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In todays episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin we talk all things peri-menopause. Dr. Day likes to refer to peri-menopause as “puberty in reverse.”  Understand that peri-menopause is normal and you are NOT alone.Learning points in this episode:What are they symptoms of peri-menopause?What environmental factors can contribute to peri-menopause?Somethings we can do to help reduce the symptoms of peri-menopauseDr. Amy Day is a naturopathic doctor who has been at the forefront of the natural women’s health movement since 2004 when she received the 4th ND license in the state of California.While in medical school, struggles with her own women’s health issues fueled Dr. Amy’s passion to work with and empower other women. She is now an author and speaker for both medical professionals and the public and believes that every woman has the right to be vital.Dr. Amy is the founder of The Women’s Vitality Center which specializes in helping busy professional women with stress, fatigue and hormonal issues such as adrenal and thyroid health, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, peri-menopause and menopause. She and her team 
Who wants some tips and tricks from a professional chef?  Dr Caitlin Jumped at the chance to pick todays guest brain.  He has cooked for major celebrities like Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Barbara Streisand and Gerard Butler just to name a few.James kicked off todays episode with figuring out how to figure out how to prepare foods that appeal to you… He used Dr. Caitlin as an example.From there he gives suggestions on how to substitute gluten when making soups, rue or thinking sauces.  Ever wonder how to make the perfect salad dressing?  Look no further as James shares that elusive chef secret with the WNW tribe.Finally James talks about the importance of getting the whole family onboard with eating healthy.  He even gives tips on how to get picky eaters to try new things especailly the men in our lives… You wont believe what he suggests doing to get your husband to at least start trying new foods and a way of eating.  Dr. Caitlin was shocked!Finally James has a solution for families to get more organ meat into their diets and it’s not in a pill or cooking the organ.  This way of introducing organ meat will also provide the umami flavor everyone loves.  If you don’t know what umami is tune in.Try this wonderful seasoning by visiting: Use code: code: pluck10 to receive 10% offJames Barry’s 16 + years in the culinary field started as a private chef. His inauguration into restaurant-style cooking came later when he was the vegan/vegetarian chef on the Van’s Warped Tour, which traveled to 50 North American cities in 60 days. Upon returning to Los Angeles, James continued to private chef and had the fortune of cooking for celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Mariska Hargitay, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Barbra Streisand, and John Cusack. Not wanting to limit the audience of his healthy and tasty style of cooking, James started Wholesome2Go, a healthy, high-quality food delivery company that served under his leadership in the Los Angeles area for 8 years. Most recently, James launched my first functional food product, Pluck, an organ-based, all-purpose seasoning. It's the first of its kind and an amazingly easy and delicious way for people to get organ meats into their diet.James also co-authored the recipes in Margaret Floyd’s book Eat Naked and co-authored the follow-up cookbook The Naked Foods Cookbook. He most recently co-authored the recipes in Dr. Alejandro Junger’s book, Clean 7. Follow James on instagram and facebook at @eatpluck. www.eatpluck.comcode: pluck10 for 10% off
In today's Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin episode, Dr. Caitlin dives into the mouth body connection with Dr. Ellie Campbell DO.  Specifically the #1 killer in women, Cardiovascular Disease, and how it links back to the state of health your mouth is in. Learning points in this episode:Best cardiovascular testing “Zombie teeth”- Root canals and how they are problematic to the rest of our healthOral microbiome and it’s link to cardiovascular diseaseNitric oxide’s effect on the body and how we can increase the amount we produceTMJ has estrogen receptors and how your TMJ can effect your estrogen.Tips to support oral health to support heart healthDr. Ellie Campbell is a native Chicagoan, and graduate of the University of Illinois, the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Medical College of Georgia. Board certified in Family Medicine for almost 30 years, she also holds certification from the American Board of Integrative Medicine.A solo physician with specialty interests in innovative medical practice design, interdisciplinary collaboration, Functional Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, reversing chronic disease, cardiovascular disease prevention, the oral-systemic connection, and Vitamin D, she also enjoys live theater, gardening, healthy cooking, hiking, travel, and playtime with her husband and three young adult daughters.
