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The JIA Radio Network was first known as the Cloverleaf Radio Network.
It was founded by Ian Boothby on March 5th, 2008, broadcasting its first few shows out of a backroom in the station at the college. In 2009, "The New Dimension" brought about The Cloverleaf Radio Network, adding segments, radio reunions, special guest interviews, live broadcasts and interviews, and, in 2018, with the addition of friends Josh and Ariana, The network became "JIA" and expanded its horizon which now streams over 15 different networks!
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113 Episodes
COVIDleaf Radio (Cloverleaf) host "The Host with the Most" Jimmy Falcon welcomes back horror king, Bill Oberst Jr! Known for a Daytime Emmy Award-winning performance in "Take This Lollipop" and a ratings-winning role on CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds," Bill Oberst Jr. is an American actor of stage and screen whose real-life gentleness and interest in things spiritual are at odds with his often macabre screen persona. Ron Chaney, great-grandson of Lon Chaney, presented Oberst with the first Lon Chaney Award For Outstanding Achievement In Independent Horror Films in 2014. --- Support this podcast:
COVIDleaf (Cloverleaf) Radio's host The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon welcomes Actor and Musician Scott Schiaffo back to the show! --- Support this podcast:
CLOVIDleaf (Cloverleaf) Radio's host "The Host with the Most" Jimmy Falcon "The King of the Quarantine" welcomes back, longtime friend, Writer/Author/Actor/Publisher, Brian K. Morris! Born in Danville, Illinois, Brian K. Morris has wanted to be a writer since seventh grade. Since that realization, he's written mini-comics, business plans, ad copy for print, TV, and radio, written audio plays, produced/co-hosted/co-wrote a podcast, and since 1999, he's been an "award winning" playwright. From 2008 until 2016, he's been a partner with The Metro Players, a group of performers who produce skits for the start and the finish to the annual Superman Celebration held in Metropolis, Illinois. In that year, Brian also added acting to his resume, appearing in local community theater as well as a documentary and a couple of independent films. In 2013, he became a part of the Script Development team for Audio Movies, LLC. Also, he wrote Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior based on the Valiant Comics character for the Kindle Worlds program. This was followed up with Santastein: The Post-Holiday Prometheus, Conflict: A Study in Heroic Archetypes, and a new series Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion. He's also contributed to the short story anthologies With Great Power, Malicious Mysteries, and Metahumans Vs. The Ultimate Evil. Turning his writing to comic books, Brian has written (for BiMor Comics) Nature Boy, The Purple Claw, and Dr. Anthony King, Hollywood Love Doctor. He also has a Black Fury story with Charlton NEO as well as a secret project for Pwhack Comics. He lives in Indiana with his wife and too many comic books. He maintains his Freelance Words and Vulcana pages on Facebook, edits and writes for Silver Phoenix Entertainment (Tales of Bachelor's Grove, Kadrolsha Ona, and a horror western to be named later) and wishes he didn't need to sleep so much. --- Support this podcast:
CLOVIDleaf (Cloverleaf) Radio's host, "The Host with the Most" "The King of the Quarantine" welcomes longtime (retired) Professional Wrestler, Davey O'Hannon! As he once said in a ringside interview, Davey O'Hannon has a "Ph.D. in professional wrestling." During the 1970s and 80s, O'Hannon wrestled in territories across the  United States and Puerto Rico, and toured internationally in Japan, Canada, and Hong Kong. In more than 3000 matches spanning an 18-year ring career, O'Hannon faced  off with a who's who of opponents in shows at Madison Square Garden and other major arenas. Today, O'Hannon is considered one of the top "workers" of his generation. "If there was a Hall of Fame for 'workers,' Davey would be inducted in one of the first classes," said Tony Vellano, IPWHF Vice President. In professional wrestling  terms, this distinction means that O'Hannon possessed the rare ability to consistently deliver high-quality matches with a diverse set of opponents. Most of the time,  O'Hannon performed the role of "heel," or villain, and fans would delight in seeing him defeated by their heroic "babyface." Though he had a talent for drawing "heat" from wrestling audiences, Davey O'Hannon is undoubtedly a good guy and friend to the IPWHF. "He is a true gentleman,"  Vellano said, reflecting on their two decades of collaboration. O'Hannon was an early and active supporter of Vellano's work, serving on the board of his first pro  wrestling museum (formerly in Amsterdam, NY) and contributing significantly to the success of that project. O'Hannon has continued to advocate for a distinguished  hall of fame for his fellow professional wrestlers, which he will now help to create with the IPWHF. A native of New Jersey, O'Hannon knew he wanted to be a pro wrestler at seven years old. He remembers being in the audience when  Bruno Sammartino defeated Buddy  Rogers for the world championship at Madison Square Garden, and how that moment inspired him to pursue his own wrestling carer.  "I started bugging the promotors,"  says O'Hannon. That's when he met Arnold Skaaland, an agent with Capitol Wrestling, a New York-area promotion that operated the World Wide Wrestling Federation and  later became WWF/WWE. "Skaaland told me to go to college and then come back and see him," O'Hannon remembers. --- Support this podcast:
