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Author: Kory Angelin

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How education and sales philosophy fits within the fitness industry.

Find out what some of the biggest fitness influencers philosophy is when it comes to driving their fitness business and brand. Each episode of Rep It Up reveals what it takes to be successful from a business perspective as it relates to both big box gyms and studio boutiques. With the climate of fitness changing everyday, it is important to have a skill set that matches. It is not about taking the easy way out but rather taking the position in business as that of an athlete. Practicing and owning your craft to be a leader and to realize you and your teams full potential. Join Award-Winning Trainer, Kory Angelin, as he delivers his take on the fitness industry.
30 Episodes
Have you ever wondered how many times you should reach out to a potential member? Although it is important to understand how and when you should reach out to leads, it is also just as important to understand what your message should be. Whether it be phone, text or email, your messaging is just as important as how many times you are reaching out. In fact, I find that most of the time your actual conversation with a lead is different than your voicemail, email or text message. Generally speaking you want to have about 8-12 touchpoints with any lead. It is also about making sure that your messaging is all about the customer and less about your product/service. If a customer only hears what you have to offer they might feel like you are like you are just trying to sell them. You should make every touchpoint about the customer's "why" and their goals. Always remember, that the reason why a person joins a gym is to reach a goal.  
Ten years ago, Mike Nichols had a dream.  During his service in the Marine Corps he had always had a desire and passion to create a program to give active duty and Veteran service members and convert that experience into the fitness industry.  After meeting Carol Ann and Chas Rodgers through F45 they turned that idea of a program into a reality.This reality is now known globally as the F45 V.I.P. which is short for Veterans Impact Program.  It is based on 5 pillars for success: Employment- creating  employment opportunities for service members to fast track into the F45 franchise network.Internship- 12-week skill bridge program that helps active duty service members obtain the on-the-job training and education they need to work in the fitness industry.Apprenticeship- this program is designed for coaches working in an F45 studio, who want to become Master Trainers.Ownership-F45 recognizes that some of their best owner-operators are those that have served in the military.Studios on bases- the ultimate dream has become a reality in having F45 studios on military bases.Combining these 5 pillars makes the F45 V.I.P.  a Global first.
In sales, very often we ask many questions.  The problem, however, with asking questions is most often they do not further the cause of getting someone to say "yes" to purchasing your product or service.  In fact, many times we actually talk someone out of a sale because we end up sounding too salesy.  We spend most of the time talking about "what" and "how" we do things and less time about "why" someone would care.Powerful sales questions, however, can have three profound effects on the outcome of a sale. Plant seeds.  Powerful sales questions can plant effective seeds for later on in the sales cycle.Overcome objections.  Powerful sales questions can overcome objections early on so you aren't faced with them at the end.Activate the emotional part of the brain.  The part of the brain that makes decisions is the most important part to tap into because sales is emotional.When you combine all three of these types of questions you essentially make it as easy as possible for someone to say "yes" to a sale.
Nothing beats a great experience when it comes to your first workout in a new fitness facility explains Marc Arnberg, Owner of F45 Training in Dix Hills, NY.  With so many other competitors on the same road as his studio, he really prides himself on creating an inclusive experience with great staff communication.  Ally and Sam, Head Trainers, not only make it a point to know everybody's name but all the members know their names as well.  That says a lot when you have multiple classes per day and over 300 members.Marc explains that although doing a comprehensive SWOT analysis is essential when first coming into the market, it is important not to compromise membership pricing for fear of other competitors.  Understanding your own value as to what you offer far outweighs what your competition is doing.  If you truly believe in your product, then the overall customer experience is the most important aspect to separate you from everyone else.  Lowering your price just serves to de-value your brand.