Have you tried everything like changing what you eat, intermittent fasting, ketosis, working out regularly, even getting to bed at a normal time and yet you are not seeing any benefits?What if I were to tell you that your weight loss resistance or your lack of energy, or your sleeping problems or even your brain fog was not due to you nutritional habits, or exercise routine.What if it was due to a past betrayal you experienced?That past betrayal could even be 40 years ago and it’s still affecting you.  WOWOn todays episode we are blessed to have Dr. Debi on who is a betrayal expert.  Dr. Debi is to betrayal as Brene Brown is to shame.  Learn how betrayal can be impacting your health, work and  relationships.Dr Debi shares the top physical, emotional and mental symptoms that can appear when we are dealing with betrayal based off of her 13,000 participant research study. From there we dive into what are the 5 stages we go through after being betrayed. Betrayal might not be what you think, spouse or partner cheating on you, parents not giving you the love and affection you needed.  It could be your coworker lying and taking credit for your idea or work, family member not showing up when plans were made.  We have all been betrayed, it’s how it affects us that matters.BioDr. Debi Silber is the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute and is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert, the author of the #1 bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis and her newest book: Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness. Her recent PhD study on how we experience betrayal made 3 groundbreaking discoveries that changes how long it takes to heal. In addition to being on FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz Show, TEDx (twice) and more, she’s an award winning speaker, coach and author dedicated to helping people move past their betrayals as well as any other blocks preventing them from the health, work, relationships, confidence and happiness they want
Oh Sh*t… todays episode is all about pooping, sleep and stress with the one and only Dr. Marisol Teijeiro AKA Queen of the Thrones.  You do not want to miss this episode as you will learn why Dr. Caitlin stopped using castor oil packs despite the benefits and the solutions Dr. Marisol had for her.In this episode you will learn:how to measure if you are having a healthy poop… it’s literally a measurementStool, sleep and stress affect our operating systemsThe WHY behind castor oil packs… the list is too many to list and some are shockingDr. Marisol’s special castor oil packs and it’s ability to engage the nervous system to help improve oxytocinHow often to use castor oil packsGet your own Queen of Thrones caster oil kit or any of the other products talked about in todays episode at Use Code WNW10 to get 10% off as well!! Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Nd & Queen of the Thrones™ empowers people to own their throne (yes potty time), purpose andpassion in life. She is recognized as the creator of the easy and mess-less Castor Oil Pack used to heal the gut, improve digestion, sleep and most importantly your hormone balance. She teaches all over the world and is featured on various TV programs including national syndicated NBC Bloom, as well as The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. She is a published author of “OH SH*T!” the 3 stress-less steps to connect, clear and calm your digestion.www.drmarisol.comFB and Instagram: Queen of the thrones
In today's episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin all things sex hormone are talk about, especially as we age.  Such a powerful conversation that every single women should listen to, so that she can better understand the hormonal transitions we all go through.Learning points in this episode:What does our period tell usWhat testing should be done in teensWhat symptoms can teens be experiencing that could indicate a sex hormone imbalanceAll things hormone during reproductive years and what testing should be donePCOS - can fasting helpPerimenopausal years, what’s with the estrogen swings and what are the symptomswhats the appropriate hormone testing during perimonopausal yearsPostmenopausal women, what testing should be done Testing options: Blood work VS DUTCH test VS Saliva… when should they be usedBio:I’m Tara Scott, MD, triple board certified in OB/GYN, Functional and Integrative medicine and I’ve been called the hormone Guru. I work with patients who are at high risk for breast cancer by identifying hormone imbalances, correcting them and decreasing the risks. This year I have been able to spread this message by teaching other doctors how do to what I do. But I would like to have a bigger impact by getting the message out to women. 
