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Author: WonderTree

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To Create follows the journey of students at WonderTree as they use their imaginations to create the world of tomorrow. This is not a regular podcast. It is a channel that will house many different podcasts and experiences. Don’t worry, everything will be clearly labeled. Have an amazing day and we hope you enjoy listening.

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46 Episodes
On this episode Ex surfs many different waves with My Living Truth; join in next time when we get deeper into BitCoin :)
In this ep, ex surfs many waves of thoughts with timi; two part ep :)
In this episode ex and chance rug far beyond what anchor actually allows, so this is only half of the waves they surfed. Enjoy :)
In this episode Ex and Kids continue their time in the waters of existence by surfing waves of imagination and creation. Enjoy :)
This episode Ex and Kida connect and surf some pretty mind expanding waves. Enjoy :)
In this ep Ex and Lando hit the waters of existence and surf some mighty waves of higher thinking. Enjoy :)
Another reunion episode with KC as he’s back home in GA getting his life together. In this ep we surf the waves of conviction and come out changed men. Enjoy :)
On this episode Ex surfs a ton of waves with Lando including the wave that helped us come up with the name :)
On this episode Ex and Monty surf the waves of storytelling and much more :)
It's Aly's first show and she decided to pull a dick move and get us talking about THE WALL. Best part is this is Aly's first EP and we got to do it live in Oregon with her. Enjoy :)
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