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Gary Burgess, supported by the ME Association, presents The ME Show for people living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as those with an interest in learning more about it.
24 Episodes
Gary Burgess speaks to Jo Moss who has severe and ME, and benefits advisor Ann Innes, for this special edition of The ME Show to mark Severe ME Week.You can read Jo's brilliant blog, A Journey Through The Fog, here:'s a wealth of information from the ME Association here: you can follow Gary on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI - please use the hashtag #TheMEShow in any social posts so we don't miss what you're saying.
To mark ME Awareness Week, Gary Burgess shares the real stories of real people with ME. Hear them describe their own experiences in their own words.To find out more about the ME Association, visit'll find Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow in any posts
Gary Burgess speaks to Australian medical researcher Dr Mark Guthridge, who himself has lived with ME since 2015. Mark now devotes much of his time to promoting awareness and understanding of ME and is about to begin a new research project which could lead to new diagnostic testing.Show notes:Emerge Australia - of the Emerge Australia symposium - can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow in any social media posts.
Gary Burgess speaks to Carol Monaghan MP, a staunch supporter of people with ME who's arranged a number of Westminster debates - most recently in January this year. Gary spoke to her in the week ME was making the headlines after a psychologist announced he was stopping his ME research because of bullying, and Rod Liddle wrote a comment piece in the Sunday Times mocking people with ME for believing their illness was "real".Carol Monaghan's website: Sharpe's interview on BBC Radio 4 (2 hours 46 mins in): Liddle's Sunday Times column: can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow in any posts.
Gary Burgess speaks to Dr Nina Muirhead who, herself, has ME and now campaigns to raise awareness of it among her medical peers. In this conversation she talks about her own experience of understanding ME as both a medic and a patient, and of her work to ensure the new generation of medical students have a better understanding of the illness.Dr Nina Muirhead on MEpedia - video that inspired this episode - Gary on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI
Gary Burgess speaks to the Countess of Mar, who sits in the House of Lords, and chairs the Forward ME coalition of ME charities. The Countess speaks about her work to unite charities in the face of lobbying from psychological groups as well as the ongoing review of official guidelines for the treatment of ME.The Countess of Mar's parliamentary biography - ME - Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI
Gary Burgess speaks to Dr Sarah Myhill, a long-time ME campaigner who runs a specialist clinic for people with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In this episode she explains, in detail, her understanding and experience of treating people with ME and CFS, as well as her own ongoing battles with the General Medical Council. In this episode she makes allegations about the authors of the Pace trial report, and her fight to get the GMC to look again into those allegations is ongoing.Dr Sarah Myhill's clinic - doctors' collective - www.naturalhealthworldwide.comYou can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI
Gary Burgess speaks to Sue Pemberton, an occupational therapist who runs the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic. She has a deep understanding of ME through many years of working with people from mild to moderate through to severe forms of the illness.Show notes:Sue's clinic - Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow
Gary Burgess speaks to Dr Nigel Speight, who has dedicated much of his professional career to supporting those with ME, and particularly fighting the corner of parents and children caught up in child protection cases where parents have been accused of abuse, rather than their child's ME being diagnosed.Show notes:Nigel Speight on MEpedia: Speight's own ME handout:
Gary Burgess speaks to Caroline Kingdon from the ME CFS Biobank at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Caroline has worked at biobanks in both the United States and Middle East, and now works closely with ME patients who donate samples which are used by researchers around the world.Show notes:The ME CFS Biobank - Kingdon -
Gary Burgess speaks to Linda Tannenbaum of the Open Medicine Foundation in the United States which raises millions of dollars annually to fund ME research.Show notes:Open Medicine Foundation -
Gary Burgess speaks to Dr Charles Shepherd about the latest developments in ME research at the start of 2019.Show notes:Carol Monaghan MP's House of Commons debate - patient survey -
Gary Burgess is back to let you know a new series of The ME Show is coming soon. You can subscribe in Apple Podcasts, or listen online at
Episode Ten

Episode Ten


Gary Burgess concludes this first series of The ME Show with highlights from the recent Westminster debate about ME. It was called for by the MP Carol Monaghan, who appeared on The ME Show earlier in the series. Dozens of MPs attended the three-hour-long session. This episode features highlights from most of those who spoke during the debate. You can watch or listen to the full debate here: You can find out more about Carol Monaghan MP and her work here: You can contact Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow in your messages and comments.
Episode Nine

Episode Nine


Gary Burgess speaks to Chantelle Parry who set up an ME friendship group in Gloucestershire, as well as to Rachel Ephgrave who is one of more than 100 members of the group. Chantelle explains how she was inspired to bring together others near her with ME after watching a community screening of the documentary Unrest. Show notes: Chantelle's friendship group: Millions Missing Gloucestershire: Greg Crowhurst's book for carers: Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI and use the hashtag #TheMEShow when getting in touch. Remember, you'll also find this show on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast platforms - simply search for The ME Show.
Episode Eight

Episode Eight


Gary Burgess speaks to Greg Crowhurst, a full time carer to his wife Linda who has severe ME. Greg talks candidly about the realities of being a carer, and of Linda's symptoms. He also shares some of the coping mechanisms they've developed over the years, and about a book he's written to support others in a similar situation. Show notes: Greg's website Stonebird: This week's parliamentary debate about ME: Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter: @GaryBurgessCI
Episode Seven

Episode Seven


Gary Burgess speaks to Emma Donohoe who was diagnosed with ME at the age of 19. She presented a documentary for BBC Newsbeat called 'ME and me' earlier this year, which told the story of her own experience, as well as a number of others. She also met the family of Merryn Croft who died of ME. Show notes: ME and me documentary: Emma Donohoe on Twitter: @EmmaDonohoe3 You can follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow is posting about the podcast
Episode Six

Episode Six


Gary Burgess speaks to Trish Davis who has severe ME. She was first diagnosed and experienced mild ME 28 years ago, but things got progressively worse more than a decade back. Her daughter Hannah also has severe ME. Trish talks about what day to day life is like and the things she's learned about managing her symptoms, in the hope of helping others. Show notes: The Science 4 ME forum: Fitbit: Follow Gary Burgess on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and use the hashtag #TheMEShow
Episode Five

Episode Five


Gary Burgess speaks to Michelle and Nigel Henshaw about their Music 4 ME project - an album of music and poetry from people with ME. They've created the album to raise funds to pay for a book about ME, written by Dr Hng, can be distributed to every GP surgery in the UK, and hopefully further afield, to increase awareness and understanding of the illness. The Music 4 ME website: Dr Hng's Friends Facebook page: Buy the Music 4 ME album: A Not Just Tired blog interview with Michelle and Nigel: Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and please use the hashtag #TheMEShow
Episode Four

Episode Four


Gary Burgess speaks to Jane Colby from Tymes Trust, the only charity dedicated to children with ME. Jane explains the work they do to support the estimated 25,000 children in the UK with the illness, as well as some of the traumas both children and their parents face when trying to find the right support both medically and educationally. Tymes Trust website: Tymes Trust helpline: 0845 003 9002 You can follow Gary on Twitter @GaryBurgessCI and include the hashtag #TheMEShow to share your feedback
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