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Author: Misty Mae

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Community + connection.
Real women, real stories, told in authentic and organic ways. Different backgrounds, diverse in countless ways with three crucial things in common:
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This week's guest is Nicole Jenkins, co-founder of Ladies and the Trap, and member of Unega Mountain Dog Rescue. Nicole was one of the first confirmed guests when Misty decided to do a series on Dreamers. Once a special needs school teacher, Nicole has faithfully remained tuned in to herself, and when something no longer served her, she's followed that intuitive calling along an incredible journey. Today, living many dog lovers' dreams, Nicole spends her days rescuing dogs. Through her business Ladies and the Trap, where they rescue lost pets, and working full time with Unega Mountain Dog Rescue, where they rescue, rehabilitate, and home Great Pyrenees and Akbash working dogs. Not only does Nicole impart some serious wisdom regarding following our dreams, and reflecting back on how intuitive choices truly do bring us full circle in alignment, but she enlightens us on what it means for a dog to be considered a working dog, and how sad the lives of most of these dogs are before Unega finds them. If you love dogs like we do, and are looking for a deeply needed and worthy cause to contribute to, we hope you'll consider Unega Mountain Dog Rescue. Important links: Unega Mountain Dog Rescue Website Unega Mountain Dog Rescue Instagram Unega Mountain Dog Rescue Donate Ladies and the Trap Facebook #dogrescue #workingdogs #idaho #dreamersanddoers #dreamers --- Support this podcast:
With Ivy eld... {150}

With Ivy eld... {150}


"There's a privilege in following a dream." ~ Emily Brandt My guest today is indie folk-pop artist Ivy Eld, from Ashville North Carolina. Ivy's music dances in the land of paradox. Her voice is simultaneously angelic and rawly human. Ivy longs for her music to be an oasis of healing and beauty–a call to deeper respect and compassion for ourselves and for humanity. She considers her music to be another facet of how she shows up in the world in authentic and passionate service–as a singer-songwriter, a therapist, a mom, a partner, an advocate, a friend, a human. She hopes her thoughtful, earthy, poetic songs will inspire others to look inside–light, shadows, and all–and come home to their deeply worthy selves. Talking with Ivy is as enlightening as it is grounding. Her support of Indigenous artists and the authentic way in which she walks the both/and path are just the tip of the many reasons why Ivy is an artist and woman to support and follow... Important Links: Ivy Eld Website Ivy Eld Instagram Album on Spotify Fair Play by Eve Rodsky Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey Mae Wagner website⁠ Mae Wagner ⁠Love Note Sign Up⁠ ⁠Umbrella Patreon Community ⁠ #indieartist #artistssupportingBIPOCartists #deconstruction #unlearning #relearning #liberation #folkpop --- Support this podcast:
We're five weeks into the new season, life is happening, the sun is shining and we're here to talk about it! --- Support this podcast:
"Forget what their standard is for you–what's your standard?" My guest today is Jillian Smith, creator of J. Loretta a minority and woman-owned cosmetic brand. Jillian started the company to create inclusive makeup shades for all skin colors and textures without compromising health. She named the company J. Loretta after her mother as her mother is her rock and her reason for accepting and loving herself in her skin. Important links: J. Lorreta J. Lorreta Instagram Jillian's YouTube Channel Mae Wagner website⁠ Mae Wagner ⁠Love Note Sign Up⁠ ⁠Umbrella Patreon Community ⁠ #cleancosmetics #makeup #skincare #beautiful #inclusive #dreamersanddoers --- Support this podcast:
Katie Allen is NO stranger to the show! Our Collective Community adores her! Katie Allen is a stylist who, a few years ago, had to pivot when she lost her job in corporate America. What followed was a real-time lesson via her podcast in reconnecting with who she was as a woman. Today, Katie is a stylist using her "Feelings First" styling methodology to connect women back to their bodies and lives by reawakening their signature style. Katie believes that our clothes allow us to choose a feeling and manifest whatever we want–whether that's more fun, more connection, or more abundance. "When women feel confident in their clothes they live optimistically, have deeper self-respect, and attract more opportunities." Important Links: Katie's Website Katie's Instagram Just Styled Podcast Style Squad (Katie's Community) Mae Wagner website⁠ Mae Wagner ⁠Love Note Sign Up⁠ ⁠Umbrella Patreon Community ⁠ #womensupportingwomen #style #stylist #clothes #personalgrowth #dreamersanddoers --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest on the Rainy Day Collective Podcast is entrepreneur Erin Carpenter. One-third of a trio, consisting of herself, her husband Jonathon, and their Golden Retriever Skipper, Erin left the world of 9-5 work to follow their dreams of transforming space often overlooked into something beautiful. When the couple decided to document the renovation of a laundromat, their journey went viral! At the heart of their adventures, the Carpenters transform spaces that welcome others, hold space for community, and add more beauty to the world around us. Important links: Erin's instagram Erin's TikTok Their feature on Upworthy #thelaundromat #chasingbeauty #renovation #dreamersanddoers --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest is Cady McClain! Cady McClain is a history making three-time Emmy© Award winning actress. She is the first woman to have won three Emmys© for three different characters on three different television shows: All My Children (Best Juvenile, 1991), As the World Turns (Best Supporting, 2004), and Days of Our Lives (Best Guest Performer, 2021). Her feature directorial debut, Seeing is Believing: Women Direct (featuring Lesli Linka Glatter, Sarah Gavron, and Naima Ramos Chapman, among others) won Best Documentary Pro Action at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, the Audience Award at the SOHO Film Festival, a Jury Prize at the Newport Beach Film Festival, and Best Documentary at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival. The film is now distributed on PBS and the educational online platform, Kanopy. She was honored to be awarded the International Matrix Award for her work related to supporting the female voice in film and television by the Association of Women in Communications. An Ambassador for Kids in the Spotlight (a foster youth filmmaking program) she is also the Artistic Director for Axial Theatre in Westchester, NY. She teaches acting at Michael Howard Studios in NYC. Cady opens up a bit about her journey and what it has looked like to follow her dreams–sharing about the recent loss of her best friend Rhonda. Cady gives us a beautiful conversation that is sure to inspire us all. Important Links: Cady McClain website Cady McClain Instagram Cady McClain Twitter Kanopy --- Support this podcast:
Season SIX?!?!?! {144}