In this episode, Val talks about how the greatness in selling fitness has to be around the customer experience.  When Val talks to prospects it centers around three aspects: Authenticity- you need to really be authentic when speaking with prospects.  This means active listening, as well as, asking open-ended questions. Interest- if you do not show interest in a customers story then why would they care about what you have to sell?Tactics- this has to do with understanding when is a good time to talk dollars and cents.When you put all of these strategies together you become more relatable, as well as, the ability to build trust.  Val likes to use the quote "The power of the sales is always in the prospects hands".
✅ Generating fitness leads using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many fitness brands have migrated away from hiring big marketing companies to build their brand. Instead, they use social media like Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn. There are, however, ways to maximize your messaging when using these platforms. Here are some key strategies to generate fitness leads using social media. 1. CONTENT: we all know content is King but it is the right kind of content. In fact, you need to answer one fundamental question when creating your content. Why should someone purchase your product or service. The answer should revolve around a customers fitness goals. After all, someone joins a gym because they want to reach their goal so that has to be in your messaging. This along with a clear call to action is how you engage people more often. 2. CONSISTENCY: if you do not create consistent content then what effect will it really have? You should at least be boosting one post per week to try and generate leads. Create a schedule each week so you know exactly how to formulate your content and then consistency will take care of itself. 3. CAPTIONS: a video that has captions are 70% more likely to be viewed and yet this is rarely done. There are some simple websites like that will create captions for a video for you to post. Engaging more people through captions is a great way to generate leads. Caption website: Visit our Website ➥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👇 Join us on Instagram ➥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👇 Join us on Linkedin ➥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
There are 3 keys to running a high performing fitness business.  Making sure you have these steps in place will help to ensure you both open with success but retain your customers over time.   Mastering the lead sales cycle-  from the minute that a lead comes in to the minute you decide to try and sell a membership to that potential member, what is your process.  One of the keys is to make sure that those initial conversations center around a customers goals.  After all, it is the reason they would want to join in the first placeEstablishing appropriate roles and responsibilities- hiring the right staff, as well as, to make sure they have distinct roles can make or break your business.  Providing consistent coaching as it relates to sales should be a staple for your staff so they can not only feel supported but essentially it will help them to close more deals.Unforgettable level of service- at the end of the day nothing beats a customer experience.  Dylan and Justin share what, how and why a customer experience is so important to both new member acquisition and retention of your customers. 
Ben Ludwig is no stranger to success.  he recently grand opened a Kansas gym and had over 100 members workout on day 1.  The question is how do you effectively build your brand to open with success.  Ben believes in accomplishing 3 keys in your pre-sale. Member Experience- first and foremost putting yourself in the shoes of a member.  Speaking with them initially about their goals and empowering them to talk about how they would feel reaching them. Inclusivity- keeping members engaged through various touch points along the way of a members lifecycle. Community-reaching out to your surrounding community and ask how you might be able to help them vs. what you want to give them (i.e. free passes).By having a strategy around these 3 pillars, it will create value, as Ben states, when it comes time to offer them a membership.  Greater value means greater buy in from a customer.  At the end of the day, Ben challenges people to think more about the customer side of the business rather than how great a place you have to offer.  
Having coached dozens of leaders to support their development to the next level, Kevin brings a broad industry knowledge that has helped leaders and teams increase impact and performance in the retail, food and beverage, software, fitness, hospitality/resort and construction industries. Kevin has developed innovative programs in high growth companies to drive strong employee engagement, culture and leadership development efforts through being a strong thought leader and driving results in attracting, developing and retaining talent. Kevin is passionate about helping people excel, achieve their goals and find the work that they love and inspires them.Serving leaders to create impact, develop high-performing teams, lead with purpose and intent to generate resultsWorking with Kevin, executives confidentially share their most pressing challenges:·  Struggling to create leadership influence and impact within their organization·  Lack of leadership growth in their career·  A new leader looking make immediate impact in their role·  Not achieving the results they want for themselves or the organization·  Searching for effective ways to develop high performing, engaged teamsThis often creates frustration and can lead to feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied, not generating the goals that you want for yourself, and can lead to emotional burnout.When we work together, this changes.·  You become clear on your strengths and goals·  Your ability to communicate effectively and with impact increases·  You handle conflict with greater ease·  Your leadership influence expands with higher levels of confidence·  You generate results through causing the goals you want to achieveKevin Jonell draws from more than 25 years’ experience working for companies such as Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, Vail Resorts, PeopleSoft, University of Denver and BluSky Restoration Contractors, in human resources and operations to help grow leaders and achieve the results they want.
