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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.
A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.
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Ep 36: On Boundaries, with Anita Cassidy and Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey
It's a warm welcome back to our dear Anita Cassidy and a perfect introduction to Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey. Lori is a psychologist, sex and intimacy coach. Her mission is to take sex and conversations about sex from the shadows to the light. She divides her time between client work, speaking, live events, podcasting and writing. You can hear here on the A to Z of Sex ™ weekly and Sex spoken Here weekly. Today we decided to delve into the difficult arena of setting and respecting boundaries! When it comes to intimacy, parenting, time, consent and so many more circumstances, how do we navigate our need for self-care and the fickleness of shifting wants and needs? What does it mean to have to be firm and ask for what you "need", when a little voice in the back of your head second-guesses those same demands? We discuss what the hardest part about boundaries is for each of us, and then take a slippery slope down the areas of fear, trauma and intuition. Take a seat on this communal couch with us and let's share our beautiful vulnerabilities.... On Twitter, you can reach us at @drbisbey, @anitacassidy76 and @christinewild_ . You can find out more about Lori at and Anita at Do watch out for Lori's new weekly radio show "The A to Z of Sex" in the sexy lifestyle network part of Voiceamerica, coming in 2019.You can find out more about The Gift Of Fear here: do let us know if you have any comments, questions or ideas for future topics that you want to hear us discuss! Happy Friday and please show us some love!
Ep 35: Capitalism, Feminism and Other Isms, with Matthew Keegan
A huge Welcome Back to Matthew Keegan, from Ep. 3! If you missed him like I did, you'll be delighted to hear us talk about Nina Power's One Dimensional Woman (2009, Zero Books). Based on Marcuse's One Dimensional Man, this short read is FULL of amazing starting points for this wild run down interesting rabbit holes. Topics covered: The Cooptation of Modern Feminism (and its contradictory definitions), Consumerism & Marxism (and its economic consequences), The Role of Cinema and many more rabbit holes! Please, please, please join us, in this TOUGH conversation and do SHARE your thoughts, however flawed or incomplete, with us.. that's how we learn. Thanks Nina, for putting all my goals into perspective and reminding me of all the structural capitalist issues of my gender identity. And thanks Zero Books for the feels! Matthew and his friend Leon Sandler are launching a podcast called "The John David Ebert Podcast", with John David Ebert. Their first episode will be about Deleuze's "Postscript on the Societies of Control." Watch out for it on the guys' twitters: @johndavidebert, @sandler_leon and @Keegan_am! Parting words from Marx himself, on why Capitalism isn't compatible with Feminism: "The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women. He has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production."
Ep 34: Could Sex Robots Save Your Marriage? with Dr. Marina Adshade
Dr. Marina Adshade, professor of the Economics at the University of British Columbia, welcomed me into her home to talk about sex robots and marriage! How might the recent technological changes affect the concept of marriage and relationships more broadly? If Sex Robots can fulfill you sexually, does that take sex compatibility out of the relationship equation? Does it open the door to conversations about non-monogamy? Marina started a course on the Economics of Sex, which turned into a blog, and turned into "Dollars & Sex" the book! More recently, she published an article in Slate called "How Sex Robots Could Revolutionize Marriage—for the Better" (Aug 14, 2018). By way of this article, we cover a full range of rabbit holes including: morality, economic factors of relational compatibility, defining love, why we marry, emotional labour and self-awareness. I am so grateful for Marina's time and honesty, and I love how personal we end up getting! What do you guys think? Get at us on Twitter @christinewild_ and @MarinaAdshadeHere's the Slate article: highly recommend you read and watch more of Marina's work on www.marinaadshade.comHere's the link to Carrie Jenkins that Marina references regarding defining love: www.carriejenkins.netStar Trek episode reference: The Perfect Mate, Star Trek: The Next Generation episode (season 5, episode 21)Thank you for your likes, favorites, subscribes, reviews and ratings! Love you.
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