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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.
A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.
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On episode 61 my lovers, I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to my Markus. In this intimate, yet RWWC-style conversation, Mark & I delve into open, ethically non-monogamous relationships (including ours).  I get to question him about his relationship history and the factors and tools that led him to require non-monogamy from future potential partnerships. We therefore delve into different definitions of intimacy, personal space & commitment, modern dating and feelings. We retrace how the conversations which started our friendship were the building blocks to our compatibility & the rules of our open relationship.  You'll have to forgive some personal questions that were entirely self-motivated, but hey! They led to very interesting insights into what communication within a couple of opposites looks like. Between the OCD A-type that I am, and the romantic ADHD man that he is, we differ cerebrally, historically and emotionally.  We cover the difficulties of dating inside the film industry, the importance of boundaries, definitions of masculinity, definitions of "meaningless" sex, and how we understand the world entirely differently. What's it like to be either of us on #tinder? What's it like to exist socially as entirely opposite entities?  Please do come in and listen. We would love to know your thoughts and/or questions?  As always, thank you for listening my lovers. (You are my lovers, 'cause I love you. *feelings*) Get yourself some pleasure this weekend.  Yours,  C.  xoxo --- Support this podcast:
Well lovers... This episode comes to you three days late, because life happens. I had planned to come out with a special Valentine's day episode about Love, with Mark, to talk about progress, learning and relationships. I wanted to be joyful, talk about us and celebrate the successes of this ever-changing relationship we are building. Instead, we had a bad weekend of arguments and anxiety. Here is our unedited, unchecked, vulnerable couch therapy session about mental health and our version of non-monogamy. Please do feel free to skip this one.  I love you all. May you all be kind to yourselves and take life one step at a time.  Yours, as always. C. x --- Support this podcast:
Welcome my lovers to another DELIGHTFUL episode and human discovery. Meet Nicolle, my newest crush. She's the founder of Girls Who Say Fuck and the creator of a Dr. Seuss Style book about ORGASMS! As per usual, we retrace back to childhood, in her case growing up in a small town and working really hard to get out. We talk about defining moments and gradual awakenings. It's all quite awe-inspiring and thought provoking. I can't recommend this one enough. I love this episode.  Topics: life awareness, saying yes, bravery, telling your story, sex as an awakening, truth seeking, existentialism, commodification, communication, sex parties, LOVE (!), compersion, language and Foucault, breaking through barriers, sexual exploration and internalized morality, identity creation, introspection, brain masturbation, linguistics, feeling stuck and valuing the traps, fear, unicorns, AND honestly so many fucking great rabbit holes. You want to hear this one.  I needed this conversation. I needed Nicolle to shake me to my core and do it in her own very soft and cuddly way. Please listen in on what could have been the greatest blind date in another timeline. These conversations give me energy, give me patience and hope. I'm happy to say that we are definitely girls who say fuck.  Seriously go to or @girlswhosayfuck.  Just do it. Sign up to be notified of the limited edition release of the Orgasm book "Oh, The Places You'll Go Oh Oh" or check it out on IG @theorgasmbook. Men Who Take Baths is getting its own website, but for now, @menwhotakebaths is best. Her personals pages are @NicolleDoubleL on IG and Twitter.  (She will also soon be launching a website dedicated to reporting on psychedelics called HUXLEY - it can be found @huxleymag.) Sit in the dark my love. Sit and feel that.  With love,  C.x --- Support this podcast:
