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TriRig turned a review site into a product company nearly 10 years ago. What started as a brake company has become a leading manufacturer in aerobars. Nick Salazar the founder of TriRig joins us on FASTER to discuss how they made their transition to aerobars, have designed one of the most customizable front end systems on the market, the components of a great fit, how comfort is one of the most important elements of fit, and the future of aerobars. Listen to this episode to learn how to optimize your front end so you can become faster.Watt Points: 40
The health of your relationship with your significant other plays a large role in your athletic performance as an endurance athlete. Each time you train for your event, your body produces cortisol. Too much cortisol leads to overtraining. A relationship with unhealthy conflict and continual stress also produces cortisol. Your body does not know the difference between the type of stress that produces the cortisol, it only knows how much it can manage. Today, on FASTER, we speak with Sarah Thompson who uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy with her clients and is also a triathlete. The Gottman Method was developed by John Gottman, who is one of the worlds leading relationship experts and has studied how stress in a relationship affects the body. Listen to this episode to learn how to create a loving home, how to have your partner understand your goal as an endurance athlete, and how to compromise so you also understand their needs, so lower your cortisol levels and become faster.Watt Points: 15-30
Dr. Jeff Spencer - Founder of Cornerman Elite Performance Coaching joins us on FASTER to discuss how to have a champion's mindset. Jeff has coached some of the world's greatest athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and Maria Sharapova. As a former US Olympic cyclist he uses his knowledge and experience to coach elite performers to perform at their highest potential. Jeff discusses the champion's mindset, setting goals, building a solid team, the steps to success, and overcoming roadblocks. If you take the advice you just may change your habits and strengthen your mind to perform at your at the height of your game.Watt Points: 30
Dylan Robbins - Head of Marketing for The Sufferfest at Wahoo Fitness joins us on FASTER to discuss their training software and programs. What started as downloadable training videos on iTunes, took off like wildfire in 2015 when The Sufferfest released its mobile app for training. The Sufferfest looks at the athlete as a whole and incorporates more than just cycling into its training programs. By adding strength training, yoga, and mental toughness to their 4 dimensional power based cycling workouts, they are delivering great results for athletes. The start up has been so successful it lead to their acquisition from indoor training giant Wahoo fitness in July of 2020. Listen to this episode so you can learn how to become FASTER with The Sufferfest.Watt Points: 30-60 4D Power
Armando Mastracci & Dr. Stephen Cheung - Co-Founders of Xert, join us on FASTER to discuss their unique approach to analyzing power to deliver adaptive training programs. Learn how they continually monitor your power output to calculate your Maximal Power Available, breakthroughs, fitness signature, and XSS score to you never have to perform another FTP test. Their dynamic Xert Workouts are tailored to each athlete to meet their physiology and fitness goals. You can also use Xert in conjunction with your existing FTP or polarized training plan to gain more insight into your performance. Listen to this episode to learn how Xert can make you a faster cyclist.Watt Points: 30-40
Andrew Buckrell & Michael Liberzon - Co-Founder of Endurance Innovation, join us on FASTER to discuss thermal heat and how it affects our bodies during training and racing. Working on the bike produces heat in our bodies that we must manage to stay at our best. Learn how heat builds in the body, how we shed heat, how heat affects us as individuals, and ways to deal with heat.  Listen to this episode to learn how regulating the heat in your body will keep you cool and faster than your competitors.
Hannah Grant - Co-Founder of Eat Race Win, joins us on FASTER to discuss how food is more than just food for the body. We talk with Hannah about her time as the team chef for world pro tour team Saxo Bank and how she converted the team mindset to use food to provide comfort, motivate the athletes, build team moral, and improve performance. Listen to Hannah’s amazing story to learn how food can help make you faster.Coupon Code For Eat Race Win Book: flocycling
Alan Janson - Acupuncturist from Australian Center for Natural Medicine, joins us on FASTER to discuss Japanese Acupuncture and its use in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and improving athletic performance. Western medicine does not have a way to detect chronic fatigue syndrome and the treatment options are limited. Over Alan’s 30 year career he’s helped countless world class athletes overcome chronic fatigue syndrome and go on to perform at their best. Listen to this episode to learn how Japanese acupuncture may get you back on your feet and perform at your best.
Paul Sollenberger, Senior Technical & Educational Specialist of CeramicSpeed, joins us on FASTER to discuss their suite of products. The fastest pro cyclists and triathletes have known for years that CeramicSpeed products give them an advantage over their competitors.. We discuss wheel and bottom bracket bearings, oversized pulley wheels, UFO chains, and their prototype driven drive train. Listen to this episode to learn how small differences to your drive train can make you faster.CeramicSpeed
Chris Morton, Co-Founder of AeroLab, joins us on FASTER to discuss their groundbreaking sensor technology. Their sensor technology is being used by some of the industries top brands and athletes including FLO to find gains in the real world. The AeroLab sensor was used in the design of the FLO All Sport and Gravel wheels. Learn why AeroLab matters for your fit and product selection, how it works, and just what exactly it is. Listen to this episode to learn how on road testing with AeroLab can make you faster.AeroLab
Jay Drunasky, Project Engineer of Kenda Tires, joins us on FASTER to discuss tires. We cover pneumatic engineering, tire construction, hooked vs. hookless, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and which tires are best for racing. Listen to this episode to learn how to optimize your tires so you can become a faster cyclist.
Mike Bush, President of Stan’s No Tubes, joins us on FASTER to discuss the history of tubeless and how tubeless is making its way to the road scene. On the episode, we discuss tires, tubeless tape, sealants, tubeless valves, installation techniques, and much more. Listen to this episode to learn how to make the conversion to tubeless so you can be a faster cyclist.
Christa Orrechio from The Whole Journey joins us on the show. During this episode, we’ll discuss the gut microbiome and its critical role in our health and performance as athletes. Listen to this episode to learn how improving the health of your gut microbiome can help you become a healthier, faster cyclist. Listening to the advice In this episode can add 60 watts to your FTP.
Andrew Buckrell from 4iiii joins us on the show. During this episode, we’ll discuss the virtual wind tunnel technology that Andrew and his team have developed. Learn how using an iPad and a 3d scanner can help you become a faster cyclist. Listening to the advice In this episode can add 50 watts to your FTP. 
Jeff Byers, the co-founder of AMP Human and manufacturer of PR Lotion joins us on the show. During this episode, we’ll discover how PR Lotion’s patented absorption technology provides your body with an essential electrolyte that will help you become a faster cyclist. Listening to the advice In this episode can add 15 watts to your FTP. 
Muscle oxygen sensor manufacturers HUMON join us on the show to discuss what muscle oxygen is, how it’s different from power and heart rate, and how you can use it to become a faster cyclist. Listening to the advice in this episode can add 30 watts to your FTP.
In this episode, we discuss the difference between rim brakes and disc brakes, wheels, frame design, and aerobar design. If you are wondering how your equipment can make you faster, this episode is for you.
Bob helps athletes learn how to become better fat burners with great diet and exercise advice. If you want to lose fat, increase muscle, and improve your body’s ability to use fat for energy this episode is for you.
Steve Neal has served as the Ontario provincial mountain bike coach and has led many cyclists to national titles. In this episode, we will expand on our last interview with Steve—episode 27—and have an in-depth discussion on Fat Max wattage. Learn what Fat Max wattage is, how to improve, how it can make you faster, and much more. By listening to the advice in this episode you can add 100 watts to your "Fat Max" wattage.
AltRed owner, Jeff Van Drunen, joins us on the show to discuss their patented beet extract supplement. Listen to learn how this supplement can help improve performance and recovery.
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