COVIDleaf Radio's (Cloverleaf) host, "The Host with the Most" "The King of the Quarantine" welcome Actor/Stuntman, Ed Gale! Ed left his hometown two years after graduating from Plainwell High School (Plainwell, Michigan) at the age of 20 with $41 in his pocket and hitched a ride California to pursue his dream of being not a "star", but a steady working Hollywood "actor". His very first experience in the "biz" was auditioning for and subsequently winning the lead role of Howard The Duck. Initially he was told "you are too tall" (he keeps that letter readily available in his living-room and often refers to it with a humble smile). Early in his career, Ed had performed many of his own stunts such as being run over by a big rig, flying on wires, fight scenes, being tossed, thrown & dropped great distances, and crashing through the windshield of a moving vehicle. However, his most impressive stunts just might be his Full Body Burns in the first Child's Play movie and his Full Body Burn while "flying" on wires in Leprechaun 3. Ed Gale has appeared in over 130 Television Shows, Films, and Commercials to date; playing some of Hollywood's most famous (and infamous) characters such as "Howard" in the movie Howard The Duck; "Chucky" in Child's Play, Child's Play 2, and the Bride of Chucky; "Birdie the Early Bird" in one of the very few McDonland's commercials in which "Birdie" actually flew; "Tasha" (the baby dinosaur in the ABC Saturday morning kids show The New Land of the Lost; and the "The Mole" in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Other popular films to Ed Gale's credit include; Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Mom & Dad Save the World, and the Christmas Holiday Hit: the Polar Express. Out of Costume, Ed has played some rather notable "human" roles as well; "Hank Tarver" (The District), "Oscar" (3rd Rock from the Sun), "Stan" (Santa, Jr.), "Benson" (Call Me Claus), "Mr. Larry Briggs" (The Hughley's), "Jimmy" (Just Shoot Me), and "Baby Jesus" (Grounded for Life). Ed is probably most recognized for his roles as "Lavalle" (Bones), "Little Prisoner" (My Name is Earl), "Simon McKay" (Baywatch) and as the "Little Man" (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) Ed has starred, co-starred, & guest starred along side of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the likes of which include: Lea Thompson, Kym Whitley, John Candy, Mel Brooks, Keanu Reeves, Catherine Hicks, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Ray Liotta, Charlton Heston, Billy Bob Thornton, Jeffrey Jones, Teri Garr, Hal Sparks, Holly Robinson-Peete, Caroline Rhea, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Bobby Lee and many, many more! Ed Gale is no stranger to Television Commercials either, pitching such products as: Burger King, Toys R US, Cingular Wireless, Best Buy, Progressive Insurance, Nike, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (with Fabio), Kinko's, Twisted Metal 4, Taco Bell, Polaroid Cameras, Snapple, McDonald's, Holiday Inn, Nissan Cars (Japan), California Eggs, & Sony Video. (just to name a few!) --- Support this podcast:
Re Broadcast 2016 Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and special guest host, Former WWF and NWA Referee Mac McMurray, as we welcome, Former NWA and WWF Superstar, WWE Trainer, Steve Keirn AKA Doink and Skinner! Stephen Paul Keirn (born September 10, 1951) is an American retired professional wrestler. He is a graduate of Port Tampa's Robinson High School. He is best known for his appearances in multiple National Wrestling Alliance territories as one-half of the tag team The Fabulous Ones, as well as his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation under the ring name  Skinner. In the summer of 1991, Keirn debuted in the WWF as Skinner, an alligator hunter from the Florida Everglades.He was portrayed as a generally nasty individual, always chewing on tobacco and sometimes spitting it on his opponent. He carried an  alligator claw to the ring with him, which he would often use as a weapon against his opponents. He competed in the 1991  King of the Ring tournament, defeating Virgil in the first round but losing to Bret Hart in the second round.While  still being billed as undefeated, he challenged Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship at This Tuesday in Texas  on December 3, 1991 but lost by submission.Skinner competed in the 1992 Royal Rumble, lasting 2:13 before being  eliminated by Rick Martel. At WrestleMania VIII, he was defeated in one minute and eleven seconds by Owen Hart. Keirn competed in the 1993 Royal Rumble but was eliminated by Mr. Perfect at the 3:05 mark. While in the WWF, Keirn  also portrayed Doink the Clown on occasion. At WrestleMania IX, Keirn helped the original Doink defeat Crush by  attacking Crush dressed as Doink during the match.Keirn left the WWF in April 1993.  