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Whilst flash storms hitting the UK and British politics still in a state of tumult, Nick and Joe get together to discuss some twists on familiar topics: low turnout at a far-right demo, fascists staring down the barrel of some tricky legal problems and the mainstream media failing to grasp the severity of platforming far right figures.-- Stephen Yaxley-Lennon ("Tommy Robinson") held another demo in Telford last weekend in conjunction with screening the fourth episode of his documentary series. The turnout was abysmal, which is unsurprising as Tommy and crew did very little work in building for it. Joe has the latest and tells us what we can expect from Tommy in the future.Elsewhere, the guys dive into the scoop that HNH published yesterday about a secret nazi gig currently set to take place in Widnes next Saturday (17th), and the campaign we've launched to stop it. Joe gives us the latest on Patriotic Alternative who, whilst remaining extremely active, are facing yet more publicity problems thanks to two of its more high-profile figures.Finally, why did GB News give airtime to a Swedish far-right activist who has previously denied the Holocaust, and why do mainstream and semi-mainstream media outlets never learn?Like, share and subscribe to the podcast!--Produced by: Nick Spooner
It has been a decade since HOPE not hate released its first groundbreaking Fear & HOPE report, the biggest investigation into identity undertaken in Britain. This year, following ten years of political upheaval, HNH has released a new Fear & HOPE report to better understand how social attitudes have changed during that time. In the recovery from a global pandemic but heading into economic recession, amidst a political context of culture wars, Brexit fallouts and fracturing across the political spectrum, our research finds a new alignment of identity politics, and the emergence of a new reactionary right threat.To tie in with the report's release Rosie Carter, its author and HOPE not hate's Director of Policy, sits down with Anthony Painter, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the Chartered Management Institute who co-authored the original Fear & HOPE.Taking a broad view, the two examine the key takeaways from the report and try to establish what has changed in the intervening years.You can read the Fear & HOPE 2022 report here: produced by Nick Spooner------♪ Alone (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link :
It’s been a hectic time at HOPE not hate as we’ve just successfully netted one of our biggest fish in recent years; a right whopper by the name of Andrew Tate.Tate is a violent misogynist who shot to fame on social media, especially TikTok, projecting a supposedly glamorous lifestyle of fast cars and wealth whilst simultaneously using his platform to share his disgusting views towards women, as well as his homophobia, ableism and Islamophobia.On TikTok, Tate content has been viewed many billions (that’s not a typo) of times, and he has developed a cult-like following of impressionable young men and boys. Large numbers of young men have been consuming his content and he is widely celebrated in those circles as having brought back “traditional masculinity”.Tate has links to various significant far-right figures, including Tommy Robinson who he knows from growing up in Luton. And his combination of gateway “influencer” content, extremely violent, degrading and controlling behaviour towards women, his racism and his far-right connections marked him out as a real danger to young people online.This is why, last week, we launched a campaign against Tate which, in the space of less than a week, saw Tate looks many millions of followers on social media as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok all shut down his accounts and began to scrub Tate content off their sites.This was a huge win for HOPE not hate, and we couldn’t have done it without our supporters, vast numbers of whom joined our call to the tech platforms to take action. We send a big thank you to you all.In this special episode of the podcast, Nick and Joe sit down to reflect on what has been a pretty wild few days. They discuss some of the ins and outs of Andrew Tate, the trajectory of the campaign and dig into a very brazen and bizarre response video from Tate himself.EnjoyXP.S. Don’t forget to like and sub to the podcast
Nick and Joe come back after a short hiatus in order to discuss the far-right and conspiracy groups’ targeting of Drag Queen Story Hour events, a series of storytelling events at public libraries during the summer holidays. The campaign has been spearheaded by Patriotic Alternative (PA) and has seen buy-in from groups across the far-right, but in recent days some have stepped away citing Patriotic Alternative’s extremism as something too toxic with which to be associated.Patriotic Alternative get another slot in the show, as the guys chat about the new revelations unearthed by HOPE not hate researchers which once again tie PA’s de-facto number three in command, Sam Melia, to the now-banned neo-nazi terror gang, National Action. PA have always stuck doggedly to a position denying Melia’s involvement in the terror group, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. But now, thanks to this new information, that can really be put to bed once and for all…Finally, Alex Jones of InfoWars has had a really bad and embarrassing week. It’s a big story, with big sums of money involved…Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the podcast.See you next time.