In todays episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin we dive into the importance that breath has on our overall health and wellbeing. We need to breath to survive but most people are not breathing consciously and that’s where the problem lies. Learning points in this episode- Mouth breathing over Nose breathing- How do we produce nitric oxide- How we should breath to control both the inhale and exhaleSOMA breath work- Jen also takes us through a breath work exerciseBio:Jen Broyles is a Holistic Health Coach, SOMA Breath work Instructor, Essential Oils Coach and the founder of the Sacred Breath Community. She helps individuals restore and optimize their health by calming the nervous system, reducing stress, awakening their inner healer. She recognizes that an over-stimulated nervous system, compromised gut health, and suppressed emotions lead to imbalances throughout the mind, body, and spirit. Jen combines the healing power of breath work, essential oils, and other holistic modalities to help clients create a lifestyle of physical and emotional health, vitality and freedom. Make sure to Subscribe and Hit the Bell to stay up to date and help us spread this message. Follow Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin on... Instagram:: Page:: Group:: Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin anywhere you listen to podcasts!Find Jen at:
5 Stages of Burnout

5 Stages of Burnout


Are you experiencing Burnout?!  Learn more about the 5 stages of burnout and what to do about when you tune into Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin. Todays discussion revolves around the 5 stages of burnout as it pertains to women.  Trying to be and do everything for everyone all of the time, all the while putting ourselves last.Learning points in this episode:Phases of burn out: Alarm, Compensation, Exhaustion, Adaptive“Doing everything”Self care, being selfish, mindset Body burnoutThoughts of: I am not enough, I am not deserving, I am less thanA few simple step to start implementing today to start reducing stress.Bio:Destiny Spurrell and Erin Wiebe are both Naturopathic Doctors and busy, ambitious, soul-driven mamas. They  are co-founders of Soul Spark, and help ambitious women and mothers go from burnout to soul sparked by rebuilding energy of body, mind and soul.Their work is informed both by their experience as Naturopathic Doctors, and through obsessive curiosity about their won relationship to their bodies, thoughts & truth.Challenge at the end of May: Find Erin and Destiny...Instagram and Facebook handle is: @soulsparksisterhoodFacebook group:
Todays episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin we address being an Inflammatory Parent! Not sure what that means?  Tune in and subscribe to learn more. We have Dr. Sandy  educating us on how parents can reverse their child's learning, behavior and mood problems… and most of the time it’s doesn’t even require her to see the child in person! In today’s episode you will learn:How elevated cortisol is changing our biochemistry.  Effecting who we are, how we react, and even our genetic expressionHow the level of stress the parent is under will result in the amount of stress the child has and experiencesHow to get out of inflammatory parentingMeditation vs MedicationStress is a survival behavior and we will choose either to:FightFlightFreezeDr. Sandy Gluckman describes her quest as saving the next generation from a growing explosion of learning, behavior and mood problems.  Her work is rooted in the science that shows that children will thrive when parents thrive.  Dr Sandy empowers parents to raise healthy, resilient, confident children primed for success, by showing them how to first heal themselves.  Dr Gluckman is sought after for her expertise on a range of children’s challenges such as Anxiety, Defiance, Emotional Resilience, Self-Worth, Screen Addiction, Stress as a Survival Mechanism and the Sensitive Child.  Rather than offering quick-fix, superficial solutions to these complex issues, Dr Sandy uses science to teach parents how to create the kind of parent-child neurochemistry that prevents and heals these problems. She is the founder of a private practice, Parenting That Heals, where she consults with couples, families and children. Dr Sandy’s work is based on her unique blend of her studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology, woven together with her own insights and experience. She has consulted with, and trained, thousands of parents and teachers in different parts of the world. Her signature programs, called, “Parenting That Heals,” and “Teaching That Heals the Brain,” are presented in live workshops, as well as online.  Dr Sandy is the author of, Parents Take Charge: Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Without Medication, and, Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Leading with Spirit. Instagram is: @drsandygluckmanFacebook is: @parentstakechargeYouTube is: @sandygluckman
In this episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin, the importance of having a healthy gallbladder and bile system for detoxification are discussed.Learning points in this episode:Which foods contain oxalates, histamines and lectins.Which bitter foods will help move bileHow Malik acids role in bile saltsWhat are the signs of sluggish bile 5 steps of detoxingAs a certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist with a background in functional nutrition and CEO of Vision Nation, Sinclair Kennally, believes that toxins are the root cause of many of our health epidemics today.She's apprenticed with world leading functional medicine pioneers, and is also a family systems facilitator, Resonance Repatterining Practitioner & PK certified.As a survivor of complex chronic illness who had to learn how to heal herself, she has turned that pain into her mission. She now helps top ranking pro athletes, NASA scientists, & best selling authors to free themselves from digestive issues and chronic illness to get back to who they truly are, as well as hundreds of change makers from all walks of life.Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for future and past episodes and find us on Youtube at Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin. 
