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Lead Like You Give a Damn

Author: Dave McKeown

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Learn how to master the craft of leadership with Dave McKeown, CEO of Outfield Leadership and some fantastic guests.

Each week we look at a different aspect of becoming a leader of authenticity, purpose, and effectiveness.

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22 Episodes
Accountability is the holy grail of leadership. Millions of dollars are spent every year to help leaders build a culture where their people want to take ownership and go the extra mile for their team. Yet achieving it across your organization often seems elusive. In this week's episode, Henry Evans, CEO of Dynamic Results, shares why emotional safety is the foundation of building accountability and how to create an environment where people feel valued. Like this episode? I'd love for you to rate and review it!
My guest pulled out at the last minute this week so I decided to do a reading of Chapter 1 of The Self-Evolved Leader because who doesn't want to hear an author read their own book. I also interlaced some author's notes on the chapter. There's also a great offer in here to pick up the Kindle version of the book for 99 cents. Just go to and grab a copy. Better yet, grab some for your team and walk through it together!
They say the best way to grow is to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Every time I talk with Shannon Minifie, CEO of Box of Crayons, I feel like my IQ increases by a couple of points. In this interview we talk about curiosity, learning how to learn, and how she managed to rise to become the CEO of Box of Crayons whilst getting a Ph.D. Like the podcast? I'd love for you to rate it on Itunes or Spotify!
There's no guest this week as I wanted to spend some time devoted to your questions. We tackle two big issues in this episode: 1. How to host engaging, focused, and helpful online meetings 2. How to give developmental feedback without being a jerk! I hope you enjoy the show. As always feel free to leave a review and let me know!
Casey Graham is one of the most warm-hearted, forward-thinking leaders I know. In this episode, we explore how to overcome setbacks, failures, and frustrations in order to build a new path forward. Whether you're looking to rebuild your business or take a new approach to how you lead, this is a must-listen episode. Catch up with all Casey is up to at
We kick off season 2 with a superb returning guest, Michael Bungay Stanier. The theme for this season is 'Where to from here?' and Michael provides some deep insight into how curiosity, humility, and resiliency can help you lead in times of crisis.  Leave a review and let us know what was most useful!
I had a chance meeting with Joe Jaffe this week on LinkedIn and it led to a great conversation on the podcast. We talked about patience, building endurance and the importance for leaders to find authenticity and consistency in their communication. Hopefully, it serves you as we figure out 'Where do we go from here?' Leave a review and let me know what you think!
Sometimes you meet someone who you know you'll have an instant connection with. Murray Guest and Becky Hammond are two such people. Initially curious after seeing their leadership program of a very similar name to this podcast, I reached out to see if they'd like to be on the show. Their heart for authentic and purposeful leadership shines through all they do, and they're a lot of fun to boot. Listen in as we talk about how to become a leader who gives a damn.
 I’m an avid reader of novels. Most of what I read, however falls in the crime and mystery genre. I’d be pushed to name the last novel I read that was in the corporate setting. In fact, I’d be pushed to even be able to find one. That is until Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss came along. Jennifer and Michael are corporate communication experts and have just released Operation Clusterpuck. A thrilling read that will have you feeling like somebody is watching through your webcam.  Listen as we talk through the novel, leadership lessons within it and how to stay afloat in the world of corporate America.
What's in a word? Turns out pretty much everything. The conversations we have every day have the power to move us toward our collective goals or further away from them. This week's guest, Stacey Engle, has forged a career helping people, groups and teams have more purposeful and meaning conversations. Listen as we talk through the leadership lessons from her career and a simple process you can implement for having more effective conversations.
They say there's nothing new left in the world. Yet sometimes it's not about finding new ideas, it's about finding new ways to apply them says Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media. Shama was one of the first experts in social media branding when she started out 11 years ago. Over the years as the industry has shifted, she's found the ability to re-apply some of the lessons she learned when she first started out. Listen as Shama tells her story of early success, the leadership lessons she's learned in building her company and how they've reacted to an ever changing industry.
I recently shared this keynote to 600 leaders in the food service industry. I get into why I think our current leadership models are failing us and how I believe we need to get a firm grip on our leadership identity to accelerate our growth.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed sharing it!  As always, drop me a note at with any questions.
Learning through experience is at the core of developing as a leader. Yet how to make that happen is often an elusive subject. Given the myriad ways in which people grow and the ubiquitous access to content, how can we truly know that we (and our team) are focusing on the right things at the right time in order to benefit our organization? Julie Wilson has spent her life pursuing the answer to these questions with a dual focus on rigorous academic study and deep industry practice. In this episode she shares with us why every person has the seed of greatness and potential and how to ask yourself the difficult questions to take your leadership to the next level. You'll also get a chance to hear of her life's ambition of revolutionizing our education system to better prepare our children for the future. Rarely do you get a chance to meet someone with a purpose as inspiring as Julie's. I hope you enjoy the episode!
The first time I saw it, I was hooked. I knew I had just witnessed something that was going to transform a big part of my business. Donald Miller's Storybrand framework is the simplest, most compelling model to market and sell anything. Whether it's a product or service or even a thought, vision or direction, his simple 7 step model will revolutionize your approach to connecting with and impacting other people. Listen as Don shares the Storybrand framework, it's origins in story and how you can implement it in your life as a leader.
Sean Kavanagh is the CEO of The Ariel Group. In this episode, we explore his incredible story of how he grew the company from humble beginnings into a global leadership training company, built a high performing leadership team and how a recent riding accident has impacted his outlook on building a leadership legacy.
Ever get that feeling that you want to provide some guidance and feedback to your team but you just don’t have the time? We all know that offering more “coaching” to our people is the right thing to do but carving out a spot in your schedule (let alone getting a time that works for both of you) to make it happen just seems to be more hassle than it’s worth. What if I told you that there was a way to coach your people in 10 minutes or less, without adding to your workload? Michael Bungay Stanier has cracked the code on coaching your people effectively without putting more on your plate. The goal, he says, is not to become a coach but to become more “coach-like” Listen to this episode as he shares the secrets to finding more time, asking the right questions and helping your people become the best versions of themselves.
How to ensure you're getting your message across effectively.
David Hieatt discusses purpose, intent and getting 400 people their jobs back.
Cy Wakeman on ditching the workplace drama, accepting reality and delivering results.
Grant Baldwin and Dave McKeown talk about the leadership lessons learned from the speaking circuit and building a virtual team.
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