 Maximizing your fitness profile on INDEED to land your next role Have you lost your job or actively looking for your dream one There is so much turnover in the fitness industry especially during COVID. With that in mind we talk to fitness expert turned Account Executive for INDEED on some best practices to elevate your profile. There are so many strategies when posting a resume on one of the largest job platforms in the world. Melissa explains that just in July there were more than 6 million resumes uploaded. Listen to some tricks of the trade so you can land your next role.One of the biggest changes, explains Melissa, is the switch from listing your roles and responsibilities on your resume to listing your actual results.  Employers want to see what you had achieved in your past roles vs. what the role actually was.
As Amy thinks back to all of her past roles she always found a way to live her passion in her job.  She always enjoyed blending passion with meaning even if she had bigger dreams early on in her career.  It has always been about helping more people so fitness in her mind was a natural fit.The first change in Amy's young career was leaving the athletics side, as an athlete and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, and making the move to the fitness side as a trainer.  She then worked at the Premier Health Club in San Diego where her second big break happened.  Amy's Personal Training Manager at the time had received a promotion and tapped Amy to be the next Manager.  This, after only one year as a trainer, led Amy to bigger aspirations in the industry.  Having been familiar with IDEA Health and Fitness Association her entire life, attending many of their conferences and summits, she received an opportunity later on in life to good to pass up working as the Vice President of the Fitness Group at Pocket Outdoor Media which includes IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Oxygen Magazine, IDEA China and Korea.  She is really passionate about IDEA and their initiatives.  IDEA's  members strive to provide resources and support to help you grow your career, be more successful and achieve that through many different platforms.  With five publications including the award-winning IDEA Fitness Journal, as well as, digital publications, this is where Amy has made a home trying to impact many more fitness professionals.  Ultimately it is about keeping fitness professionals in the industry longer.Given the current climate, Amy is most proud of helping to deliver on a plan that she has thought about for many years which is health insurance.  For many people in the industry out of work, this plan is for fitness professionals, as well as, small business owners.  You can sign up and/or terminate at any point throughout the year.  Amy points to the fact that it is also long overdue for the fitness industry.What is to come for this fitness icon?  IDEA WORLD Virtual Convention is the next big event hitting Aug. 21-22 and will be really unique this year.  Obviously it will be virtual but what will be different is that it will be in real time using some unique technology platforms.  Everything is LIVE!  A person will have the ability to actually engage with presenters making it really unique in this virtual environment.  With all of these different initiatives going on, it is no wonder what has been motivating Amy throughout her career.  Helping people move fwd. in the fitness industry and changing lives will always be at the heart of her mission.
