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The Wellbeing Podcast

Author: Dr Rani Bora & Liz Scott

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Liz Scott and Dr. Rani Bora share a fresh perspective on mental health, wellbeing, and psychology of the mind. They share a message of hope that wellbeing and resilience are innate and explores the implications of a simple but profound understanding called The Three Principles (as uncovered by Sydney Banks) in everyday life.
33 Episodes
In the episode, Liz and Rani explore why we often find it easier to help others rather than helping ourselves first. 
Liz and I recorded this podcast episode a while ago. We explored why when problems seem complex, it is helpful to turn inwards to experience that space that is devoid of the drama that our minds get into. 
We intuitively seem to know when we need to slow down and rest but may try to override it. In the episode, Liz and Rani look at the difference between “digital” time and “nature” time and why nature is always a great teacher.
Do we have a on off switch for love or is it that the 'feeling of love' comes naturally when one drops away from thinking about it and are simply present? We continue our chat on spirituality and its connection with life in this episode.
Some people say they are spiritual and others say they are not. Generally spirituality is put in the same box as having a particular religious affiliation. In the episode, we discuss spirituality as 'tuning' inwards and having a sense of that which is indescribable but manifests as presence.
Handling Negativity

Handling Negativity


It can seem that the negativity of others can badly impact us and that we should try to either change them or cut them away from our lives. In this episode, Liz and Rani discuss this topic and share their experience of what is helpful to recognise when dealing with negativity. 
Liz and Rani have been asked by many about how best to share this understanding with others. In this podcast, they talk about their personal experience of sharing and what they have found helpful. 
Liz and Rani continue their conversation on Listening to Wellbeing. Here they touch on whether innate wellbeing goes away when someone suffers a mental or a physical health condition.
In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about a different kind of listening - not active listening, selective listening, or even empathic listening. They call it listening for wellbeing. It's a different level of listening which happens naturally when we listen deeply from our heart.
In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about two types of motivational phrases commonly used – “Keep Calm and Carry On” and “Try Harder and Try Again” and why we may be spreading a message that may not be helpful. 
In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about a human experience all of us will encounter at some point in our lives. They share their understanding of how you can help someone who has been bereaved.
Taking Work Home

Taking Work Home


Have you ever worked longer hours than you intend to? Have you ever caught yourself ruminating things in your head even when you are not actually at work? Join Liz and Rani for a fascinating talk on why trying to problem solve all the time can clutter and overwhelm your mind.
Are difficult people in your life causing negative feelings in you? Liz and Rani talk about why this cannot possibly be true.
In episode 20 of this series, Liz and Rani touch on people's unlimited capacity to create stories about their lives and who they are.
In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about why it is not necessary to explore and analyse our past in order to find peace and wellbeing today.
There is a difference between having an intellectual understanding of wellbeing and a felt experience or realisation about wellbeing. Liz and Rani talk about how the real power lies in realisation from within.
When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong


In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about how the inside-out understanding can help us get our bearings even when things don’t go according to plan.
The Meditative Space

The Meditative Space


In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about the practice of mindfulness meditation and the awareness of the meditative space that is always present.
In this episode, Liz and Rani talk about bullying and why it is so freeing to see such unacceptable behaviour from a fresh perspective.
In this podcast episode, Liz and Rani talk about their experience of using self-improvement tools and strategies. They share their insights about why, contrary to popular beliefs we actually do not need to "work" on ourselves.
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