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HOPE not hate seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities, building resilience against the politics of hate and fear, at a national and grassroots level and this podcast explores the myriad of ways it does so. Email our Producer at for tips, feedback, and opportunities.
98 Episodes
With the US heading to the polls in one of the most fractious elections ever,  and many fearful about far right & militia violence, Nick Ryan speaks to former head of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Heidi Beirich, about the scale of the far right threat facing us today.
What Next for Labour?

What Next for Labour?


Following the publication of the EHRC report into antisemitism in the Labour Party, we're joined by Peter Mason of the Jewish Labour Movement, Jemma Levene from HOPE not hate, and the Labour MP Stella Creasy. They talked to our campaigns director Matthew McGregor about the report itself, and where the fight against anti-Jewish racism goes from here.
Campaigns director Matthew McGregor asks Jess Morales Rocketto the question everyone wants to know- "Will we win?" the coming election in the United States.A community organiser in the USA for the National Domestic Worker's Alliance and Care in Action, Jess spoke with Matthew McGregor about the impending election that is really a battle for the future of liberal democracy in the USA.Jess identifies the reasons for Hope, candidates that are offering real change to a bleak political landscape, and a transformed activist culture.
Ruth Smeeth (Vice Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement) and Matthew McGregor (Campaign director at HnH) discuss Ruth's highly personal experiences of antisemitism in the Labour Party and the deep problems that have lead up to the EHRC's investigation.
The false QAnon conspiracy theory features aspects of ancient antisemitic narratives, its rise and spread across the globe has also seen its transformation into ever more virulent, localised forms. This should be alarming to antifascists everywhere.A major new piece of research from Gregory Davis and David Lawrence is discussed and read here by Joe Mulhall.
Journalist, Author and Playwright Paul Mason spoke with Joe Mulhall about the recent prosecution of the Greek Neo-Nazi Party, their sudden rise, and what the significance of the verdict means for antifascists combatting resurgent fascism internationally.
Caleb Cain and Cynthia Miller-Idriss join Nick Ryan for a conversation about the far right online ecosystem, and discuss their mutual work in challenging it.
Joe Mulhall dives back into the HOPE not hate archive for the second in our new series, this time reading new work from Simon Murdoch looking at the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, an important part of our movement. Simon investigates if the arguments between anti-racists and antifascists could better be resolved through a mutual understanding against the common enemy. 
This compelling round table between three leading writers (including Hope not Hate's Joe Mulhall) is a useful insight into the origins and continued importance of race science.With many thanks to the Wiener Library for allowing us to reproduce the recording here.
Juliana Rordorf details the many ways that free speech is unevenly distributed, and outlines a liberal approach for its protection that accounts for how the far right violates the speech of others. Central to this is the work of deplatforming hate.
Researcher Juliana Rordorf reads her first in a series of articles on the varying ways that the far right co-opts and abuses arguments around free speech.
In this first episode of a new series where we look at objects in the HOPE not hate archive, Joe Mulhall discusses one of the oldest publications we keep. The Hidden Hand was the newspaper of The Britons, a small, antisemitic group, that flogged it's shabby wares in the violently tumultuous interwar period.Although marginal, with a small print run, the personalities around The Britons became some of the most influential propagators of antisemitic conspiracy theory in the UK, throughout the 20th century. They were one of the only British nationalist groups to ally with a tiny German party - the German National Socialists, long before the latter had risen to power.This is the story of how even the most fringe ideas must not be ignored, else their poison spread. 
Eric K. Ward grew up in Los Angeles. Coming up in a punk scene that was volatile and tribal. In the context of rising hatred Eric and his friends learnt that they had to fight hard for their values. This was the start of a journey that would bring Eric to his work today as an anti-racist and antifascist, in a world on the brink.This interview was recorded before the situation in Portland reached the dangerous levels of conflict today.Eric K. Ward is Executive Director of Western States Center and a Senior Fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read Eric's recent article from the HOPE not hate magazine
Joe Mulhall discusses the new report from Gregory Davis on the many failings of Bitchute. Bitchute is a video content platform that has hosted to terror videos from groups such as ISIS and National Action, as well as gaining huge numbers on conspiracy theory videos during the recent crisis.
The Uyghur crisis in western China has led to over 1 million – some upwards of 2 million – Muslim Uyghur people being interned in what the Chinese government calls "re-education" centres. They've steadily faced an erosion of their cultural and religious rights, forcible birth control and increasingly oppressive surveillance. Now a shrinking minority within their own lands, Sophie Richardson, China director of Human Rights Watch, speaks to HOPE not hate's Nick Ryan about what's really happening in Xinjiang Province
HOPE not hate's Joe Mulhall spoke with the authors of Reactionary Democracies. Aurelien Mondon and Aaron Winter's new book which challenges the idea that liberal democracy provides a consistent bulwark against racism. Arguing that popular notions of 'the people' justify the exclusion of others and the normalisation of racist ideas, the authors point to mainstream racism, islamophobia and anti-migrant sentiment coming from across the spectrum of mainstream politics as examples of how the threat is not just on the fringe, but often within the mainstream.Aurelien and Aaron's ideas present a timely challenge to antifascists today.
Matthew McGregor, HnH Campaign Director, spoke with two MPs about their importance work combatting the extreme right. Both Stephanie Peacock and Stephen Doughty have contributed so much to the fight against extremism today, and have joined with HOPE not hate in arguing for a ban against the Order of the Nine Angles.Matthew McGregor discusses with both guests why a ban of the nazi-satanist O9A makes sense, and recent events related to the findings of BBC Panorama, and the indictment of a US soldier who had plotted against their colleagues in the military.
Afrida pitched questions to Joe as a part of the Great Get Together, taken from Afrida, and the audience. This was the first of our live webinars.
How one soldier conspired to have his comrades attacked by terrorists, as a part of a nazi-satanist murder plot.
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