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Easy Bake

Easy Bake


This week we do it up right! We play fuck marry kill, realize I owe Brett a beer, get a little tequila drunk, find out that Brett is a vampire, talk about crack, realize just how crazy Kayne West is, and talk 4th of July. --- Support this podcast:
This week we do the unthinkable: Drink the bees knees Play a round of fuck, marry, kill Pretend to make plans to actually meet up Talk about naked bike rides Brett starts a new HJ walking business --- Support this podcast:



This week we asked the hard questions: What the fuck is a neutrino? Will someone steal Brett's identity? (Please) What is the difference between cam girls and Twitch streamers? Are we all pieces of shit? Can you smoke weed on Twitch? Why did our mom give us two middle names? --- Support this podcast:
This week the bros get together to review Apple's WWDC and talk shit on each other. --- Support this podcast:
Work it Out

Work it Out


This is a test episode and probably won't stay up at least not in its current form. --- Support this podcast:
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