Did you know that all disease starts in the mouth?  Ok so that’s not entirely true… but when you look at the whole picture the mouth is absolutely involved.Todays episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin... Dr Caitlin had the pleasure of conversing with Dr. Al Dannenberg DDS, who is a periodontal dentist turned certified functional medicine practitioner. What you will learn:-  What does the diet and gut have to do with health?- Why is the health of the mouth an underlying problem for chronic disease?- What should we eat to help support the health of our mouth and gut?- What does bleeding gums actually mean, and is there such a thing as “just a little blood” when flossing or teeth cleaning?- Learn what our oral health care routine should look like:Tooth pasteMouthwashFlossingWater pick; yay or neighBio:Dr. Danenberg goes by “Dr. Al”. He is a periodontist and was in private practice for 44 years. He incorporated ancestral nutrition & lifestyle with his leading-edge laser protocol to treat periodontal disease.Dr. Al consults with patients all over the world (virtually via Zoom or Skype) regarding animal-based nutrition, lifestyle, oral & overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut and immune system. He also includes his Unconventional Cancer Protocols since he was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in September 2018 and was given only 3-6 months to live. Dr. Al rejected all chemotherapy and is thriving today.In June 2014, Dr. Al received the Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) designation as well as the certification as a Certified Primal Health Coach. In 2015, he was appointed to the faculty of the College of Integrative Medicine and created the college’s integrative periodontal teaching module. Then, in April 2017, Dr. Al earned the designation of “ADAPT Trained Health Professional” from Kresser Institute. In July 2017, Elektra Press released his book, “Crazy-Good Living”, which is based on ancestral nutrition and lifestyle.On April 14, 2020, Dr. Al was appointed the Chair of the Periodontal Committee for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM). He also created the Certification Course offered by the IABDM, which will bestow the designation of Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional after successful completion of the program. This is the first certification of its kind.In August 2020, he published two mini-eBooks on Amazon for download: “Better Belly Blueprint” and “Is Your Gut Killing You?”In November 2020, NutriSense offered Dr. Danenberg a position on its Advisory Board, and in January 2021, Dr. Al became a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Revitin Natural Toothpaste.Author of CRAZY-GOOD LIVING! In eBook and Paperback on Amazon and elsewhere.Website:
Please  make sure to hit the subscribe button and share with the ones you care for! Women... as we all know our hormones change with the day, week, month and year.  This is normal… until it’s not normal.  Why do some women have massive hormone symptoms while others don’t?In today episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin, Dr. Deb who is a functional medicine MD, talks to us about what causes hormone imbalances... regardless of age.  If there are imbalances in hormones what can, and should, be done to balance them before jumping into hormone replacement therapy.  Some of the topics covered are:- Who might benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?- Is there a difference between synthetic hormone replacement drugs and bio-identical hormones?- What should be done before taking HRT?- What should be done during hormone replacement therapy?- Once you start HRT can you stop?- Is there a difference in which bio-identical hormones you would need based off age?- Is bio-identical hormones only for Women, or can our male counterparts benefit from them?  - What symptoms would men be dealing with that may indicate that they might benefit from HRT?These are just a few of the topics covered.Dr. Deb Matthew MD, The Happy Hormones Doctor, is a best-selling author, international speaker, educator, wife and mother of four.After suffering for years with fatigue and irritability, her quest to resolve her personal health led her to change everything about her practice of medicine.She has been featured on national podcasts, radio, and broadcast shows, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and
Women N Wellness 2.0!!

Women N Wellness 2.0!!