Since the late 1980s, Keirn has run a school to train wrestlers. Originally located in Tampa, Florida, Keirn's  "Professional Wrestling School of Hard Knocks" is now located in Brandon, Florida.Keirn helped train many wrestlers,  including Mike Awesome, Dennis Knight, Joe "Destiny" Clapp, Diamond Dallas Page, Dustin Rhodes and Tracy Smothers. The school was incorporated into the WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling where Keirn was  President of the FCW and made regular appearances on FCW television. In 2013 FCW was discontinued after the opening  of the WWE Performance Center. --- Support this podcast:
* Re Broadcast 2016 Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Playboy Playmate and Actress, Cathy St. George! Lovely, buxom and slender blonde model, actress and make-up artist Cathy St. George was born on August 23, 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia. An Army brat, Cathy moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. St. George started out working for "Playboy" as a make-up artist. Cathy was the Playmate of the Month in the August, 1982 issue of "Playboy." She posed with her sister  Toni for a pictorial in the April, 1985 issue of "Playboy." Moreover, St. George has appeared in a handful of "Playboy"  special edition publications and was featured in several "Playboy" videos. Cathy not only has acted in a few films and TV  shows, but also has modeled for various artists. In addition, she has worked as a make-up artist in print, film, and  television. Cathy owns a dog named Tallulah and makes regular appearances at assorted conventions held all over America. Cathy St. George lives in New York City. --- Support this podcast:
* Re Broadcast from 2016 Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Actor/Producer/Casting Director, Joseph D'Agosta! Joseph "Joe" D'Agosta was the casting director of Star Trek: The Original Series during its entire three-season run,  starting with the first pilot, "The Cage". He was also the casting director of Mission: Impossible, The Lucy Show and  Mannix at the same time, which were all produced by Desilu. D'Agosta started out as an actor, but very soon turned to  casting. D'Agosta worked as assistant casting director on Gene Roddenberry's series, The Lieutenant, which starred Gary  Lockwood. However, after the controversial episode To Set It Right (guest starring Nichelle Nichols and Don Marshall),  the US Navy withdrew its support from the series, and Roddenberry needed to hire extras from elsewhere. D'Agosta found a  quick and cheap solution for this, and was thus promoted to the show's main casting director.  After The Lieutenant was cancelled, D'Agosta was hired by Twentieth Century Fox for a motion picture, but he turned down  that offer, when Roddenberry contacted him to do the casting for his new science fiction project, Star Trek, feeling he  would benefit much better from constant employment on a series than a few weeks' paycheck at Fox. During his career in casting, spanning more than four decades, D'Agosta worked on both television and film. His credits  include The Brady Bunch, and films such as Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986). D'Agosta is the husband of actress  Barbara Baldavin, whom he cast as Angela Martine in "Balance of Terror", "Shore Leave", and "Space Seed", and as Lisa in  "Turnabout Intruder". Sean Morgan, a regular bit player on Star Trek was a college friend of D'Agosta, which lead to him  being cast in smaller roles on the series. He was also a classmate of Ralph Maurer at acting school, and cast him in two  episodes of Star Trek. --- Support this podcast:
*Re Broadcast from 2016 Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome longtime WWF/E Creative team member and manager, "Brother Love" Bruce Prichard! Bruce Prichard is an American podcaster and professional wrestling booker, commentator, manager, and producer. He is currently signed to WWE, where he is currently working as the Executive Director of SmackDown. As a manager for the promotion, Prichard performed under the ring name Brother Love and served as the original manager of The Undertaker. During Prichard's run as Brother Love, he hosted his own segment, The Brother Love Show where he would usually support the heel wrestlers. After leaving WWE in 2008, Prichard served as the Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. --- Support this podcast:
*Re Broadcast 2014 Cloverleaf Radio's host The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon welcomes Actor and Radio Personality, Doug Barron! Doug Barron is a Canadian Actor known for known for Poor Boy's Game (2007), Ice Castles (2010) and Reversible Errors (2004). He has appeared on Trailer Park Boys playing Steve Rogers, a news reporter for Channel 10. As technical director, actor and radio host, has been working with CBC radio since 1978. An experienced musician, he plays drums with the 'Barbeque Kings',  composes music for radio and TV commercials, and has released several CDs of his own music.  --- Support this podcast:
