Discover46-30: Quality music of no fixed abode
46-30: Quality music of no fixed abode
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46-30: Quality music of no fixed abode

Author: James Yorkston

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Songwriter James Yorkston and Record Label Owner / Brewer Stephen Marshall sitting somewhere in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, discussing music, playing records of no fixed abode and vaguely trying to keep it as close to 46.30 as possible.
Here's James -
And here's Stephen -
40 Episodes
46-30-38 - Quality music of no fixed abode - With music from Jo Foster, Morgan Lebus, S.E. Rogie, Blood Music, Hana Vu, East St Louis Gospelettes, Jungle Brown and plenty more - Hosted by Stephen Marshall of Triassic Tusk Records and songwriter James Yorkston
This was a two hour special we recorded for The Skinny Magazine, with all sorts from all over, inc Junior Brother, Ali Ibrahim "Ali Farka" Touré, Karen Less, Morgan Lebus, Michael Hurley, Yorkston Thorne Khan, Hank Tree, Alasdair Roberts, Myrian Gendron, Lal Waterson, Lou Reed & John Cale, Rachel Newton and tonnes more, yep actual tonnes.
46 30 37 With music from Kate Tempest, The Cousins, Narciso Yepes, Lee Perry, Voice Farm, Helena Ferguson, Winifred Atwell and more...
Stephen Marshall and James Yorkston chat away, with music by Rozi Plain, Van Morrison, Josephine Foster, The Memory Band, Jean Ritchie and plenty more x
Karen Less, Kate Tempest, Sand, some unidentified rock'n'roll home pressings, a very good version of You'll Never Walk Alone and plenty more...
46 30 34 - Musician James Yorkston / Brewer Stephen Marshall / Comedian Phill Jupitus play and discuss records inc Frank Sidebottom / RDF / They Might be Giants / Jimmy Bongo / Shirley Collins / Burning Spear and plenty more.
Episode 46 30 33 of 46-30 with James Yorkston, Stephen Marshall and Phill Jupitus, featuring music by The Stranglers, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Viking Moses, Brighde Chaimbeul and plenty more
46 30 32 - Record label owner / brewer Stephen Marshall and singer-songwriter James Yorkston present episode two of the second season of the award winning 46-30 podcast. With music from SE Rogie, Prince Far-I, David Bowie, Adrian Crowley, Josephine Foster and plenty more
Episode 31 of 46-30, featuring music by  Callum Easter, Josephine Foster,  Alemayno Eshintay, Myriam Gendron, Black Allan Barker and plenty more. Hosted by songwriter James Yorkston and Stephen Marshall of Triassic Tusk Records.
Episode # 30 of 46-30 with Stephen Marshall, James Yorkston and Phill Jupitus, featuring a mix by Vince Clarke,  Essendon Airport, On-U Sound, The 3 Johns, Jean Ritchie, Vic Goddard and plenty, plenty more
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