Mike Nichols, Director of Military Operations for F45 Fitness had an idea 10 years ago. It was to take Veterans experience coming out of the military and to help them get jobs in the fitness industry. Mike served the Marines as a Marine Corps. Drill Instructor. for over 20 years and says that there are certain times in your life that you have to make tough decisions that can change the trajectory of your life. Entering the Military was one of those types of decisions and Mike hasn't looked back since. As a Marine Corps. Drill Instructor, Mike has always been into fitness, specifically with High Intensity Interval Training since the Marines typically use this type of programming when training. He bases his drive for results on the 14 Leadership traits: Justice, Judgement, Decisiveness, Integrity, Dependability, Tact, Initiative, Endurance, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty and Enthusiasm. While in the Marines, Mike has always been inspired by helping others and often thought about a program of sorts to help them once they leave the military. Upon leaving the Corps. after 2 decades he joined an F45 studio as a member because he was used to the H.I.I.T. type of training and was immediately attracted to the workout and community. He then pitched that idea he has had all those years back to F45 to help military servicemen get jobs at fitness facilities. Fast fwd. a decade and he has made that a reality. Mike now implemented the Veterans Impact Program and has created an entirely new Division for the fitness company. There are 5 Pillars to the program. 1. Employment 2. Dept. of Defense Internship Program 3. Apprenticeship 4. Ownership 5. Putting F45 studios on military bases There is no doubt that Mike's drive and determination is an inspiration to all and one that will continue to help Veterans for years to come #OORAH
Optimize performance and recovery with the Whoop fitness tracker says Mike Lombardi, Strategic Partnerships and Performance Manager for Whoop.  In this episode, we talk about the rise of wearable fitness technology and the 3 pillars that Whoop is based on which is strain, recovery and sleep.  Having been a high level athlete himself, Mike realized that understanding these pillars can have a profound impact on optimizing performance. Mike talks about how Whoop looks at the quality of that sleep and then one can make adjustments to their training program depending on that data.Whoop can now stage all of that data along with heart rate data and can give you a good idea of when you are in light sleep, REM sleep and slow sleep .  This allows them to prompt changes that you can make to increase performance.
Learning the 5 stages of customer awareness is the key to understanding a customer.Stage 1: Unaware of the productStage 2: Pain aware- you know you have a problem but unsure how to fix itStage 3: Solution aware- you know the solution but not ready to take actionStage 4: Product aware- you know the product but are shopping aroundStage 5: Most aware.  It is here where you are an advocate of the brandOnce you understand where a customer sits in one of these stages, it becomes easier to tailor your marketing to them.
Les Mills has 130,000 instructors and 20,000 clubs globally that offer their programming.  In this episode, Mario Tarquinio, Business Dev. Director for Les Mills discusses how they have used their innovative equipment, as well as, their on-demand platforms to grow those segments of the business.  At the same time, what precautions they have offered their partners as they have seen gyms open up around the world.  Within the first 30 days, they have seen about 65%-85% members return to the gym.  Listen to what Mario says about how they help with messaging around cleaning, distancing without compromising a great workout.
There has been much said about the competition between big box gyms and smaller boutique fitness studios.  There are 2 reasons why 10-42 year olds are flocking to boutique style fitness. Scalability-for owners it is much easier to scale and tailor the needs to a group of members with a focus on program designCommunity- nothing beats an in-person experience and boutique fitness are amongst some of the best at it.
Most people think it will be difficult selling gym memberships once gyms start to re-open.  I believe that with the right strategies in place, it will be easy.  Concept 1: it is all about a person's goals.  Do not forget to do an effective needs analysis the next time you have a customer on the phone.  Concept 2: personalize a tour.  Gone are the days of museum tours.  Those get stale and do not really cater to what a customer wants to see.  Concept 3: great brands charge premium pricing.  Just because the world has been shut down does not mean you need to start discounting your product/service.
Have you ever wondered how a trainer becomes really popular and sought after? Much of it has to do with their education.  Focus Personal Training Institute, one of the leading schools in the U.S., examines the history of personal training education and how they have worked to transform it into higher learning.  They focus on 3 ingredients at their school- technical proficiency, Integrity and professionalism to produce truly motivated trainers.  Listen to what you should look for if you are hiring a trainer.
Anthony describes what it was like to sit in a hospital bed for 5 weeks without any human contact. Anthony talks about what it was like to find out that not only did he contract the virus but so did his wife and 5 of his trainers. Having defeated the virus, his mindset then shifted to re-open strategies for his two F45 studios and what it would take to get back his membership base.
Listen to how F45 Fitness Franchise Owner, Vanessa Robertson, in Tennessee strategized around her re-opening amongst the Corona Virus. From surveying her members to see what percentage would return to making sure her cleaning message is on point. This can set the tone for the rest of the boutique fitness world.
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