Ooof.. What to say! This one is so very near and dear to me. Bryan is my work husband. We have spent on average 14h/day together for most of 2019 and over the course of it, we have gotten to know each other quite well. It quickly became clear to me that he had a story to tell and so this day was a long time coming.  In this witty and vulnerable episode, we uncover what it's like to be in an emotionally, and at times physically, abusive relationship in a small town, from a male perspective (in a heterosexual relationship.) His story, though not often covered, is indicative of the pervasive and stigmatized narrative of mental and emotional abuse within toxic masculinity.  In this episode, we retrace the twists and turns of Bryan's life from his small town in Nova Scotia, to the self-discovery of his own potential and break from toxic patterns.  TW: emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Topics covered: mental health, codependence, telling mom about oral sex, dating in a small town, substance abuse, sexual bucket lists, moderation, emotional baggage, self-doubt, family patterns, anger, talking about feelings(!!!), self-worth, the irrational fear of travelling, the film industry life and many, many hilarious stories. I hope you enjoyed this refreshing dose of friendship and sharing. I hope it inspires you to spend some time with a friend and open up. Maybe it even sparks the guts to leave the person you're with, or stops you from consistently talking yourself down, or shuts the voices in your head up for a second. I wish that for you.  Take a minute and breathe. There's a whole wide world and a whole new life on the other side, and it's all one small step at a time. I believe in ya.  As always,  you have my heart.  C. xoxo --- Support this podcast:
It's been over a year since we checked in with "A Dirty Word" author Steph Auteri! She's back to tell us all about postpartum from publishing your first book and parenting as a sex writer.  You may remember her from Episode 21, the sex writer who was bad at sex? If you didn't listen, I highly recommend you go back and do it! For this episode we dive into: exhaustion, achieving life goals "and then what?", creative pressure, diversifying your creativity, going to a writer's residency, being a hot mess, her new project for resources on sex education, parenting sex positively, peer-based education, her historical project on social hygiene, the moral ties and fear-based approach to sex education, mom tricks to hide your tears, gender conversations with her 5yo, world problems and adversariality, and SO MUCH FUCKING MORE. "Just so many more things to be afraid of on behalf of my daughter, that's what motherhood is," according to Steph.  For info on Steph, go to and make sure to check out her writing section and/or buy her book. Stay tuned for her sticker & book giveaway! If anyone feels like they want to/ know how to help her with her resources project regarding sex ed, get in touch!!  Thanks so much for listening!!! I love you!  C. xox Other resources discussed:  Books: "Handbook for a post-roe America", by Robin Marty and "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle" by Amelia and Emily Nagoski.  Articles: "When They Start Asking Questions", by Steph Auteri in Creative Nonfiction, Issue #71, Let's Talk About Sex, Summer 2019. Aforementioned clip: The Daily Show, "Guns are gay now"  by Jakoubie Young-White - look it up on FB or Insta or wherever. You're welcome. Ps: You can buy my book also. I love you long time.  --- Support this podcast:
Hello lovers!  Welcome to this wonderful chat with Debbie Roche from Uncomfortable - The Podcast. Debbie and I share how and why we decided to get into this business of attempting to comfortably talk about uncomfortable topics with strangers, AND TO RECORD IT!  She walks me through how she got out of Scotland and into this weird time consuming hobby that we share.  This chat contains: millennial career dread, weird bodily fluid confessions, leadership conventions, entrepreneurship & loneliness, podcasting, self-worth & money, LISTENING (!), setting boundaries and so much more! I HIGHLY recommend this giggly heart to heart between two people asking others to bare their hearts and what we've learned from our guests.  Debbie's adorable Scottish accent also is just pleasant to listen to if you needed another reason to click.  For more, go to for the podcast (I was on episode 9 about #sexparties) or for the original vlog. Please, PLEASE, please do reach out if you have any input as to: uncomfortable topics you want to talk about, uncomfortable topics you want to hear about, questions you may have, friends who might want to come talk and all that jazz. On Twitter @uncomfy_podcast, on Insta and @christinewild_ for me everywhere!  As always, enjoy your Friday.  With Love,  Your little C. Ps: HOLY CRAP 60! Thank you so much for sticking around!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! --- Support this podcast:
Ep 59: Just Me Today.

Ep 59: Just Me Today.


