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Author: Christine Wild

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Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes.
A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life.
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53 Episodes
Ep 52: The CamGirl With A Big Heart, with Ashley Taylor
After Tyler Harris' male perspective, we welcome camgirl Ashley Taylor to the RWWC family! Thank you Kelly Tatham, for the universe-driven introduction! Ashley and I sit down for this deep and vulnerable chat about the nature of beast. Ashley now cams under her own name. Her profiles do not separate between her acting, directing and camming activities. Her openness is astonishing, and I am so thankful for her wanting to share her story with me. We start talking about her Virginia upbringing, her LA adventures, and how getting dumped was the catalyst to her current and fulfilling life! (We have that in common!) Topics covered: early twenties love stories, her ex's gender transition, breakups and their uglier sides (strong emotions displayed), going from a financial hole to financing her award-winning indie film, the unexpected life force & creative aspects of camming, butt plugs (!), public image & censorship, fear, boundaries & personal safety, and so much more! Join us for this crazy ride down some pretty surprising rabbit holes with Ashley! You can contact us and send us comments or questions on Twitter  @ashleytaylortv_ and @christinewild_ For more about the film, go to . For the curious ones, I point you to her MFC Profile: always, PLEASE do subscribe, like, follow, applaud this episode and the podcast in general! If you have extra pennies, click to support this podcast! With love, C.  Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ep 51: Feminism & Community, with Grace Club
Meet Maggie Anderson from the anti-club @GraceClubYvr. Tavia Cosper and Maggie started Grace Club as a space for feminists to come together to empower those in our communities to make positive and much needed change in the landscape of our civic, social, and economic advancement. They believe that the act of coming together in storytelling, and education, supports their mission, and creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater healing, growth and prosperity for womxnkind.Today Maggie came over to my actual living room for some much needed real talk. She starts by walking me through how the Trump election and the Women's March were the wakeup call she needed to step into the activist's shoes she'd always wanted to wear. We explore the creation of Grace Club and what happens at their events. We then move on to her personal experiences as an individual with feminism and inequality. Stick around until the end, because that's where the good stuff is. Topics & TWs: "One can only preach to the choir for so long!" intersectionality & inclusion, personal growth, grief and suicide, drug addiction, storytelling as a tool for empathy and humanization, parenting for social change, privilege awareness, fear & shame, and the benefits of community and in-person sharing, to name just a few."The first thing you should know about me is that I'm not you. A lot more will make sense after that." Unknown.Please do check out if you are interested in a platform that welcomes everyone, whether you are just starting to delve into feminism, or whether you want to help them dig deeper into issues of social, economic and civic inequality. Thank you for listening to this episode. We hope it raised some thoughtful questions about how you personally can make an impact in your own community. "What is it like to move in the world as you?"As always, please follow, subscribe, support this podcast so I can keep investing in us, and our shared vulnerability as humans. Shownotes & References:  "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction" by Gabor Maté, MD"Down to This: Squalor and Splendour in a Big-City Shantytown" by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall"Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ep 50: Love & The Multiverse, with Kelly Tatham
Meet Kelly Tatham, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and photographer whose work explores the search for love and the quest for the true nature of reality. Kelly is also a rad lady that I met via Girl Gang! (plug plug)For today's episode, we discuss: her short film “Multiverse Dating for Beginners”,  magical realism, living home-free, hustling as a media creative,  internalized misogyny, serendipity, the struggle for love, metaphysics & conscious agence theory, vulnerability and so much more. What's your stance on the universe? Do you spend your time thinking about the tiny little choices you make/have made that have changed the course of your existence? Join us in this exploration of meaning and communication. "Life is just performance art." Forgive our struggles with the language because, as Kelly sarcastically puts it,  "like words aren't cages for consciousness..." Kelly is currently in pre-production on a documentary about the search for the true nature of reality. To find out all about her work, go to her instagram page @kellytatham. Check out the aforementioned 2018 collage on Medium here.  As always, I urge you to subscribe, follow, like and applaud this podcast to support this hugely time consuming endeavour. It's so important my lovelies, to be able to get these conversations out there! Also, it's been a while since I pointed you towards my site! Buy my book! With love, C.Shownotes & References: The Chronology of Water: A Memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ep 49: Play Parties & Group Therapy, with Jordan Gray
