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The Quit Your Day Job Podcast by Spreadshop

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The QUIT YOUR DAY JOB podcast is here to remind you that YOU ARE NOT YOUR DAY JOB! We want to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. we'll talk to some amazing creators, small businesses and side hustlers and hear their story. Plus, we're going to drop as MUCH knowledge as we can, from merchandise strategy, branding, designs.... OH, it's gonna be RAD. Subscribe nowso you don't miss a beat.
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Welcome to the first episode of the QUIT YOUR DAY JOB podcast, where we wish to remind you that YOU ARE NOT YOUR DAY JOB! We want to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!  In future episodes we'll talk to some amazing creators, small businesses and side hustlers and hear their story. Plus, we're going to drop as MUCH knowledge as we can, from merchandise strategy, branding, designs.... OH, it's gonna be RAD. So, be sure you subscribe right now wherever you're listening or watching so you don't miss a beat. And we'll be recording this live on our Youtube so subscribe there as well if you want to drop live questions at us.  Today the crew explores a few key questions: 1. What job did you really hate and want to quit, and bonus points if you quit it?  2. Why the hell do you stay at our current day job? (Spreadshop) 3. What passion do you wish you could do full time?  Then we drop a bunch of motivating knowledge just like we promised we would. Fear of failure? Throw that out your brain! It's time for you to get started.... let's see if we can give you the shove you need to QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!
🔥Back in the saddle again....  with a new direction for our little podcast. We were really good at dropping all kinds of knowledge about the merch game, but now we're gonna drop knowledge ALL OVER THE DANG PLACE!!! Spreadshop podcast is now the BYOB Podcast, brought to you by I'll be dropping tips and strategies you can use to help you build your own personal brand or even your own mega brand.  In my first swing at bat, I talk a little about my trip to eTail East 2019, where I was honored to speak on stage about "growth hacking" and building scrappy teams of experts. I could literally talk about this all day, and i did, for 4 whole days at eTail! It was a great time, full of big brands and fancy people. I recorded a piece of my talk to share with you all.  I hope you can use these few tips within your own journey of building your brand. And hey, if you need merch, I know a guy who knows a guy... 🔥
When selling merch online in your own store, we can all benefit from a little insider know-how. The Spreadshop insiders are always excited to field your questions. Whether you reach out via socials, forums, or chats, the team is at the ready to continue the conversation on how you can get the most out of your online merchandising efforts. In this week’s edition of the MerchCast podcast, the team was up to the task.  The format: three hosts; three questions. Taking recent questions from the interwebs, the gang responds in this lighthearted episode.  If you have questions on anything MERCH related, be sure to hit us up or send your audio questions in the Anchor App!
Many people overthink their merchandise before launching. Or they've never even tried selling merch before but they're worried about the variety of products that are available. In Today's Merch Cast the gang reminds you that it all starts with that FIRST SALE!  Listen in for our tips, and then take this week's challenge to start with ONE SHIRT! And it's a great week to try as you can offer your shirt with this free shipping promo January 29 - February 2  with Code: SHIP4U19 at checkout.  Let us know how it goes for you! And if you don't have a shop yet, get one for free at 
"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett  In today's Spreadshop MerchCast the guys talk all about how to learn from your failures and then win big! Maybe you've launched your custom merch and made no sales even after you had fans begging you for merch, or maybe it's just not how you envisioned it would be. Don't give up yet, listen to these key pointers and come back even stronger in the merch game.  Of course, the great thing about Spreadshop is you don't risk anything as it's absolutely free to use. No monthly fees or any of that BS to deal with. And an added bonus is, you can actually launch as many shops in your account as you wish. See for yourself at
It's the night before Christmas at Spreadshop and all the merch makers are tucked away quietly in their beds waiting for Santa to arrive. But just because the big holiday is here doesn't mean the gift giving season is over, far from it! In this episode we give you some tips and reminders to always be thinking ahead for your promotions and upcoming holiday seasons. Also, Moose's Uncle Frank stops by for a holiday surprise! We hope all of our listeners enjoy the Holiday season!
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This is it! We've chosen the winners of our first Shop Launch Challenge and announcing them here! Listen as we travel into the future to surprise the winner live on the podcast! If you missed out on the fun and want to be alerted for future Shop Launch Challenges, sign up at today.
It's the final week of our first "Shop Launch Challenge", wherein if you launch a free Spreadshop by Black Friday (Friday November 23, 2018) and follow our simple tips, you could be eligible to win $500 in cash and prizes! Full details and signup at Listen to today's episode for some launcher shout outs, tips and more! There's still plenty of time left! Get Launching!!!
In this week's episode, the gang gives an update on what's been going on in the first week of the Shop Launch Challenge and reminds you there's still plenty of time to get involved in the community, as well as a special offer for launchers only! Launch your free merch shop by Black Friday (Nov 23) for a chance to win $500. Complete rules and details at
Shop Launch Challenge!

