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Everyday Animism is podcast hosted by Kelley Harrell, Brandice Schnabel, and Janet Roper with the intention of exploring all things animism, particularly animism in everyday life.
35 Episodes
Season 2 of Everyday Animism has come to an end, and this last conversation is about timing, shifting focus, cyclical assessment, and animistic relationship with these concepts. 🌿 Thanks for listening!
We’re halfway through another year and pondering seasonal shift, themes of summer, and how we are each entering the second half of this year.
This week is all about Kelley! This is our third episode intended to give listeners a closer look at each of the co-hosts of Everyday Animism, and this one features the wisdom-wielding Ravenclaw in the group. | Reference: Sailor J's "How to be a Ravenclaw"
This week is all about Brandice! This is our second episode intended to give listeners a closer look at each of the co-hosts of Everyday Animism, and this one features our fiery Gryffindor in the group. || Reference: |
This week is all about Janet! We’re kicking off a few episodes intended to give listeners a closer look at each of the co-hosts of Everyday Animism, and the Hufflepuff in the group obviously deserved to go first.
This week's episode falls just before May Day, May 1st, or the mid-point in the spring season (in the northern hemisphere). We explore personal animistic experience of this time and our ways of observing spring as it exists at this point in our year. Now available on Podcoin as well.
Q&A episode this week! Animistic explorations of what happens when physical forms change or die, the best kitty litter, and whether animism is pagan. (Thank you for your patience with some sound issues this week.)
This week is an exploration of the broken path, something experienced by those of us on a spiritual path that we've had to cultivate on our own without the support of a direct lineage. We carefully explore what it's like for each of us to try to navigate a broken path while remaining flexible, aware of the painful aspects, and always open to any new understanding of our right (or lack of) to specific spiritual practices.
Spring is coming! Mercury is retrograde! This week is an exploration of season and the themes of spring as they present themselves in both our inner and external lives. Join us in exploring how we show up for the changing season, talk about Brandice's seasonal offering, congratulate Janet on her new website digs, and celebrate a thoughtful review of Kelley's Runic Book of Days.Reference:Soulfully in Season: The Spring SessionsJanet Roper: Animist, Elder, CommunicatorRunic Book of Days by Kelley Harrell
This week we talk about the internet and technology, and what these things mean to us as animists. We'll definitely continue this conversation, which branched off in too many directions to address with just one episode. References:Cybernetic animism: Non-human personhood and the internet, by Devin ProctorThe internet of things and a planetary vision by Kwame Ferreira
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