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Author: Tina Muir

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Hello! I am Tina Muir, a new mum, 2:36 marathoner and host of the Running For Real podcast. I share running tips, funny, random running4real moments, updates about my postpartum return to running, and life as a new mother. I pride myself on being real and authentic, and love to share my experiences with others. Support this podcast:
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Time for a little break from these episodes, I explain why in this episode, and tell you how training is going this week. --- Support this podcast:
Great AMA from Mary Beth about the differing paces of easy vs hard runs. Is it okay to just be 2 minutes per mile different if you are running as a "back of the packer". I try to answer this, a tricky one! --- Support this podcast:
Fun AMA today from Tawni. After years in the US, how do I use measurements? It depends, and maybe not the answer you expect! --- Support this podcast:
What if you have to stop early in a race and want to use your fitness in another race 4-6 weeks later. How do you know when you will be ready to do it? I discuss when I think this is a bad idea and what you need to keep in mind if you try it. --- Support this podcast:
I share my experience of the Iron Horse Half Marathon I did this weekend, running a faster than expected 1:22. Also give a summary of the weeks training. --- Support this podcast:
Great AMA from Michael about what the process is for elite runners when it comes to entering races, what you get during and after, pacing and more! --- Support this podcast:
Coming back to running after an injury can be more of a mental strain than a physical one with the paranoia we experience. How can you deal with it, especially if you know you are doing everything you can to stay healthy in future.? I explain here. --- Support this podcast:
Great AMA from Sherry about why it is important to only do one workout and one long run in most weeks of a marathon buildup? I also explain why it is often not our speed holding us back...even when we think it might be. --- Support this podcast:
I have officially entered my first race postpartum, and I am sharing all about why I chose this one, and why I decided to take a down week last week to keep my body in a good place. if you are feeling a bit sluggish lately, this might be a good reminder for you too. --- Support this podcast:
AMA from Christine about having running goals when you have been diagnosed with low bone density and are struggling with amenorrhea. Can you ever truly get back to high quality running again? Here are my thoughts. --- Support this podcast:
Many races this past weekend, and as much as I wish everyone ran amazingly well, I know that is often not the case and we feel the runner blues or post marathon depression. I give advice on how to change your perspective and forgive yourself for not being perfect. --- Support this podcast:
Hilarious AMA from Sally (and Nicole) about which reality tv show I would be best suited for. I tell you a little more about airport Tina, and just discuss the options suggested. --- Support this podcast:
Great AMA from Liz about breathing techniques to help your running. It might take a while to master, but it will go a long way to helping your running feel more smooth and together with your running form. --- Support this podcast:
How is this week of training going? Not the best, feeling the struggle this week, and considering a down week to rest up. If you are feeling burned out, this might help you feel like you are not alone --- Support this podcast:
Great question from Nicola today about the difference between elite runners and recreational runners when it comes to the time spent out there training and racing. A year ago I would have had a different answer, but here are my thoughts on why you have it much harder in many ways! --- Support this podcast:
Life happens and we sometimes just cannot get our training in as much as we would like to. I answer this AMA with my best advice for sticking as closely as you can to your training, or how to get the most out of your running if your time is limited. --- Support this podcast:
I think I am pretty honest with you about almost everything, so had to think hard about cheesy stuff I have not shared yet for this AMA from Amy. Some of these might be new to you for this fun episode --- Support this podcast:
What if you started off your marathon training with one goal, but it is seeming like that goal is not matching your training. AMA today from Diane, but maybe you have been wondering the same thing. --- Support this podcast:
How is my running going (other than spending a lot of time with the stroller in the rain)? I share my workout from last week, improvements on my long run, and what I hope is coming very soon! --- Support this podcast:
Great AMA today from Angela about breaking 3:00 in the marathon, and what could be causing her cramping while her breathing is just fine. This question is specific, but a lot of the elements will apply to many runners. --- Support this podcast:
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