Season SIX?!?!?! {144}


Just a quick little "hello" as we slip in to season six of the Rainy Day Collective Podcast! --- Support this podcast:
Author Julie Navickas is here to share about her new book I loved you Yesterday! Julie and Misty are book-release twins, releasing just one day apart! This is just a fun chat about those two journeys, with a healthy dash of Orlando Bloom thrown in!  Important Links:  Julie's book I Loved You Yesterday Misty's book Girls, Assassins, & Other Bad Ideas . . . #author #romance #memoir #bookrelease #authorjourney --- Support this podcast:
Our guest in this episode is Sarah Weeger, or “Weegs” as her friends call her. Sarah is a wife, a full-time mom to their 4-year-old daughter, Hudson, and the owner of Hey Weegs, a greeting company. She founded Hey Weegs a few years ago after becoming a mom, and finding herself diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. As part of her healing, and as the former graphic designer she was, Sarah began creating the cards that she had wished she received during those times: cards that address the hard things people might be going through – without the unsolicited advice or trite cliches, trying to fix it. Today, Sarah has created nearly 100 designs – ranging from what she calls “Cards for Sucky Situations”, cards for moms (her sweet spot), and just plain funny, go-to cards for things like birthdays. Important Links:  Hey Weegs Website Instagram Send the Damn Card Community #womensupportingwomen #shopsmall #dreamersanddoers #creativeentrepreneur #greetingcards --- Support this podcast:
On the show, this week, our guest is Ronna Detrick. Ronna’s career has spanned human resources, higher education, non-profits, the federal government, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. She holds a BA in Business and Communication and a Master's degree focused on feminist theology. She has been a senior executive with two different organizations, offered multiple keynotes, trained thousands of people, and even given a TEDx talk on Eve. She founded her own business 13 years ago where she writes, speaks, and coaches - focusing on powerful women, their stories, and their capacity to change the world. Buckle up and get ready for a fascinating conversation with a brilliant woman!  Important Links:  Ronna's Website Ronna's Instagram #exvangelical #theology #feminism #podcastsforwomen #inspiringwomen --- Support this podcast:
Alisa and Mel, of the Unboxing the Tarot Podcast, are here. Along with dispelling misconceptions about tarot, they each share their spiritual journeys. We talk about the power of music, how to be gentle with our emotions, and why it is IMPERATIVE that we flat out brag about ourselves.  Important Links:  Unboxing the Tarot Instagram Unboxing the Tarot Podcast --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest is Angie Litvinoff, a life-changing highly experienced guide, mentor, soul coach, modern-day medicine woman, artist, and rights of passage facilitator.  Wherever life has you, these days, this is an episode we all need. Sitting down to talk with Angie was incredible! What a beautiful light and energy she is!  Important links:  Angie's Instagram  Angie's links #holisticliving #holisticmedicine #reiki #medicinewoman #energywork #inspiringwomen --- Support this podcast:
Haley Forrest...{138}

