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Success With God & Psych!!

Author: Dr. Jessica Kerzner, Psy.D.

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Professional and practical tips for love, relationships, parenting, living life to the fullest, self-improvement & more. Start living a life full of blessings, impact and purpose. Improve your overall happiness, effectiveness, relationships and mental fortitude with Author, Psychologist & Speaker/Trainer Dr. Jessica Kerzner and guests. Dr. Kerzner delivers straight talk with humor and simple strategies embedded with God and Psychology (with southern charm) so that every episode gives you a burst of excitement for your PURPOSE in life and steps to attain it AND walk it out.
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When you are going through a rough season, you pray, meditate, praise and there is still no change. You try all you know to do following the lead of God. You have chosen him and you know is with you yet... The struggle, your troubles are not moving... What do you do? Dr. Jessica Kerzner dives into this topic to expound on what God and Psychology have to say.
Relationships can be difficult when its good but what about when there is emotional, physical or sexual abuse involved. Wehn you don't feel your partner thinks you are worthy or good enough. When you doubt their love. Dr. Kerzner talks about it in this episode. National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE(7233) The Emotional Abuse Hotline text Connect to 741741
I don't agree with your beliefs/actions or statements; does that mean I fear or hate you? Do I have to compromise my convictions to be compassionate or kind? Dr. Jessica Kerzner discusses what God and Psychology says about it in this episode.
Dr. K and her husband David Kerzner discuss what is trust, where does it form and how to protect rust in your relationships.
Dr. Jessica Kerzner continues with guest Rick Peterson in this episode Rick continues to share his POWERFUL story of finding his biological parents and beginning the path to fight drug addiction.
Is it important to be yourself in a relationship and accept the other person regardless of their faults??! Dr. Jessica Kerzner and her husband have an engaging conversation about it while discussing what they also do in their relationship with remaining true to themselves.
Many wonder what do I do after I get relief from clinical depression or anxiety? How do I move forward? What should I expect? What do I do? Dr. Jessica Kerzner answers these questions and more in this episode of Success With God & Psych!!
Dr. Jessica Kerzner has invited special guest Rick Peterson to share his POWERFUL story of overcoming abuse, drug addiction, failed attempts at getting therapeutic help and feeling torn with wanting to live.
Forgiveness is hard. Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves. How do we begin. it's it truly possible to forgive. Dr. Kerzner talks about it.
We often wonder why do we have to die and what happens the moment we die and after we die. Dr. Jessica Kerzner gives a take on it in this episode.
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Chelsea Rrahh

This podcast was really good. It touched basis on a lot of points I've been rolling around my own thoughts. My answer to the question is yes, it is important to be yourself in a relationship. I have had a past experience where i felt I had to compromise who I was to be with that person. I've learned that there was just some things that wouldn't come naturally to me and who I am and i made a note to myself that said not to lose me trying so hard to be a we in the future. I do feel that a person has to want to change the things that will make them better, referring to the conversation about if a person was mean all the time. Thanks to you and your husband for the insight.

Oct 28th


Thank you so much... Now I see why I had gotten over. I hadn't forgiven myself... thanks

Jun 27th
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