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Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn conclude their series of shows on George W. Bush by looking at his second term as president. We cover a range of topics, including the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the NSA's domestic spying program, Hurricane Katrina, the 2006 mid-term elections, and the 2008 great recession. And at the end of the show we discuss Bush’s legacy.
The Cold Civil War

The Cold Civil War


Simon and Vaughn discuss the ongoing troubles in America and look at the ‘Cold Civil War’ that is taking place right now.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn take a break from usual business to talk about the other podcasts that we work on, including The Joy of Star Wars and The Golden Age of Murder. We also let Vaughn rant about Dr. Oz running for Senator in her home state of Pennsylvania.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn are joined by Felix Salmon from the Slate Money podcast to discuss the 2015 film The Big Short. We look at how the film depicts the events of the housing market crash of 2008 and discuss what the films gets right and what it gets wrong. And stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out what Vaughn thinks about trading water as a commodity.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn continue their series of episodes on President George W. Bush by looking at the events and immediate fallout of the September 11th terrorist attacks, as well as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn discuss Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and dive into a brief history of the Oscars. They then discuss some other recent news stories, including Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, and Donald Trump hitting a hole in one. Also, Simon says nice things about Tobi and Vaughn, much to the shock of Tobi and Vaughn.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn are joined by novelist Jeff Schnader to discuss his Vietnam War era novel, The Serpent Papers.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn start their new mini-series of shows on the George W. Bush presidency by looking at the 2000 election and his battle with Al Gore to become president.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn are joined by Dominic Tunney to discuss the history of comic books, comic book movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how modern cinema has changed over the past two decades.
Simon, Tobi, and Vaughn are joined by author and film critic Adam Nayman to look at the cinema of the late 1990s and in particular films such as Fight Club and The Matrix that portray the common theme of white men in comfortable office jobs rejecting their reality in search of a greater purpose.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by historian Ellen Schrecker to discuss her latest book The Lost Promise: American Universities in the 1960s.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn each pick 2 films that meant a lot to them as a teenager, and then we hand out our first end of year Impressions Awards. We also briefly mention our new upcoming Star Wars podcast, and at the end of the show we celebrate Christmas and have Vaughn read from A Christmas Carol. You can follow our new Star Wars podcast on Twitter @JoyOfStarWars. The first episode will be available in January.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn discuss the history of professional wrestling in America. We chat about our own personal interest in wrestling when we were growing up, and then look at the history of the business, and in particular the growth of the WWE. We also discuss the links between politics and wrestling, and Vaughn explains the specific importance of wrestling to her when she was young.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn discuss various political stories, including the one-year anniversary of Rudy Giuliani’s press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, QANON and JFK Jr, and Big Bird owning the Republicans. Vaughn also breaks down Critical Race Theory and explains what it is and how Republicans are using it to win culture wars with Democrats.
Richard Nixon on Film

Richard Nixon on Film


Simon and Tobi delve into the topic of Richard Nixon on Film and discuss 3 films that depict President Nixon at various points in his life, as well as looking at the larger media representation of Richard Nixon.
Los Angeles on Film

Los Angeles on Film


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn head to Los Angeles for the final episode of the American on Film series (at least for now - more coming next year!). We start the episode with a brief modern history of the city from Vaughn, before we then dive into the 9 films we have selected that are set in the City of Angels. Also, one of the films selected in this episode features Tobi's favourite 2 minutes in film history.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn discuss Vaughn’s visit to America and then dive into various news stories – including Biden and Afghanistan, the California Recall Election, and Trump eyeing the 2024 election. Also, Vaughn gets to talk about Star Wars.
Chicago on Film

Chicago on Film


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn continue the America on Film series by looking at Chicago on Film. They discuss six films set in the Windy City, and Vaughn gives an overview of the modern history of the city at the start of the show. Also, our intro music has a Chicago themed remix thanks to Tobi.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by author and historian Patrick Lacroix to discuss his book John F. Kennedy and the Politics of Faith. We look at Kennedy’s background, the role religion played in the 1960 election, his time in office, and the legacy of electing America’s first Catholic president. Also, Tobi declares his love for Joe Biden and Simon defends Richard Nixon’s honour.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by journalist and author Sebastian Mallaby to discuss billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros - from his early years in Hungary during WWII, through his career in the financial world, to his involvement in philanthropy and political donations which have made him a boogieman for Republicans.
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