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The King Within

Author: Millar Montgomery

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If you are a father who has been through a breakup then this is the podcast for you. Here, Millar talks about how the breakup is your launchpad for growth and unlocking the king within. How to best navigate being a single dad so that you can:
- Move on with your life
- See your kids more
- Improve things with your ex
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Going through a breakup can challenge the internal direction of any man. Where to from here? Was everything back then BS? Am I really what she is accusing me of?In this podcast I cover the 3 main reasons (in my experience) that have led to me being so far stuck in my head I could barely function. Although make no mistake, being stuck in your head isn't necessarily a BAD thing.. it only is when you can't function in the world properly.. anyway check it out.
Today I talk about the importance of knowing exactly what you want and why you want it. Sometimes the things we want aren't even things that are truly our own - Do you ever feel like the reasons your parents wanted things are the same things you do..? Maybe that's ok but maybe there is also a part of you that doesn't like those things...If you don't know what you want and why you want it, you will forever be a yes man who 'goes with the flow' of those around him.... and that's not a good thing.
How many times have you attempted to have a 'productive' conversation only to find that it ends up in a war of words that all hit below the belt?It's hard as shit not to get caught up in the emotion of the situation when you have someone personally attacking you about being a crap father or loveless partner.In this podcast I give some clarity as to why people do this and how you can improve your own communication ability.
Men, enough of this people pleasing so that we don't 'rock the boat'. It's time to shake that shit up! (if it's for your benefit). What I'm saying is that too many of us (including myself in the past) start living life based upon WHAT WE THINK OTHER PEOPLE WANT US TO DO. And let me tell you from experience, that leads you to a place of misery, fear and shame because you simply cannot keep everyone happy ALL THE TIME. Instead, listen into this podcast to find out how I shifted this problem inside of my life and how you can to.
Have you ever felt like other people just 'get it' in life and you somehow come off second best. Every. Single. Time?What about feeling like others are in the 'cool' group and you're stuck on the outer looking in behind some sort of perspex barrier that prevents you from getting inside?I felt like for AGES.. before I painstakingly worked out the 3 most important traits you need to develop to unlock this potential within you. 
Are you constantly in battles between your ex where you'll say one thing that annoys her and then you feel the repercussions through:- More restricted time with your kids- The Silent Treatment- Not being able to see your kidsIt's not uncommon. And what can happen is you end up feeling like you can't say anything at all because you're constantly walking on egg shells. Then, you feel powerless.....then frustrated...then you blow up at her and it just makes things worse.. In this podcast I go through a few actionable items you can take TODAY to stop this cycle. 
Happy Wife = NO LIFE

Happy Wife = NO LIFE


How many times have you had it where you've had some great idea for it to be shot down by your partners fear/uncertainty?Where you have that seed of potential inside of you calling you somewhere or to do something but when discussing it with your partner or friend they shoot you down saying it was silly/stupid/not realistic?This happens all the time - ESPECIALLY when you have made mistakes in the past that lead those people to lose faith/trust in your ability to DELIVER the goods on whatever thing it is you promised.In this episode I run through how you should look at these challenges and step into your power as a man. 
Most people need all their ducks in their EXTERNAL environment to be in line before they can be happy.. Needing the validation and permission from others and things to be happy again..BSHere are a few facts: - There are always new problems arising in life- No one is going to give you permission to be happyIn this podcast I go through how to stop this nonsense today.
It's important for every man to go through change or rebirth in his life.. and the reality is: It's happening whether you like it or not. The question is.. Do you want to be in control of it? Or in reaction to it?In this podcast I go through why lying and being wilfully blind are suffocating your progress in life.PS: It gets a bit heated at the end.. so get prepared!
After we go through the breakup we go from work/kids/family time as the main things that we do to then being in a situation where we're on our own a lot more. Then what happens is we become our own worst enemy because of the constant thoughts about the future, the past and everything in between. In this podcast I go through some practical things that you can do that will fill that void more productively...No more gambling, sex and drugs filling your time as a band aid solution, avoiding the real shit at hand. Enjoy.
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