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Author: Dawn Piercy

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Welcome to ANEW podcast, bringing you interviews with Celebrities, Stuntman, Comedians, Musicians and a variety of talent and Host on Big Dawg's Corner with Co-Host Mariano "Big Dawg" Mendoza bringing you the best in MMA, UFC fighters, Martial Arts Actors, Stuntman, Veteran's and more!!! Support this podcast:
139 Episodes
 Welcome to the season 2 launch of After Dusk with Dawn Piercy! We are so excited to kick of this season with a 3 part episode with Special Guest Artie Hoffman, Renowned Psychic Medium Part 1 of 3!!!  For the FULL interactive experience go to Artie Hoffman has been a master-level psychic medium and spiritual advisor for over two decades, and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. His strong faith and natural intuitiveness, coupled with his ability to provide emotional understanding, makes him the preeminent spiritual therapist with foresight.  --- Support this podcast:
 Within the multiverse sits a fantastic, magical realm: a place we call Hearth. This is the world of Magus Elgar. His tale continues here: Episode Four: Sampling The Hypotenuse.   LISTEN to the FULL episode for FREE exclusively on  --- Support this podcast:
 Welcome to episode 2 of Magus Elgar!!!  ​ ​Magus Elgar is an 11 episode Audio Drama with a Full Cast of Characters, Theatrical quality sound design, and pulse pounding music to send you into a world inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett. --- Support this podcast:
 Welcome to the world of Magus Elgar! I am excited to announce that Magus Elgar has joined ANEW podcast, and for those that want full FREE episodes exclusively on our ANEW podcast platform! Magus Elgar is an audio comedy created by Kennedy Phillips and is an 11 episode Audio Drama with a full cast of characters, theatrical quality sound design, and pulse pounding music to send you into a world inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett.  Go to for full interactive page! --- Support this podcast:
Love movies and MMA fights? Then you need to tune in now and check out our exclusive interview with Harley Wallen, multi-award winning actor and filmmaker, Host and Commentator of WXC Warrior Wednesday on UFC Fight Pass. Tune in and find out what he going on now, what’s coming up and more!! --- Support this podcast:
Exclusive interview with Phoenix Frost, hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, actress, author, and domestic violence advocate. You may have seen her performing at the BET Awards...  --- Support this podcast:
It has been 1 full year since the launch of Mariano "Big Dawg's" Corner on ANEW podcast and we are so excited to bring you upcoming announcements, an overview of this last year's guest, what's going on with them right now, merchandise and much, much more!!! Link in Bio --- Support this podcast:
Interview with actress, model, fashion designer, Hollywood Socialite, TMZ Celeb, Entertainment Weekly, Tabloid Queen, Phoebe Price... She is D listed and is literally in the tabloids weekly across the globe... Tune in as Phoebe spills the beans and find out what she has got going on!!! --- Support this podcast:
 Like Quentin Tarantino movies? Planning on watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Our guest plays Honey Daddy!!! TUNE in and watch as Mariano "Big Dawg" Mendoza was able to catch up with Mark Krenik, Actor, Stuntman, Martial Artist, Model, and U.S. Veteran for an exclusive in-person interview. Mark and Mariano had a blast blowing stuff up too!  --- Support this podcast:
 Interview with Pete Allman and Co-Host Mariano "Big Dawg" Mendoza on Big Dawg's Corner of ANEW podcast. Pete is an Actor, Producer, TV Show Host, Red Carpet Interviewer, and Donald Trump Impersonator. Find out what Pete has going on, where he'll be and what you can see him in now!  go to  --- Support this podcast:
Exclusive Interview with 2 Doses, World Star viral sensation, Rapper, Entertainer and U.S. Army Veteran. --- Support this podcast:
In the season finale of After Dusk with Dawn Piercy in The History of The Americas, Part 2 of 2 Guest Actor Gary Farmer and Host Dawn Piercy talk about exploiters, The Longest Walk, The Trail of Tears, Slavery and much more! We also talk about what Gary has going on. --- Support this podcast:
 Tune in for our exclusive interview with Gina La Piana,  Actress, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, and Comedian. You may have seen her in several of your favorite Movies and TV series. --> link in bio --- Support this podcast:
 As we shift into the start of the conclusion of the first season on After Dusk with Dawn Piercy with The History of The Americas Part 1 of 2, Native American Actor, Music Artist and Songwriter Gary Farmer stops by the ANEW podcast studio to give us a history lesson on Native American culture, myths and legends, the invasion of the Americas, what he has got going on and much more. --- Support this podcast:
 Interview with the creator of the Inspire Me Movement, Inspire Me Studio and the online Radio Show... Inspire Me with Stacey Marie.  --- Support this podcast:
 The History of Shapeshifting Part 4 of 4 wraps up all we have talked about in parts 1-3 and moves into unsolved and mysterious disappearances. In America there are over 20,000 unsolved cases alone, many vanished with no clues left as to what happened to them. Throughout the world it is millions.  link in bio --- Support this podcast:
 Interview with actor, music artist, lyricist and now fashion designer Skool Boy Bliss AKA Jason Negron. He has worked on films from The Hunger Games to the Divergent series and is taking the music industry by storm. Tune in and find out what he's got going on and what's coming soon, including his new line of clothing BKING!  For FULL experience go to --- Support this podcast:
In The History of Shapeshifting Part 3 of 4 we shift our discussion to Shadow People, what they are, the different types and how they present themselves to us, to Shimmers, Aliens, and Abductions... Have you seen a Shadow Person? If you have, did they cause you harm? Ever see a UFO or dealt with an Alien abduction? If you have, you are not alone... For the full experience visit --- Support this podcast:
Interview with the Cake Boss of the West Coast Tina Rivera, owner and designer at Custom Sweetz! For full experience go to --- Support this podcast:
Tune in as we discuss the Anunnaki, Shapeshifting Aliens, Hybrids, Reptilians, Shadow People and what Shimmers are in Part 2 of 4 of The History of Shapeshifting... with special guest Co-Host, Author- Brian Dennis Hartford. Go to for the full experience --- Support this podcast:
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