As promised on Instagram, here it is: 40 glorious minutes of uncensored verbal diarrhea by your darling dearest. I fucked up, and didn't get around to scheduling a recording this busy week. So I asked you on my very official insta-story-poll, if I should skip it or ramble, and you answered. There's a bit of everything in here. To be honest, I just finished recording it and I will not be listening to it again.  Content warnings: current relationship stress, my mother issues, moving day, why it's important to talk, OCD, why I'm happy you exist, why I can't sentence a string together... All that and more in this nonsensical and uncomfortable exercise you put me through. You're welcome.  There may be some good stuff in there, but that's up to you to figure out.  I love you lots. Thank you.  With love,  Your little C.  --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Episode 58! Joanne and Julia join forces for this year's Expressions of Self events here in Vancouver, BC! They will be holding three events to build community around the following intersecting themes: survival, resilience, and healing. Therefore, it was only normal to gather and take a deep dive. The ladies and I go in and out of serious tones, discussing trauma, the importance of storytelling and the vital energy gained from community. We attempt to answer some of our most daunted "What Now?" questions and keep pointing towards ways to improve our common existence. Words matter. Your story matters. It is not your fault.  Join us for this introduction to these beautiful brains that I cherish and find out what to expect or how you might want to address these topics within your community. Let us know your thoughts!!! (My Insta and Twitter handles are @christinewild_ and I want to hear from you!)  Feel free to check out episodes 31 and 39 for their previous appearances on the podcast.  About the events: All will be informed by restorative approaches to justice and wellbeing, and aim to unify those attending in our collective experiences of each theme, in powerful reclamations of identity. These events promise to create spaces for love for and from ourselves as well as for each other. We are all surviving something. In the case of sexual violence, we want to hold space for nuance and recognition of the intersections between (and throughout!) it and gender, race, sexuality, ability, neurotypicality, and so on. The community we aim to create lives in our lived experiences.  We will have trained counsellors and people with trauma-informed disclosure training in the space at every event.  For more, go to or the Expressions of Self Facebook page.  With love,  C. xoxo --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back my lovers!!!! Let's kick off SEASON 2! Episode 56 stars my newest friend Jen Doan!  Jen is a sexuality empowerment coach based in Vancouver, BC. She came over to my actual living room to tell me her story and talk about SEX. We may or may not have been flirting with each other so, sorry about the giggles. That's what happens sometimes when two powerful women find themselves on a comfy couch and a similar wavelength. ;) Her obsession with sex begins in her teenage years in the privacy of her studies, and progresses supporting our dear Jordan Gray in the infancy of his business. Shen then walks me through the winding road she took from being a successful marketing entrepreneur to hanging it up to pursue her passion. We talk about the benefits of hiring a life coach, about the pressures of success and financial gain, and about how hard it can be to make a change when your life seems to be peaking already.  More topics covered: archetypes & "self-help", breakups that kick your life into gear (always and forever a thing), masturbation, getting to know yourself, libido & sex as a toxic tool, harnessing your sexual energy in everyday life, being conscious of your internalized "isms" and "ginys", body image and some more nonsense. Do click and dive into the depths of it with us.  For more on Jen & her SlutSchool (and the free orgasm tutorial), go to or listen to the The Inner Badass Podcast on your favorite Podcast apps. Much, much love to you my darlings. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty. You are the bestest. Do pitch in with your opinions on Instagram or Twitter!  Your little C. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the last episode of Season One of #RWWC!  This episode has been a long time coming and I am so glad we managed to make it happen.  Alix, my darling friend, is a ridiculously talented actor, voice-over artist, feminist, activist and recently, director! Her and I met at Cannes in serendipitous circumstances, and bonded over our fierceness. (Thanks Adam Lannon for bringing us all together.)  Her short-film She Lies Sleeping is currently in competition in Sci-Fi London’s 48h Short Film Challenge. Alix will also soon star as Mary Shelley in A Nightmare Wakes. Check out her IMDB here or @AlixWiltonRegan on Insta and Twitter.  