*Re Broadcast from 2016 Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Actor Larry Flash Jenkins to the show. --- Support this podcast:
Cloverleaf Radio's host The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon welcomes Actor/Producer/Writer/Stuntman, Robert LaSardo! LaSardo was born in Brooklyn, New York. He began his career studying at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City  where he became an honors student, before going on to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He spent four years in the U.S.  Navy. For two of those years, he handled Navy attack dogs in the Aleutian Islands. Due to his work in the army his supports USA Cares, an organisation that supports families of soldiers. LaSardo started his acting career in 1987 with the independent film China Girl by Abel Ferrara. After several smaller roles he appeared in award winning TV series such as The X-Files, Nip/Tuck or CSI: Miami, most often playing the bad guy involved in drug dealing or even being the leader of a drug gang. He also played in several movies portraying similar ruthless characters, including blockbuster productions, such as Waterworld or The Mule with Clint Eastwood. In the last two decades he appeared often  in independent horror movies, such as in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), Autopsy or Parlor (film) where he plays an tatoo  artist in the lead role. LaSardo lives with his family at the West Coast in California and published several books including an  autobiography.  --- Support this podcast:
(Re Broadcast from 2016) Cloverleaf Radio's host The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon welcomes Adult Film star, Riley Grey, recorded IN PERSON at the 2016 Dark History and Horror Con in Champaign, IL! --- Support this podcast:
Podcast Hosts, Josh, Ian and Ariana chill out in their studio to talk about their favorite childhood movies from the 80s and 90s era. Perhaps you will remember some of their favorites too! --- Support this podcast:
Russell Jackson is a writer, illustrator and fan of metal music. He loves weird literature and visual story-telling. On this episode, he discusses Crawling Chaos and touches on the topic of sparkling vampires with hosts, Ariana R. Cherry and Josh Annis.  --- Support this podcast:
In part 3 of Meet the Author Series, Poet & Host speaks with one of her good friends in the "writing field," author & publisher of Rising Tides Publications, Brian K Morris. Brian K Morris took the leap of faith to writing full time when he was let go from his job back in 2012... Now, he's helping others rise with him. Brian has experience in public speaking, writing, marketing, editing, and all the tools that go with helping create a successful writing career. It is all about having a dream, creating goals - and reaching them, as you ride with the tide.  This episode is packed with plenty of good material for the writer who is starting out and has taken that leap of faith... Get your notebook and pen ready for this fun, yet informational episode. Learn more about Rising Tide Publications at: Need some essentials for your poetry? Check out Poetry Essentials Hub at  #publishing #authors #writing #poetry #publisher --- Support this podcast:
The JIA Network has just let its most random goofiest show out of its cage- Where anything goes. It is packed with random stories, quotes, impersonations and jokes galore.... Tune in and have some fun with this new broadcast! Rated R ....not for little minds. --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever had a lot of commotion in your mind? Are you ever afraid someone might see what you are thinking - by either looking into your eyes - or seeing your expression? .... Sometimes we fear others finding out our deepest thoughts, so we avoid their gaze.... Tune into a poetry reading by author and host of Night Moves Radio, Ariana R Cherry as she reads her original poem, "Stories in my Head."  --- Support this podcast:
  Cloverleaf Radio's host The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon welcomes Actor and Comedian Allan "G-Man" Gitlin! Mr. Gitlin is armed with a sharp tongue and a quick wit. He has been known to strike without warning! Allan Gitlin....The Jack Of All Comedy and Trades he is Charismatic, crazy, creative, daring, dastardly, hilarious, hyper, hysterical and of course zany!  --- Support this podcast:
It's another trip to Tinseltown once more, as The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon (sadly absent Jane Park Smith) welcomes Actor Sandy Helberg, Best known for his work on such TV shows and movies as "High Anxiety" "Spaceballs" "History of the World" "The Hollywood Knights" "Up The Creek" "Newhart" "Trapper John MD" "MASH" "Married with Children" "Days of our Lives" "The Love Boat" and SO much more! JOIN US! --- Support this podcast:
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