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WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms
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WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms

Author: Mario Peshev

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The WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms is designed to help business owners, marketing directors, and other decision makers who want to scale an existing WordPress solution, integrate WordPress within their technical suite or migrate a proprietary framework to WordPress.

Mario Peshev is a WordPress Core contributor and the CEO of DevriX - a distributed WordPress agency. DevriX works with SMEs and large enterprises in the automotive, health, banking industries, building unique features for complex and heavy web solutions.
33 Episodes
What are the top security considerations for enterprises considering WordPress for their product or a web application product?
Episode 15 covered 8 major obstacles we've heard from enterprises considering WordPress. Wrapping up the top 15, here's a list of 7 additional challenges we get in sales calls and emails, and during meetings with enterprise-grade clients considering WordPress.
Lots of people perceive redesigns as a sporadic activity or an emotional one -- but there's often a good reason to plan one. Here's my top pick of reasonable explanations and triggers leading to planning a new website redesign.
tips and tricks for working with WordPress development teams on an ongoing basis
The benefits of agile development for both clients and vendors, especially in the context of the WordPress ecosystem.
WordPress 5.0 is just around the corner. The most major addition to the core CMS running 31.6% of the Web is Gutenberg - the new visual builder replacing traditional WYSIWYG interfaces.What is the core goal of Gutenberg and how to leverage it once the update kicks in?
Most people keep adding more and more plugins to their website, until it gets bloated and barely working.It's only one of the common ways to introduce new features. Find out more here.
Have you read up on best practices and top plugins online? Chances are, you've seen tons of marketing collateral or people pitching themselves. Here's how to stop receiving poor advice.
Small websites could be exported quickly from a cPanel or with a simple plugin. The more your site grows, the more you get to hit certain limits and edge cases.Here's what you need to know about backups and the core areas of WordPress that need attention.
What is the reason WordPress is so popular among both small businesses and enterprises? Here's a history of the CMS starting back in 2003, with some economic and cultural reasons it stood out compared to other industry solutions.
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