In this vulnerable and emotionally-charged episode, we discuss: feeling like you never do enough, politics & the state of our society (based largely on a Western European critique), fake news vs. definitions of objective fact, privilege and unlearning, the necessity of all of us being “IN PROGRESS”, body image and the ultra-skinny industry requirements, gender diversity and imposter syndrome, and SO MUCH MORE.  This is for you. You, who has ever been told to “Shut up, (woman)” and haven’t let it stop you from speaking your truth.  I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This has been an incredible year of learning, evolving, growing and unlearning. I love you and I can’t wait to bring better, stronger, deeper conversations to your ears in just a short couple of months.  From my grateful and loving heart,  your little C.  Xoxo BONUS: Angèle, Balance ton quoi, 2018 --- Support this podcast:
Welcome back Amy! It's been A YEAR!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! One year since the first three episodes aired! Holy crap. I can't even explain how much it means to me that you guys stuck around, brought your friends along, and made this community what it is today!  It was therefore only natural to bring Amy back for this personal episode of more BITCHING and running wild!  Topics we bitched about:  conflicting needs: Security vs. Freedom, changes, the unexciting reality of everyday life, silver linings, adapting to living with your significant other, the fear of losing oneself within a couple, FEARS in general, social pressure, monogamy vs not, choosing to have kids or not, what makes you truly you, and much more.  This one is full of rabbit holes and we go on rants and catch up, but hey this is where this podcast came from! Therefore join us for this conversation that goes all over the place! Bottom line: it's ok not to know what you want, yet. It's ok to get what you wanted, and realize it comes with a whole new set of issues and fears.  Long live the wild ones.  With love,  C.  Show notes:  The French podcast is "Vieille Branche" with Catherine Robbe-Grillet. You can find the episode here.  If you still haven't, check out for more about Amy, me and the adventures.  --- Support this podcast:
After Tyler Harris' male perspective, we welcome camgirl Ashley Taylor to the RWWC family! Thank you Kelly Tatham, for the universe-driven introduction!  Ashley and I sit down for this deep and vulnerable chat about the nature of beast. Ashley now cams under her own name. Her profiles do not separate between her acting, directing and camming activities. Her openness is astonishing, and I am so thankful for her wanting to share her story with me. We start talking about her Virginia upbringing, her LA adventures, and how getting dumped was the catalyst to her current and fulfilling life! (We have that in common!)  Topics covered: early twenties love stories, her ex's gender transition, breakups and their uglier sides (strong emotions displayed), going from a financial hole to financing her award-winning indie film, the unexpected life force & creative aspects of camming, butt plugs (!), public image & censorship, fear, boundaries & personal safety, and so much more!  Join us for this crazy ride down some pretty surprising rabbit holes with Ashley! You can contact us and send us comments or questions on Twitter  @ashleytaylortv_ and @christinewild_  For more about the film, go to . For the curious ones, I point you to her MFC Profile: As always, PLEASE do subscribe, like, follow, applaud this episode and the podcast in general! If you have extra pennies, click to support this podcast! With love, C.  --- Support this podcast:
Meet Maggie Anderson from the anti-club @GraceClubYvr. Tavia Cosper and Maggie started Grace Club as a space for feminists to come together to empower those in our communities to make positive and much needed change in the landscape of our civic, social, and economic advancement. They believe that the act of coming together in storytelling, and education, supports their mission, and creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater healing, growth and prosperity for womxnkind. Today Maggie came over to my actual living room for some much needed real talk. She starts by walking me through how the Trump election and the Women's March were the wakeup call she needed to step into the activist's shoes she'd always wanted to wear. We explore the creation of Grace Club and what happens at their events. We then move on to her personal experiences as an individual with feminism and inequality. Stick around until the end, because that's where the good stuff is.  Topics & TWs: "One can only preach to the choir for so long!" intersectionality & inclusion, personal growth, grief and suicide, drug addiction, storytelling as a tool for empathy and humanization, parenting for social change, privilege awareness, fear & shame, and the benefits of community and in-person sharing, to name just a few. "The first thing you should know about me is that I'm not you. A lot more will make sense after that." Unknown. Please do check out if you are interested in a platform that welcomes everyone, whether you are just starting to delve into feminism, or whether you want to help them dig deeper into issues of social, economic and civic inequality.  