This episode Dr. Caitlin goes through and explains the new look and direction Women N Wellness podcast is going.Make sure you check out Women N Wellness on it’s YouTube channel as well as the soon to be updated website:  www.womennwellness.comOn the website you’ll find: All WNW podcast episodesGet to know Dr. Caitlin’s as she shares her story!WNW Favorites... All of Dr. Caitlin’s fav’s: supplements, wine, coffee, cleaning supplies, water filters, grounding shoes and so much more.Appearances: Where to find Dr. Caitlin on other platforms such as podcasts, summits, and teaching master classesGet a Free download:  When women should and shouldn’t fast.  This is a breakdown of fasting specific to helping support women sex hormones… specifically progesterone. Dr Caitlin is excited to share with you some of the amazing conversations had with these  exceptional experts.  Stay tuned and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an episode of  Women N Wellness Wednesdays. Subscribe to get first access to the upcoming exciting interviews! 
Women are up to 8 times more likely to suffer from a thyroid condition then Men.  It’s that not bad enough 80% of Women who have hypothyroidism actually have the disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In todays Episode we have the pleasure of having a board certified medical physician who is also certified in functional medicine.  Dr. Gupta discusses:Why is it that conventionally trained doctors don’t test for Hashimoto’s when it effects up to 80% of women suffering from hypothyroidismWhat is Hashimoto’s (what labs should be run)What causes women to develop Hashimoto’sWhat is his 3 step process is addressing Hashimoto’sWhat can you do today to start feeling better if you are still suffering from thyroid symptomsDr. Anshul  Gupta is Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy and also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine as staff physician. He has helped thousands of patients to reverse their health issues by using the concepts of functional medicine. His dedication towards his patients was recognized when he was awarded Readers Choice, Best doctor in Northern Neck Area. He now specializes in treating Hashimoto’s disease and help people reverse their unresolved symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. Through his 3 step process he not only heals the thyroid but also rejuvinates mitochondria to help females with Hashimoto’s to live their life to the fullest. Contact Dr.Gupta at Thyroid quiz :
The end of the year is a great time for reflection. Reflecting on the past successes, where we can improve, and what we still want to accomplish. It also allows for us to dream up what we want our new year to look like. In todays episode... Dr. Caitlin and Dr. Sonya discuss what their "debriefing" session looks like for the past year, along with planning a successful year to come. How do you debrief and look back at the year past? What is it that you do to ensure that you have direction for the year to come? Join us and see if you can make 2021 that much better!Make sure to subscribe to our page for more great information and ways to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy. ____ Free Fasting Guide For Women: Courses Just For Women: Women N Wellness Facebook Page: the Women N Wellness Facebook Group: to the Women N Wellness Podcast: the Women N Wellness Instagram: the Women N Wellness Website: the World One Woman at a Time
Attention all female fasters, and keto fanatics this is a MUST listen to episode with Dr. Lisa.The reason every female needs to hear this is because Dr. Lisa discusses how following male health guru’s in the realm of keto and fasting tanked her health.Yes you read it right, fasting and keto when done wrong for women can cause more problems then they solve… Not to worry there are safe and healthy ways for women to practice this lifestyle. We also discussed what it took to get her out of what she calls her “Dark Days.”  Hint it involved going within, following innate/intuition.Dr. Lisa Olszewski is a chiropractor, naturopath and keto nutrition fanatic, known to travel across the world to meet friends for dinner and rack up frequent flyer miles. When she’s not adjusting spines in her chiropractic office, she’s passionately making healthy living simple through her online courses, virtual summits and one on one coaching so everyone can achieve a vibrant level of health. She maintains a wellness chiropractic office in Chelsea, Michigan, and made history in 2012 when she was elected the first female to serve on the Executive Committee of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors.  She will become the first female President of that association in January, 2021. You can download her 10 Hacks to Vibrant Health at drlisao.comSocial: IG and FB @drlisaolszewski, @healthylivingsimpleCheck out Dr. Lisa's Summit called “Healthy Vibrant Women” by Clicking Here. Bonus: Dr. Caitlin is featured in this summit.Also Check out the Women N Wellness Fasting ReBoot Courses by Clicking Here