Oh my lovelies, let me introduce you to Jordan Gray. Jordan is a full-time sex and relationship coach, Amazon best-selling author, and prolific blogger. I have been trying to get him on #RWWC for months, but it wasn't until we first met IRL at an 18-person pansexual play party that he agreed to come on. We obviously tell you more about the sex party but that's merely circumstantial. For today, I invite you to join us for this beautifully rabbit-holly episode. Topics covered: starting his business, travelling, writing about relationships, pricing your services, the men's club he's a part of, his ideal coaching clients, the reasons why he does his work and the criticism he faces for pushing men to explore their emotions, shame alleviation and shadow work, radical honesty and SO MUCH more. If you're curious to know what the life of a relationship coach looks like, and how one becomes an expert at removing emotional blocks and encouraging thriving intimate relationships, here's your chance! You can find out more about Jordan, his coaching and his writing at You can also buy some of his books on Amazon! As always, sending love and vulnerability to you my lovers. Have a wonderful weekend. With love, C.PS: Of course, I got my tech issues on his episode, so I apologize for the light intermittent buzzing throughout the episode! (We are all humans and we do our best.) PPS: Please do subscribe, like, follow and download this podcast. Also, buy my book. Thanks!  Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ep 47: The Sex Goddess Project, with Ricardo Scipio
Meet Ricardo Scipio, your friendly neighborhood sex photographer. Trinidad-born, Ricardo grew up in Toronto. After attending The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, he started his art career as a fashion photographer and then later as a fine art nude photographer.As per our usual we discuss life's weird way to take us down its rabbit hole to endeavoring to photograph "authentic people, having authentic, unapologetic, unashamed, real sex." The Sex Goddess Project is a very diverse, sex-positive and body-positive project that pushes back against slut-shaming and challenges the way sex is depicted.A very diverse group of women and transpersons of all shapes, and sizes and colours and gender-identities celebrate their sexuality, through these glorious moments of joy, connection, intensity, ecstasy, and abandon.Topics covered: growing up in a born again Christian background, career transitioning, spontaneous masturbation, how his goddesses led him from nudes to sex, fear & sex, porn as sexual education, body image and so much more."Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers." Ricardo Scipio, 2016.Check out his work at and if you're local, consider attending this coming Wednesday's event at the Art of Loving, 7.30-9.30pm. Please, please, please, consider donating to, liking, subscribing to or applauding this podcast. I love watching you guys listen, but I crave some more discussion with you about your thoughts on the pod!With love, C. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ep 45: Sex & Mindfulness, with Lori Brotto
Meet Dr. Lori Brotto, a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of British Columbia, clinical sex researcher and psychologist, and author of "Better Sex Through Mindfulness" (Greystone Books, 2018).Today, as per our tradition, we retrace the steps she took throughout her life to get to being talked about in the New York Times and helping women improve their sexual lives. We talk about her childhood on a farm, her first experiences in a lab (watching rats have sex), the history of clinical research on sex, her pivotal transition to mindfulness as a tool for treatment, and landing a job as a psychologist in a surgical department. Lori educates me about the discrepancies between self-reported arousal and desire issues in women and the physical responses to stimuli, teaching other medical professionals about sex and health, and how mindfulness can improve sexual desire and mental health. Our human striving to feel not alone in our struggles is highlighted again by the response readers have had to Lori’s book. Pick up your own copy today. She is now also working on a digital app to bring her work to a broader, general audience. As always, you can reach us on Twitter ‪@DrLoriBrotto and @christinewild_. Please rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast for more content like this. If you’re able and willing, you can also donate to support this podcast. ‬Show Notes: Emily Nagoski’s “Come As You Are”More on Dr Lori Brotto at Become a supporter of this podcast:
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