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Detach from the constant noise of the financial world and focus on what's Essential - family, purpose, and recreation. Tommy discusses financial and life strategies you can use to essentialize your life.
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Recreation is Essential.  Prioritize and cultivate "play" for your family and friends with these suggestions.
No matter your current season of life, we should all be striving to clarify our purpose.  Here are 3 keys to help unlock and identify yours.
Kids vacationing with grandparents can be a win-win.  The benefits are far reaching for everyone involved, and on this episode, we discuss some tips for making it a little easier.
Ever wonder what we do all day?  Hint: It's not like the movies.We reveal a little of the day to day at Barko Financial and discuss the most difficult and most rewarding aspects of being an Advisor.
The research is in —>  Optimistic people live longer!  Here are 4 tips to cultivate optimism in your life and make it happier and (hopefully) longer.
Use these 3 Productivity Tips to remain focused and boost productivity in either your Personal or Professional Life.
It’s important to ask the right questions before partnering with an advisor.  On this episode, we answer all 7 of the "Interview Questions" recommended by Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan:What do you love about your job?What services do you provide clients?What is your investment philosophy?How will we communicate about my investments?How do you get paid?How will you measure and evaluate my investment performance?Can you tell me why the last two clients you lost stopped working with you?
The Dow recently set (another) record, closing at 27,359.16.  Curious what should you do?  With the market's near all-time highs, it's crucial to keep emotions in check and remain focused on your objectives.  Here is some timely perspective to help identify the essentials.
There are some basic aspects of financial life that everyone should have a good handle on.  We've made some of our powerful financial tools available for free because we believe everyone deserves access to them.  On this episode, we discuss three key features and explain how anyone can take control and start using them now.
Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!


Wishing you a fun and safe 4th of July!  Here are a few fun facts about the holiday just in time for conversations at the family BBQ.
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