Shop Launch Challenge!


This is it! Our limited time SHOP LAUNCH CHALLENGE starts today through Black Friday! (Nov 23rd) Listen in to find out how you could be eligible to win over $500 in cash and prizes just from launching a Spreadshop this month! To officially join in on the fun (and all the complete terms and conditions!) you'll need to enter at and follow the instructions.
In this episode the gang sits down with new shop owner "Mason" to find out what his passions truly are behind that creepy mask. With every sale in Mason's Spreadshop he's one day closer to quitting his day job out at the lake and pursuing his true passion for cooking full time! You can check out Mason's Spreadshop at , and of course launch your own free merch shop anytime at
In this episode the gang chats with Aleasha Monroe of West Overton Village and Museums to discuss how a non-profit can use merch to help raise funds and stock their gift shop. "With high quality products and printing, no big time commitment and zero overhead there really wasn't a reason not to do this. For small non-profits print on demand is the perfect solution for your merch." - Aleasha Monroe. Online merch isn't just for Youtube creators and famous personalities. There really IS a Spreadshop for any passion or project. We're thrilled so many great non-profits are choosing Spreadshop as their online merch solution.
In today's Merch Cast, Marketing Guru Saul Colt joins us to discuss how he uses his personal brand's merch not only for fantastic promotional purposes, but also to build a connection with his audience and how your merch can help you build your brand. Bonus story: We wanted to know how Saul knows Aaron Draplin (one of our favorite designers ever) and how he scored an awesome logo from Draplin! He also lets us in on the shocking story behind his trademark red glasses and fancy kicks! We're stealing this idea! (with permission of course!)
We have some breaking news from Spreadshop land as the gang talks about an awesome new Spreadshop feature, that's of course completely free to use! Moose doesn't know how this can even be free.... but we assure you it's 1000% free. Unlike other players out there in the custom merch game, Spreadshop never charges you for these awesome features. In fact, we love taking the feedback we receive, giving it to our Wizards so they can cook up some amazing magic to make your experience even more fantastic! ❓To answer Moose's question of "How is this even free??! The answer is simple! The better we make the custom shop experience for you, the more you'll want to sell, and when you sell we all make money. We then keep reinvesting that money on better products and tools for creators. 🧗 We're climbing this Merch mountain together!
This week the Merch Cast gang discusses their design tool journeys, favorite apps, tips, tricks and more. Whether you're an aspiring designer just starting out or a seasoned pro, bring your ears and listen to us discuss just how fortunate we are to live in this day and age of design technology!
This week the gang sits down with Mr. Bubz's owner, Lizze Gordon, (AKA the Motherwife!) to talk about the internet's new top dog, what it's like to be the mother of a viral hit, and why Mr. Bubz decided to go with Spreadshop for his custom merch shop! "Just looking at the site and how easy it is to manage as a creative myself. It was a no-brainer. It’s just so simple. You upload the image, you launch it, you design it yourself, or you can have someone design it for you, its too easy. And I’ve got other stuff going on in my life, the less I have to worry about, branding the dark prince, the better, you know? What I like about Spreadshop is my fans can go in there and pick the color of the shirt they want, we get inspired by their designs just as they do ours. And it’s so fun and I love they can go in there and make their own phrase." - Motherwife Insert your demonic hissing sounds here! And ALL HAIL MR. BUBZ!
If you're looking for the very best advice for starting an online t-shirt brand, look no further than Amorphia Apparel! Amorphia founder, Jeremy Kalgreen, talks candidly with us about over a decade of successfully selling shirts for nerds online. What has he learned along the way? What would he do differently now? Learn all his best tips and tricks. 🧡 Amorphia Apparel is one of one of our longest running (and our most favorite!) Spreadshop owners in North America, so you can consider this sage-like advice for building your own brand! Who knows, maybe if you deploy some of Jeremy's advice you could be the next Amorphia Apparel. You can get your shirt empire started today at
What do Fried Koalas, Oreo cookies and an instagram famous parrot have in common? Listen to today's Behind the Shop interview with new hire Jonathan Fernandez to find out! In this episode you'll discover Jonathan's delicious side hustle he managed between jobs! We love having creative employees that know that entrepreneur life! Bonus conversation! D.J., Nate and Jonathan reveal to Moose all of their favorite things about visiting the Boston office from Pittsburgh. Hint... It's definitely NOT the sports teams. ;)
In today's Merch Cast, the gang is up in Boston and we sit down with our own Social Media Queen, Lauren 🍍's, where she tells us just how much she LOVES Pittsburgh sports teams.... Just kidding! She's New England all the way. Lauren spills the beans on what it takes to be a Content Marketing Manager these days. She also monitors all of our socials and gets asked ALL the weirdest questions. Can you guess what the safest, weirdest question is? While you're listening, get in on the fun and open your own free Spreadshop and start selling custom merch today.
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