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Powerful Parenting for Today's Kids

Author: Erin Taylor

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Welcome to Powerful Parenting for Today's Kids - a podcast to help stressed and overwhelmed parents end struggles with disrespect, tantrums, social media, anxiety, sensory issues, sports & more with their children! Erin is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Certified Parent Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Please send your parenting questions to
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In this throwback to episode 17 of Maximizing Life in the Middle, we come back to finish talking about a particularly aggressive soccer game that our son was involved in recently. Jay wanted to ponder what might be going on in the minds of the coaches, players and parents on both teams, so join us as we take this little journey into their minds....
In today's episode, we review verse 13 of The Parents Tao te Ching, Fear of Failure. Hopefully, you will get some useful nuggets out of this one!
Today's episode was inspired by the Back-to-School season we are entering. This is a big time of change for kids every year and here, I share my thoughts on how we can make the most of it. Join me! 
In today's episode, I share a technique that I learned from the book I am currently reading, High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. My daughter was nervous about the start of tryouts for the high school volleyball team which she hopes to make. This one technique I learned from Brendon really helped her and I share it here in the hopes that it might help your child too!
In today's MOM episode, I share a technique you can use yourself when you are anxious, or with your child when they are anxious. Join me!
How can you create a quiet place for your child? Tune in to today's episode to find out!
Everyone is thinking about pencils and backpacks this time of year, but I have two things that are even more important for you to consider when you help to prepare your child for this new school year. Tune in to find out what they are!
I know I used to wonder this very thing myself. Today's episode was inspired by my own teenagers and an article I read in Grown and Flown talking about this very subject! Tune in if you've got a teen at home who likes to be alone! 
In this MOM episode, I share all about our Vagus Nerve and how important it is in helping us to calm down. Join me to calm your Vagus Nerve!
In this throwback to episode 16 of Maximizing Life in the Middle, we talk about a game that our son played in during last week's soccer tournament. This game illustrated a lot of what is wrong with youth sports today. We talk about many different aspects of the game and the situation, but Jay brings up some powerful questions that are so good, we decided to save them and cover part 2 of this topic in episode 17 next week! Join us!
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