So Boris Johnson’s era as Prime Minister is reaching its conclusion, as on Thursday 7th July he took to the podium outside Number 10 to announce his resignation. But what will the legacy of the Johnson era be when it comes to anti-racism and racial equality in Britain? Have things improved or has his government been a disaster for cohesion in Britain? Nick and Joe take a broad view at the last 2 and a half years.Such a vast amount has happened in the last couple of weeks that it’s easy to forget that there were two recent by-elections in which the far right did terribly. The guys go over the results, and consider what they might mean about the far right’s future electoral threat.A big story from HNH in recent days has been that a Royal Navy submariner, who HNH exposed a few years back as being involved with the far right Generation Identity, has not only received a promotion but has now aligned himself with the explicitly fascist Patriotic Alternative. Joe has the details.Thanks for listening, please like, share and subscribe to the podcast.
On this episode of the podcast, the creator of the BBC One drama, Ridley Road, speaks with HOPE not hate's Nick Ryan.A four-part show which premiered last October, Ridley Road is set in London's East End and tells the story of a young Jewish woman's involvement in the 62 Group; an organised antifascist contingent taking the fight to Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement in the early 1960s London. The show was adapted for television by Sarah from a 2014 book of the same name written by the Brighton author Jo Bloom and is still available to view on iPlayer.During the course of the chat about the show with Nick Ryan, Sarah also discusses the challenges of creating characters with empathy, Judaism, the theatre, surviving in Trump's America and her new shows looking at the #MeToo movement, the life of Trump's women and her project looking at one of Afghanistan's most inspirational female leaders.--♪ Highball (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link :
It’s been a minute, but after a short hiatus Radio 43 is back on the airwaves. Thank you for your patience and apologies for the period of silence from Radio 43!Sadly, personnel changes at HNH mean that in the intervening period we have waved a fond farewell to both Roxy and Jake. We wanted to get them on the show before they left, but for various reasons we couldn’t make it work. We hope that you’ll join us in sending them love and all the ebay for the future.Nick and Joe are still here though, and on this new episode they sit down to discuss a few details contained within HNH’s new Britain First report and some ins-and-outs regarding the Wakefield by-election, as well as giving a few reflections on the forthcoming “British Bill of Rights” which will see the Conservative Party water down existing human rights legislation which protects us all. Given our severe over-capacity at the moment we will be moving to a fortnightly show for a while, please bear with us! If you have the means and are able to chip into our security fundraiser, you can do so here: with the RMT!
Jake Hanrahan, journalist and creator of the Popular Front conflict reporting platform, spoke to Nick Ryan about Ukraine, nazis and anti-fascism, as well as investigating Atomwaffen Division, and his many other international experiences.
The who, where and wtf?! of all the far-right candidates running in the upcoming local elections. Essential listening for all those who want to oppose fascists from establishing local power in their constituency.The team also turn to the brutal and callous Rwanda proposal for offshoring  asylum processing (and subsequently successful claimants) entirely from the UK and to Rwanda.The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said the  process is "opposite the nature of God".  According to a 2020 Human Rights Watch report, detainees in Rwanda  suffer from arbitrary detention, ill-treatment, and torture in official and unofficial facilities.LGBT asylum seekers fleeing persecution to UK shores, will face deportation to a country with a poor record on homophobia, even within the Rwandan state itself.This is another episode where all of our efforts to contain the far right, are made a mockery of by a mainstream party that appears to be prepared to adopt the same  cruelty we normally associate with the fringe.This cannot stand, and we cannot let it.
Joe and Nick giving the facts, and nothing but the facts you need to take on fascists today.It's a bumper episode. Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon) got deported from Mexico, the biggest and most humorous story of the day. The irony of a racist, Trump supporter, being deported from Mexico hopefully not lost on anyone... and meanwhile more and more evidence that Lennon has been lying about his wealth piles up each day.It's looking bleak for Stephen.Elsewhere Joe and Nick discuss the forthcoming elections, and the various far-right groups that are trying to compete,  an Odinite meltdown for UKIP Hampshire happens in full sight of all on Facebook, and Anne Marie seems to have backed down from coming out swinging for a slave owner in Bristol.Unfortunately, and once again, the mainstream provides the biggest challenge with the alarmingly authoritarian Fidesz winning a resounding victory in Hungary, and the Conservative party failing to ban conversion therapy for trans people in the UK.Get up to speed.
Roxy and Nick meet to discuss the bumbling, useless and petro-pound fuelled human wreckage on the UK far right.-Tommy ducks court, and looks like he might be going back to jail (thanks to the work of HnH).-BF wave around silly petitions.-A climate denial campaign that is being SHOCKINGLY funded by petro-pounds.-Patriotic Alternative continue the fascist creep. Important info here for anti-fascists who want some forward intel.Share and amplify this episode, there's a lot of information in it of practical use to those who want to combat the far right.