Thank you for listening to this episode. We hope it raised some thoughtful questions about how you personally can make an impact in your own community. "What is it like to move in the world as you?" As always, please follow, subscribe, support this podcast so I can keep investing in us, and our shared vulnerability as humans.  Shownotes & References:   "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction" by Gabor Maté, MD "Down to This: Squalor and Splendour in a Big-City Shantytown" by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall "Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes --- Support this podcast:
Meet Kelly Tatham, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and photographer whose work explores the search for love and the quest for the true nature of reality. Kelly is also a rad lady that I met via Girl Gang! (plug plug) For today's episode, we discuss: her short film “Multiverse Dating for Beginners”,  magical realism, living home-free, hustling as a media creative,  internalized misogyny, serendipity, the struggle for love, metaphysics & conscious agence theory, vulnerability and so much more.  What's your stance on the universe? Do you spend your time thinking about the tiny little choices you make/have made that have changed the course of your existence? Join us in this exploration of meaning and communication. "Life is just performance art."  Forgive our struggles with the language because, as Kelly sarcastically puts it,  "like words aren't cages for consciousness..."  Kelly is currently in pre-production on a documentary about the search for the true nature of reality. To find out all about her work, go to her instagram page @kellytatham. Check out the aforementioned 2018 collage on Medium here.   As always, I urge you to subscribe, follow, like and applaud this podcast to support this hugely time consuming endeavour. It's so important my lovelies, to be able to get these conversations out there! Also, it's been a while since I pointed you towards my site! Buy my book!  With love,  C. Shownotes & References:  The Chronology of Water: A Memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch --- Support this podcast:
Oh my lovelies, let me introduce you to Jordan Gray. Jordan is a full-time sex and relationship coach, Amazon best-selling author, and prolific blogger. I have been trying to get him on #RWWC for months, but it wasn't until we first met IRL at an 18-person pansexual play party that he agreed to come on. We obviously tell you more about the sex party but that's merely circumstantial.  For today, I invite you to join us for this beautifully rabbit-holly episode. Topics covered: starting his business, travelling, writing about relationships, pricing your services, the men's club he's a part of, his ideal coaching clients, the reasons why he does his work and the criticism he faces for pushing men to explore their emotions, shame alleviation and shadow work, radical honesty and SO MUCH more.  If you're curious to know what the life of a relationship coach looks like, and how one becomes an expert at removing emotional blocks and encouraging thriving intimate relationships, here's your chance!  You can find out more about Jordan, his coaching and his writing at You can also buy some of his books on Amazon!  As always, sending love and vulnerability to you my lovers. Have a wonderful weekend.  With love, C. PS: Of course, I got my tech issues on his episode, so I apologize for the light intermittent buzzing throughout the episode! (We are all humans and we do our best.)  PPS: Please do subscribe, like, follow and download this podcast. Also, buy my book. Thanks!  --- Support this podcast:
On this wonderful International Women's Day and the first birthday of my book, I wanted to speak with a very special story-teller. Amanda Chatel is a sex & relationships writer for Bustle, a feminist and as of recently, a novelist.  She makes me laugh and cry on a weekly basis via her writing and sarcastic Insta stories. I'm therefore inviting you to sit with us for this beautifully hilarious episode of storytelling. Amanda walks me through her incredible personal journey. We talk exes, revenge, horse shit (literally), soulmates (lol), writing, divorce parties at the Plaza, death & ill-wishes, forgiveness, birds and so many more unbelievable things.  Hold on tight; this is quite the journey! Enjoy the laughs!  For more on Amanda, check out her writing on Bustle, her Facebook Page @lachatel, or find her on Twitter @angrychatel .  ps: Please, please, please consider buying my book, Just Bad Timing, on this beautiful day of celebrations. If you are in Vancouver, I'll be at Havana on Commercial Street drinking mojitos anytime after 5pm today.  pps: As always, like, subscribe, download, applaud, all the things to support this podcast. I love you so very much my dear listeners. And to all my inspiring, gorgeous Womxn out there, have a wonderful day and do whatever the FUCK you want.  Your little C.  --- Support this podcast:
Meet Hallie Lieberman, historian and author of Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy (Pegasus Books, 2017). Today, she walks me down her life path to discovering her passion for history, while being an illegal sex toy home party salesperson. Her book traces the history of sex toys in the US since the 1950s and we go through what it was like to research the key elements of her findings. Hallie is also gracious enough to let me in on her future work regarding the global history of male sex workers who service women.  Topics discussed: university indecisiveness & waiting tables, sex positivity, the right to sexual pleasure, the disability rights movement, sex work, gigolos, non-sexual nudity and more!  Show notes:  The documentary about Scotty Bowers: "Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood", directed by Matt Tyrnauer.  Please, please, please, consider donating to the podcast to help me get better and broader content out to your beautiful ears. Like, follow, applaud, subscribe if you like what you hear!  With love,  C.  --- Support this podcast:
Meet Andrea Loewen, Vancouver writer and theatre manager, member of Girl Gang, and newly published author of Feeling Better: a field guide to liking yourself (and maybe even loving yourself).  Today, we discuss self-loathing and depression, through the lense of Andrea's personal story. She walks me through how she even realized she was depressed in the first place, how she started working her way through the tools she researched, and what she hopes her book will accomplish.  As in most cases, we talk about imposter syndrome, mental health, relativity, gratitude practices, showing up and self-esteem!  If you're going through depression, or bouts of self-loathing, listen in, there's almost no resistance to putting on an episode and listening. And then perhaps buy her book? Let us know what you thought of this episode!  Show notes:  Rollkuchen are Mennonite Fritters!  Info on Lucia Frangione here.  Find out more about Andrea here.  Please like, follow, applaud, subscribe and perhaps DONATE to support this podcast! What would you like to hear next?  --- Support this podcast:
Well... this is a topic that the universe sent me in the shape of Tyler on New Year's Eve. When he told me what he does for a living, I drunkenly insisted he must come on the podcast and slipped him my business card! To my surprise, Tyler reached out a week later, and was incredibly candid and open about his career as a sex worker online.  Listen in on our conversation about how he got into camming: from growing up in a small town in Canada and suffering from anxiety, to living in Las Vegas with pornstars and beginning to grow into himself. We discuss: the first time he logged in, the effects of isolation and digital objectification, the fetish that made him draw a line in the sand, fear & morality, rim jobs and toxic masculinity, communication & expectations during sex, and the importance of empathy when working with other humans.  I'm so grateful for all the insights and this incredibly vulnerable and real conversation. If you'd like to talk to Tyler, do no hesitate to email or DM me and I will give you his email address, no questions asked. Alternatively, you can find him on Twitter @tylerharris241.  Thank you for listening. I'm so thankful for Tyler discussing his area of sexwork with me and would love to open the floor to anyone within the industry. Please reach out, I would love to hear your story.  As always, I love you folx. Your little C.  --- Support this podcast:
Meet Chelene Knight, author of Braided Skin and Dear Current Occupant, CEO of #LearnWritingEssentials and all around powerhouse, comes on the pod to discuss writing and investing in your community. While diving into the story behind her online courses for writers, we discuss the importance and cruciality of storytelling.  Rabbit Holes include: the little pushes we need from life to trust our creative talent and potential, stories by WOC, authenticity & perceived permission to speak, imposter syndrome, and knocking down isolation barriers.  To quote Chelene:  "Writing and publishing are not based solely on craft or talent, there’s a privilege involved. It’s our goal to reach and support underrepresented writers and to give space to those writers who are often muted or silenced. Inclusivity, open-mindedness, creativity, teaching through mentorship, and freedom to share stories are all values that we place at the forefront of everything we do.” To find out more and/or sign up for the upcoming Memoir writing workshop, head over to or check her out on Twitter @PoetChelene (I'm still @christinewild_ by the way!)  THANK YOU for listening. Please do favorite, applaude, subscribe, download or SUPPORT the podcast so we can make more awesome conversations happen! <3 --- Support this podcast:
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