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We speak with veterans living well to determine where they came from and how they got to where they are now.
17 Episodes
DRC17 - Doug Kiesewetter

DRC17 - Doug Kiesewetter


Keith talks to Doug about his journey from Texas oilfield worker to National Guard Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. This path presented many entrepreneurial endeavors, including Doug’s current position as Director of Content and #1 Gunbunny at SOFLETE.
We’re back. Ryan is jumping into the mix with us and we are getting the podcast going again after dedicating some time to other DRC projects. On that note, this episode is an explanation of our audio absence and the book we have funneled all that time and effort into.•
It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Captain Alex Horton.Alex talks about her time assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command and her experience as a Cultural Support Team member/instructor. Finally we discuss Freed-OM Holistic and how her experience in the CST program helped to shape the way she approaches healing. We are looking forward to her impending transition out of the active duty Army and the things her and her team plan to accomplish.
DRC14: Rory Patrick Hamill

DRC14: Rory Patrick Hamill


Rory Patrick Hamill joins us in this episode to discuss his ups and downs before, during and after his time in the Marine Corps. He identifies several stressors and saviors, including how a not-for-profit helped him to gain confidence and camaraderie back that he thought had lost after leaving the military.
In our 13th episode we talk to Johnny about how a troubled past lead him and many others to a career in special operations. He explains how much of his career was spent trying to prove things to others, which inspired the title of his upcoming literary attempt, "Proving Myself To Me."
In our 12th episode we were able to connect with Justin Eggen and discuss his current books Outside The Wire: A US Marine's Collection of Poems and Short Stories Volume I&II. We talk about Justin's transition, his creative process and how he plans to continue to provide for his family while writing full-time.https://jtecollection.com
Ben Bunn joins us to discuss how he planned his transition and coordinated it with the launch of his business, Cigar City Crossfit. We also talk about his experiences with the veteran community, nonprofit industry, health and relationships.
In this episode our guest and long time friend, Thomas Tartaglia, co-owner of Recon Rings and Tango Charlie Apparel discusses the current climate of entrepreneurship among veterans and why his businesses feel the need to involve the physical community in which they exist. by Recon Rings & Arrowhead Coffee CompanyAll music written and recorded by Timothy Mueller
In this episode Rob Cosman & Luther joined us. Luther briefly talks about his time in the U.S. Army and Rob tells his story from a kid cutting lumber to the craftsman he is today. Together they share their story that lead them to starting the Purple Heart Project and all that the program offers. Their passion to help men find the calm woodworking offers is admirable and inspiring.
In this episode we welcome Jordan Laird. Jordan talks about his time as a Marine Scout Sniper and his failure to make arrangements that allowed a smooth transition out of the Marine Corps. Although he has made mistakes that have severely impacted his life and others, he has taken accountability for his actions and adapted to his circumstances.
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