2020 has been quite the year!In this episode Dr’s Caitlin and Sonya discuss the changes we have all been challenged with.  Everything from:- Mandates (masks, self isolation, social distancing) and what we think might be some good mandates for our governments to implement.- Testing- News outlets (Media) sharing of information- Doctors being silenced In no way shape or form are the doctors trying to get you to think like them.  This is a discussion encouraging everyone to start asking questions like:- Is this all of the information or is it biased?- What does this mean for me and my family?- How do we approach the events of 2020 moving forward?Make sure to subscribe to our page for more great information and ways to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy. ____ Follow Women N Wellness Facebook Page: the Women N Wellness Facebook Group: to the Women N Wellness Podcast: the Women N Wellness Instagram: the Women N Wellness Website: the World One Woman at a Time
Ever wonder why it’s so much easier for our male counterparts to intermittent fast?  It’s not just easier for them, they also tend to see the benefits a whole lot faster than we do?  WTH?!?!Already know you want to join a community of women determined to succeed?  Check out our newest ReBoot Courses at... todays episode we explore the reasons behind why women, especially menstruating women, struggle with starting an intermittent fasting lifestyle. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of guidance or support for us Women still getting monthly visits from Aunt Flow.  There is more information and research out there supporting post menopausal Women.But don’t despair... there are some easy to implement solutions to figure out exactly what you need so that you succeed. First things first, start tracking your menstrual cycle.  Not just when you expect Day 1, but when you ovulate too.   Second thing is to monitor blood sugars and ketones, that way you know exactly how your body is responding.Also, remember to check out the 21 day ReBoot Courses for both beginners and for Intermediate fasters.  We made these courses very easy to follow and give you so many tools to succeed. Get the Free Fasting Guide Here... Free Fasting Guide - Click HereFind the courses here...  Women N Wellness Fasting ReBoot Courses - Click Here We want you to understand your body so well that you can sail through Intermittent Fasting and reap the benefits that come with that lifestyle. Dr. Caitlin uses the app Flo to track her menstrual cycle.Click Here for the Home Ovulation Strips... Click Here for another option...
If you haven’t listened to Drew Manning’s interview, you need to.  At first Dr’s Sonya and Caitlin thought he was absolutely NUTS doing “Fit to Fat to Forty,” which is his second time around.  But when they got to talking with him they found out so much more.Listen to their thoughts on:Concerns behind doing fat to fit to fortyWhat we are impressed byWould it be different if a Women was doing: Fat to Fit to Forty.Tying it into how our food choices affect so much more then just our weight and body appearance.
Back in 2011 Drew wanted to have a better understanding of what his personal training clients were going through when they were switching from the standard american diet to a healthier lifestyle.  So he spent 6 months gaining weight; by eating processed foods and not exercising.  The next 6 months were spend losing the weight and eating healthy again.  Boy was he surprised with the struggle of switching back to eating healthy again. This lead Drew to becoming more empathetic with those wanting to lose weight and become healthy… as the struggle is real.Drew is yet again gaining the weight to yet again lose it all.  But this time he is really focusing on the mental, emotional piece associated with becoming healthy and losing weight.  In this interview Drew dives into how gaining weight from being inactive and eating highly processed foods is effecting his overall health:energymoodbreathingmotivationsleepsex life… just to name a few.This is definitely an episode EVERYONE needs to listen to as we can all be more empathetic to those wanting to become healthier.  Drew also brings to light the mental, emotional and physical struggles the Standard American Diet has on an individual.To follow Drew journey on gaining weight and then losing it come Jan 4th follow him at:@fit2fat2fitFacebook: Fit2Fat2FitDrew Manning is the NY Times Best Selling Author of the book, Fit2Fat2Fit and is best known for his experiment that went viral online. He's been featured on shows like Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The View and many more. His experiment has become a hit TV show, called Fit to Fat to Fit, airing on A&E & Lifetime. His new book Complete Keto is available now!
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You keep saying getting your body in ketosis but how do you know when you are?!

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I'm just finishing listening to this podcast and a thought came to me for Dr. Caitlin. I had a Primary Care Provider give me a plaque that says "Who were you before you put yourself last?" This gave me a lot to think about. Just a FYI FOR fou

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