this opportunity to babble on about the horrible things that the Child Protective Industry does. Because they suck.
Child Welfare Fraud at its best.
CPS Sucks.
The Nanny State exposed...
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