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MJ's Audioblogs is an archive of author MJ Muñoz's work featured on with additional content and goodies here in audio form.
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Thank you Steve Harvey and Jerry Seinfeld for telling me to stop being a pretentious, self-important writer whose words can and will save the world - if only people would receive them.
Quick test of a new tool from Anchor.
Thoughts on the structure of my family
Archive 002 Loitering at the Entrance to Mementos My second post to, a reaction to a concept from Persona 5
Archive 001 Howdy

Archive 001 Howdy


Audio version of my premiere post on
My initial thoughts on Star Wars: First Shot.
Welcome to Codex Lumen

Welcome to Codex Lumen


A brief introduction to the purpose of this audio feed - Codex Lumen.
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