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Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for a podcast about justice and fairness.
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Terri Hunt

thanks as always for breaking things down for us

Aug 9th

Gayle Allen Choojitarom

Bill Browder is an American patriot who is truly one of our better angels. It is absolutely appalling that this administration considered sending him into the hands of a blood-thirsty dictator for even a nanosecond. Thank you, Mr. Browder, for your bravery, and thank you, Mr. Bharara, for valuing the truth above all.

Aug 4th


I love the podcast, I just wish he would upgrade his recording equipment. Too many mouth sounds are audible. Still a great podcast.

Jul 28th

Nancy Lindsay

Can a sitting President truly defy the Constitution so flagrantly and still be immune from prosecution during his term? Is there no other recourse the American people have than to rely on Congress to act? To quote the kids these days, that's messed up!

Jul 12th

Paula Behrmann

All of my faith in our constitution has been shattered by the failure of this system of government to curb the rampant abuse of power exhibited by Trump and his cronies.

Jul 6th


100% agree woth your point at the end. Hypocrisy is all over the damn place with this pos administration

Jun 15th


I have to say I was afraid you were just going to have a laugh at Trump not knowing the words to the song (only because it would mar what I think is such a thoughtful and measured podcast), but instead you shared an insight into Trump's hypocrisy and I have to say, immature, personality. I am with you in your outrage.

Jun 14th

Drea Griffin

Preet, I love you more each week. Probably none more than when you told 45 to" learn the words of the goddamn song" with genuine passion and a bot of fury. You keep enlightening us, I promise to Stay Tuned!

Jun 7th

Mark Perloe

If Trump can't be indicted while in office would the statute of limitations clock continue running or could a grand jury indictment hold until he leaves office?

Apr 25th
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