Roxana Khan Williams spoke with Azeem Rafiq (@AzeemRafiq30), Professor Ann John (@ProfAnnJohn), Shaista Aziz (@shaistaAziz) & Kevin George (@_KevinGeorge)for a discussion of racism in sports and mental health.When life is difficult, Samaritans are here – day or night, 365 days a year. You can call them for free on 116 123, email them at, or visit to find your nearest branch.
State of HATE 2022 – the leading annual report outlining the key trends and changes in the domestic and international far right – shows how the past year has led to an environment in which we will likely see the return of far right activists back on the streets, standing in elections and exploiting the uncertainties created by economic hardship. To discuss the report's findings and to take questions from the audience, HOPE not hate's Head of Research, Dr Joe Mulhall, and researcher Patrik Hermansson are joined by Nadia Witthome MP. On hosting duties is Nick Spooner. Thanks to everyone who attended and put questions to the panelists. Download a FREE copy of State of Hate 2022 here: Like what we do? Please support our antifascist work with a monthly donation: * This webinar was recorded on Monday March 14th 2022 *
Nick and Joe are reunited with Roxana for an overview of the wasted lives on the British Far Right.Tommy Robinson gets involved in a very banged-up, clown car of a political party, it is unclear why he has, and its likely to all fall apart.PA did a conference, typically they were inept on security allowing info gathering all round.The Russian invasion of Ukraine thunders on into an ever-growing nightmare.
Nick and Joe are joined this week by Safya, a researcher at HOPE not hate.The war on Ukraine by Russia has summoned all kinds of ghosts of historical fascism, and while this podcast normally focuses on the UK  far right, we decided that the war was of high enough global importance to anti-fascists that we gave the issue precedent.The subjects under discussion are:The various responses to the war from the wide spectrum of thought in the UK far right.Putin's dubious claims of 'denazification'.The kernel of truth to Putin's lie (Azov nazis in the Ukrainian military), and more widely -Banderism - as a national myth.Putin's hypocrisy in deploying the Neo-Nazi founded 'Wagner' battalion.White supremacy in the media, the mask slips.The UK government's repeated failure to those fleeing war, once again.A sombre episode, due to the subject matter, and also because Roxy has taken a break to focus on challenging mainstream racism in the popular media.Share widely, and stay safe.
Joe, Nick and Roxy have been banging out the Lemsips today in a particularly congested episode of R43.  They discuss: -Neil Coyle and Sinophobia. -Resistance GB, Ex-tory councillors involved in Keir Starmer bothering. -Tommy Robinson's latest, embarrassing, and now deleted video, where he picks a bleeding spot from his forehead and brags about spending donations on booze. -Tommy hanging out with a man involved in a brawl death. -More still from the no marks in Patriotic Alternative. -The dubious electoral threat from the wider far right.  A bumper episode.
Stephen Lennon's crusade in Telford continues apace. But while "Tommy Robinson" loudly protests horrific instances of grooming, he has overlooked how close to home abuse often is. Elsewhere the gang discuss the pro-genocide "joke" of Jimmy Carr, as well as further convictions for nazi terrorists, who were planning novel  terror, with 3d printed guns, and bomb-making manuals disguised as Minecraft guides. 
The three come together to discuss:The small showing Tommy managed in Telford.The Uyghur issues around the Beijing Olympics.Boris Johnson's disgraceful use of a misinformation meme the far-right prefers.And the upcoming Southend Byelection.Get your ears on the antifascist antidote.
Stephen Lennon's financial gameplaying looks like it will finally catch up with him.Asset after asset is being revealed to officials as a result of research done by antifascists at HOPE not hate, and with the support of our donors. You.Surely it's only a matter of time now before Stephen's houses get given to those he has victimized? Tick Tock, Stephen.Elsewhere the Tory's are embroiled in a rolling islamophobia crisis, citizenship is being snatched as a part of the government's authoritarian swerve, and the South-End by election sees more no hopers line up to splurge their deposits in exchange for another go on the public humiliation.
Roxy and Nick, have lost Joe this week to some other work. Instead, Liron has been called in to explain the authoritarian government rumblings that he is working closely to observe and challenge.This and still more are covered in an episode that you need in your digital players and or download folder, immediately.Have a listen, like and subscribe, send it to a comrade, and enjoy it
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