Haley Forrest...{138}


This week's guest is Haley Forrest. Haley is a mompreneur, and a recovering addict who is passionate about showing female recovering addicts there is hope. Our conversation with Haley was so inspiring and we know you'll find so much here to be inspired by too!  Important Links:  Haley's Instagram  Haley's Thrive Website #addiction #recovery #recoveringaddict #inspiringwomen  --- Support this podcast:
Our very own Maggie Friedenberg joins Misty, and guest cohost Leisa Greene, to talk about her new novel Holding Pattern. Maggie shares the beautiful friendship that led to such an incredible story, while Misty and Leisa gush over what a summer MUST READ this book is!  Important Links:  Holding Pattern on Amazon Maggie Friedenberg Instagram Maggie Friedenberg website #womensfiction #fiction #summerread #authorinterview #supportindieauthors #podcastsforwomen --- Support this podcast:
with B. Laux... {136}

with B. Laux... {136}


Our guest this week is non-binary author and editor B. Laux. They're also a parent to three kids, three cats, and a tortoise. In their fleeting moments of free time, they enjoy being outdoors and reading–mostly indie books. B. has been a friend to our show and many of our team members almost since the beginning. It has been an absolute privilege over the past five years to journey alongside of them as they've come more into their true self. As we kick of the month of June we are so grateful to B for coming on the show to help us all be more aware, supportive, and inclusive. While this applies to gender, sexuality, and many other things we touch on, growing into an inclusive awareness helps us be better people. Important Links:  B's Instagram B's links Heartstopper The Owl House #nonbinary #LGBTQ #Heartstopper #inclusivity #author #PRIDE --- Support this podcast:
ADVENTURE! Our guest this week is a writer, podcaster, storyteller, business and mindset coach, is passionate about connecting with others, and believes deeply in the power of sharing our experiences with others! What a way to kick off our FIFTH season, here at the Rainy Day Collective Podcast! Lianna is a free diver, part-time jiu-jitsu athlete, and entrepreneur who believes in pursuing opportunities before her, and using what she has learned to help others. Lianna is based in the Philadelphia area but spends a lot of her time traveling and exploring the world.  Important Links: #adventure #womenentreprener #travel #inspirationalwomen #motivatingwomen --- Support this podcast:
Time to Rest... {133}

Time to Rest... {133}


The start of February brings our fourth season to a close! How is that even possible??? One hundred and thirty-three conversations with well over 150 amazing women. Humbled! I am so grateful this is my life! For the next several months we will each be pursuing our own projects, plans, trips, and adventures while also resting and connecting with others in our individual ways. Perhaps the biggest miracle of all is that the five of us were able to come together and record this conversation for you! We absolutely love the times when we can come together, and hopefully, you'll love this often silly conversation too! We chat about what this season has been like for us, what we've learned, and where we each (as individuals) are headed in this next chapter.  We want to thank you for being the best listeners and community! Now, it's time to rest...  #seasonfinale #seasonfourisawrap #girltalk #womensupportingwomen #entrepreneur #authors #goals --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest is romance author Lauren Mae, who shares her amazing story about doing the VERY IMPOSSIBLE thing (such as releasing a book) while discovering she had a brain tumor and underwent brain surgery! Her story is one you don't want to miss because not only was Lauren dealing with the impossible, mix a pandemic into that... A moving story we all need during this season of life!  Important Links:  Lauren Mae Instagram  Lauren Mae Linktree (for current events, where to purchase books, etc.)  #braintumor #braintumorsurvivor #inspiringwomen #podcastsforwomen #womenwriters #perseverance #romanceauthor #pandemic --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest is Clarity Coach and all-around incredible woman Nicole Momberg! Nicole is amazing in all of the ways! So much more than coach, she is motivating, inspiring, and nerdily gets excited about stuff in a way that makes us all excited too! In this episode, you will hear stories about a woman who did the hard things when she had to, and how it made her stronger.  We also cover: - homelessness and the attitude towards homeless or less fortunate people vs. the wealthy who live in similar weeks. (think van-lifers, RVers, etc.)  - being independent.  - the science behind the mental health benefits of doodling. - reframing the hard things as adventure, how that can be healthy, and why it works.  Important links:  Nicole's Instagram Coaching link and free printables Creative Journaling Community #mentalhealthawareness #divorce #singlemom #inspiringwomen #podcastsforwomen #journaling #doodling #stressmanagement #meditation --- Support this podcast:
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