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Black Will Travel is a travel company for individuals Seeing the World in Color. This podcast is an extension of where we discuss various destinations, travel tips and experiences. This includes destinations not well-known or vastly traveled that are being rediscovered as well as the contribution of brown and black people to these destinations. Learn from our guests about their destination and get access to special promotions only available here. Become a #blackwilltravelexplorer and join us on your next travel adventure. All #explorers welcome. #blackwilltravel
30 Episodes
Snack Packs are tips or tricks provided in between longer podcasts to help you bring your travel journey.
This has been the question for the last couple of months. Let's talk about it.
Here we speak with Rosebud Dadzawa our realestate agent and developer in Ghana. She provides insight and answers some of the questions asked of me when I put out info on purchasing land. If interested in buying land in Ghana, visit and complete the form at
Touching base with you all about the delay on the 2nd part of buying land in Ghana. Many people are joining travel marketing schemes to get into travel right now. Sharing thoughts on if people should start their travel business during this pandemic.
Let's talk about travel and the changes coming, up coming group trips and general information for people wanting to get into travel. Discuss part 2 of Buying Land in Ghana episode coming soon.
Discussing how we purchased land in Ghana and other countries we have researched in Africa. Disheartened response received when sharing information. Introducing the owner of the company we used to make this dream come true for us. Part 2 coming soon.
I've avoided discussing this for some time. Now with some places opening and new restrictions for entry, it is time to educate and discuss this. Some of these changes will be permanent. Welcome to the new norm of traveling.
Let's discuss why the long break and recap last year.
Episode 5 - Briefly discuss if travel insurance is really a necessity. Is this just another way for travel agencies to make money? List and find out? If you have any questions, send them to me at
Episode 4 - Interested in taking a short trip to somewhere exotic with a small budget and/or without a passport and not sure how, get some tips. Visit for assistance.
Episode 3 - Our guest Rebeca is from Brazil and has a truly unique upbringing living in some amazing places. We discuss how travel has influenced her life and can enrich your life. *Yes, she spells her name with 1 c. :0)
Unfortunate events have people on edge about going to the Dominican Republic. Hear what we think.
Think Tuesday is the best day to book flights? Think again.
We discuss the information travel professionals desire and why to better book your travel. We also give you tips on how this works and how to determine the best travel times.
Should U.S. citizens still travel outside the U.S. with all that's going on in the government? Are people of color that are U.S. citizens safe?
We have raved about Bonaire so much. Listen to find out where this island is located and why you should go. Visit for details and for video.
Our Travel Club is headed to the island of Bonaire, Feb. 14-17, 2020. Visit Instagram or Facebook @blackwilltravel or our website for more details.
In 2021 there will be new visa requirements for some destinations in Europe. Importance of Travel Vaccinations and we need some insight.
How do you define luxury travel?
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Oct 12th
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