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Welcome to Impressions of America, a podcast on modern American history, presented by Simon, Tobi and Vaughn. We cover the changing political discourse since the 1950s. From the Cronkite years to Trump. You can also follow us on Twitter @USAimpressions
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Tobi is joined by Professor Victor Pickard to talk about the origins and unraveling of the Fairness Doctrine. They also discuss the origins of the FCC, the limits of media regulation in the mid 20th century and how the Fairness Doctrine was eventually removed.
Boston on Film

Boston on Film


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by friend of the show Jeff Lucia to look at Boston on Film, with a focus on six films that depict the city. This is the second episode of our America on Film series - our previous episode was on New York on Film.
New York on Film

New York on Film


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn start a new series of episodes looking at some key American cities on film. And we’re starting with New York! We each picked 3 films to talk about that capture the energy of New York, as well as discussing the city and the topic in broader terms. The intro to this episode features music and film clips from New York movies, including use of a montage from Movieclips Trailers.
Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn look at the life and career of legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite, from his early years as a journalist covering the Second World War, through his time on television in the 1950s and onto becoming the news anchor for CBS in the 1960s where he reported on some of the biggest stories of the 20th century, including the assassination of President Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the Moon landing. Also, can Vaughn connect Walter Cronkite to It’s a Wonderful Life? Find out at the end of this episode.
Simon is joined by historian Joshua Tait to discuss the New Conservatives who came about after the Second World War. We talk about the origins of the movement, its key figures and what happened after the movement died. We also look at the Republican party of today and discuss Trump’s impact.
It finally happened; Vaughn has got her episode on Star Wars! We look at the films and TV shows of the Star Wars universe and discuss how they reflect American history. We also go in depth on some of the key philosophical and political themes of Star Wars. Plus, make sure to stick around to the end of the episode to listen to some Star Wars hot takes from Vaughn (including her defence of the prequels).
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn discuss President Biden’s first 100 days in office and look at his successes and failures. We also look at the continued adventures of the Republican party and all the dreadful things they do. Also, how have the people of Scotland been doing without the Duke of Edinburgh around to lead them? Simon gives an update.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn each pick candidates for Conservative and Liberal Halls of Fame. Stay tuned to the end when they discuss which fictional characters would also make it in. Also, Tobi turned out to be the least cynical person on this topic - who saw that coming?
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by comedian, actor, screenwriter and podcaster Dave Anthony to discuss Aaron Sorkin's political TV drama The West Wing.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by investigative journalist Michael Isikoff to discuss his role in investigating the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for the co-hosts discussing their thoughts on their trilogy of shows on Bill Clinton.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by author Ben Railton to discuss his latest book Of Thee I Sing: The Contested History of American Patriotism. We also chat about wider themes of patriotism and nationalism, as well as discussing specific individuals, from Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump, to Colin Kaepernick and Ronald Reagan.
The Clinton Presidency

The Clinton Presidency


Simon, Tobi and Vaughn look at Bill Clinton’s time in office – specifically his first term, the 1994 mid-terms and the Republican Revolution. We also briefly look at the 1996 election, meaning Vaughn gets to discuss Ross Perot again. We also cover the Waco Siege and Tobi solves history.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by Alex Hochuli from the Aufhebunga Bunga Podcast to discuss the New Democrats and their rise in the late 80s and early 90s. We also chat with Alex about his new book The End of the End of History. Also, Vaughn gets to talk about her favourite subject: Ross Perot.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn discuss the events of January 6th where Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. We also look at what it means for America to see Washington, D.C. under attack. Later in the episode we look at the Georgia runoff election results and what they mean for President-elect Joe Biden. And finally we wildly speculate on what these events may mean for the future of the Republican party.
In this special Christmas episode, Simon, Tobi and Vaughn look at Vaughn’s PHD thesis on post-war Christmas films and later in the episode they play some Christmas games, including Vaughn deciding the greatest Christmas film ever made. Also, is Australia a legitimate country? Tobi has some thoughts.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn look at the three most recent presidents to lose an election - Jimmy Carter in 1980, George H. Bush in 1992 and Donald Trump in 2020. Also, Simon goes on a journey to understand whether Ross Perot was a Himbo or not.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by writer and friend of the show Moises to discuss Spike Lee's 1992 film Malcolm X starring Denzel Washington.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn react to Joe Biden being projected as the winner of the 2020 election. This episode also looks at some of the key states in the election, Trump's reaction to Biden being declared the winner and Rudy Giuliani's visit to Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by returning guest Angie Maxwell to look at the 2020 election, including the key swing states, polling numbers, and the increase in early voting.
Simon, Tobi and Vaughn are joined by Felix Salmon to discuss the 1987 film Wall Street. Felix is the chief financial correspondent at Axios and host of Slate Money.
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